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The Guggenheim Reader Series: Russia eBook

The Guggenheim Reader Series: Russia is the inaugural title in a new eBook series that brings together scholarly essays on prominent themes. The Guggenheim has a rich history of exploring Russian art and the avant-garde in particular; this anthology collects the most insightful and influential essays from exhibition catalogues such as The Great Utopia: The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde, 1915–1932 (1992) and Russia! Nine Hundred Years of Masterpieces and Master Collections (2005), as well as focused monographic studies of Russian masters like Vasily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich.


Monumental Shadows: On Museums, Memory and the Making of History
Overshadowed: Leonardo da Vinci and Bernardino Luini
Recycling Beauty
Idols & Rivals
Native American Art from the Thomas W. Weisel Family Collection
Collecting Impressionism
The Flemish Masters
What Time Is It?
The Painters of the Sacred Heart
Canova in the Veneto: A Guide
Guido Reni in Rome: A Guide
Archive of the World: Art and Imagination in Spanish America, 1500–1800
The Tudors
In the Name of the Image
Modern Paris 1840–1940
Power and Prestige: The Art of Clubs in Oceania
Remember Me: Renaissance Portraits
Women Picturing Women
Renaissance Impressions
Sardinia: Megalithic Island
The Renaissance Cartoons of the Accademia Albertina
Body Language: The Body in Medieval Art
Late Gothic
The Griffoni Polyptych: Reborn in Bologna
Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night
The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters
Van Gogh: Colours of the North, Colours of the South
Hildegard von Bingen: A Journey into the Images
Paintings from Murano by Paolo Veronese
Van Gogh: Drawings
Van Gogh in Provence
Conversations with Turner: The Watercolors
The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec
Tintoretto and Architecture
Tintoretto in Venice: A Guide
Giandomenico Tiepolo and His Fantasy Portraits
Bertel Thorvaldsen
Il Sassoferrato: Devout Beauty
Sargent's Daughters
John Singer Sargent: Murals in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
John Singer Sargent: Watercolors
Edvard Munch: Archetypes
Claude Monet: Water Lilies
The Garden of Monsieur Monet
Claude Monet: Water Lilies
Matthijs Maris at Work
Matthijs Maris
Hiroshige: The Master of Nature
Hokusai’s Lost Manga
Hokusai’s Landscapes
Joris and Jacob Hoefnagel: Art and Science around 1600
Rembrandt x Rijksmuseum
Goya: Order & Disorder
Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty
Antonello da Messina: Inside Painting
Leonardo da Vinci: Under the Skin
Paul Cézanne
Cézanne at the Whitworth
Reconstructing Cézanne
Gustave Courbet: Art to Read Series
Caravaggio: The Complete Works
Canaletto 1697–1768
Michelangelo Buonarroti: The Taddei Tondo
Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Fall of the Rebel Angels
Giovanni Bellini: The Last Works
Balenciaga and Spanish Painting
Joaquín Sorolla
Francisco de Goya
Da Vinci
Kuniyoshi: Design and Entertainment in Japanese Woodcuts
Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne
Rembrandt and Velázquez
African Ceramics: A Different Perspective
The Renaissance Speaks Hebrew
Genealogies of Art, or the History of Art as Visual Art
Alphonse Mucha
Utagawa Kuniyoshi: The Edo-Period Eccentric
Antonio and Piero del Pollaiuolos
Bernardino Luini and Renaissance Painting in Milan
Leonardo and the Artes Mechanicae
Vincent Van Gogh: Timeless Country - Modern City
Hokusai: The Master's Legacy
Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas
On the Paths of Enlightenment
Louvre Abu Dhabi
Thomas Sully: George Washington and The Passage of the Delaware
Paul Revere: Sons of Liberty Bowl
Della Robbia
Museo de Arte Ponce
Europe in the Renaissance: Metamorphoses 1400–1600
Correggio and Parmigianino
Vermeer: The Complete Works
Diving to the Pharaohs
The Maya: Voices in Stone
Jacques Jordaens: 1593–1678
Allah's Automata
The Shadow of the Avant-garde
Myth, Allegory, Faith
European Painting and Sculpture After 1800
Matthias Buchinger: “The Greatest German Living”
William Merritt Chase
Not Theories but Revelations: The Art and Science of Abbott Handerson Thayer
Russia and the Arts
Renoir: Between Bohemia and Bourgeoisie
Nicolae Grigorescu: The Age of Impressionism in Romania 1838-1907
Bonnard Among Friends: Matisse, Monet, Vuillard...
Ferdinand Hodler
Edgar Degas: The Late Work
Piero della Francesca
Rembrandt's Nose: Of Flesh and Spirit in the Master’s Portraits
El Greco
William Blake and Slavery: Mind-forg'd Manacles
Sargent's Daughters
Charles Burchfield 1920: The Architecture of Painting
Konrad Witz
Leonardo da Vinci: Painter
Van Dyck in Sicily
Degas and the Nude
Richard Dadd: The Artist and the Asylum
The Arthur and Hedy Hahnloser Collection
Mondrian De Stijl
Constantin Brancusi & Richard Serra: Resting In Time and Space
Rodin and America
Modigliani Sculptor
Masterworks of Modern Art from The Museum Of Modern Art, New York
Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters
Picasso 1926-1939: From Minotaur to Guernica
Max Beckmann: The Landscapes
Max Beckmann: The Sketchbooks
Double Solitaire: The Surreal Worlds of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy
Joan Miró
Chaos and Classicism
Klee and CoBrA: Child's Play
Dialogue Among Fauves
Abstract Resistance
Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Vol 1
Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Vol 2
The Creative Ice Age Brain
Russia! Catalogue Of The Exhibition
The Aztec Empire
The Aztec Empire
Odilon Redon: As In A Dream
Masters of Impressionism
Women Impressionists
Painting in a Man's World
Fernand Léger: Paris-New York
Gustave Caillebotte: Parisian Impressionist with a Passion for Water
Matthias Grünewald: The Drawings
Sebastiano del Piombo: A Venetian in Rome
The Magic of Things
The Master of Flémalle and Rogier van der Weyden
Venice: From Canaletto and Turner to Monet
The Master of Flémalle and Rogier van der Weyden: Art to Hear Series
Masks: Art to Hear Series
Global Lab
The Master's Hand
Senses And Sins
From Schongauer To Holbein
Auguste Rodin: Watercolors
For the Privileged Few
Egypt In The Age Of The Pyramids
American Folk
The Poetry Of Everyday Life
The Poetry Of Everyday Life
Impressions Of Light: The French Landscape From Corot To Monet
American Folk
Indian Painting
Indian Painting
Drama and Desire: Japanese Painting from the Floating World, 1690-1850
El Greco to Velázquez
Classical Art: MFA HIghlights
Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese
The Secrets of Tomb 10A
Pioneering Modern Painting: Cézanne and Pissarro, 1865-1885
Dutch Classicism
The Discovery of the Netherlands
Spanish Master Drawings 1500-1900
Rubens, Jordaens, Van Dyck
German Master Drawings From The Koenigs Collection
The Prado Museum
Benin: Kings and Rituals
The Power of Icons: Russian and Greek Icons 15th-19th Century
Catherine The Great: Classical Ideals In The Age Of Enlightenment
Where Gods And Mortals Meet
Namban: Art in Viceregal Mexico
The Adventures Of Hamza
Caravaggio: The Complete Works
Michelangelo: The Drawings of a Genius
László Moholy-Nagy: The Art of Light
Sophie Taeuber-Arp: Movement and Balance
Natalia Goncharova: Between Russian Tradition and European Modernism
Meret Oppenheim: Fountain Stories
Emil Nolde: Wanderlust
Kurt Schwitters: A Journey Through Art
Hannah Höch: Picture Book
Impressionism on the Seine
The Malaspina Expedition
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Drawings, Volume I
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume I
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume II
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume III
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Ceramics
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume IV
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume V
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Paintings, Volume VI
Miró: Catalogue Raisonné, Sculptures
A Constructive Vision
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Color in Art
Abstract Expressionism at The Museum of Modern Art
Modern Painting And Sculpture
Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918-1936
A New World Imagined
Aphrodite and the Gods of Love
Illusions of Reality
Russia's Unknown Orient
Vienna 1900
The Age of Symbolism in Latvia
Celebrating in the Golden Age
Drawn to Art
Dark Romanticism
Joaquín Sorolla and the Glory of Spanish Dress
The Many Faces of Nefertiti
Mapping Cyprus
The Brueghel Dynasty
Vermeer: The Complete Works
Beauty Revealed
Words and Coins
The Divine Heart of Things
The Grotesque Factor
Bosch, Brueghel, Rubens, Rembrandt
The Nude from Gauguin to Bonnard
Looking East
Elizabeth I & Her People
The Pre-Raphaelite Circle
Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh … Japanese Inspirations
Sleeping Beauties
The Priest, the Prince, and the Pasha
European Decorative Arts
Ink, Silk & Gold
Class Distinctions
Traveler Artists
The Sultan's World
Serial / Portable Classic
A Usable Past: American Folk Art at the Colby College Museum of Art
Martin Luther: Treasures of the Reformation
Michelangelo's David: From Symbol to Myth
In the Age of Giorgione
Impressionism In Boston 1860-1910
Manet: Portraying Life
Daumier: Visions of Paris
Jean-Etienne Liotard: 1702-1789
Impressionists by the Sea
Return Of The Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries
Chiaroscuro: Renaissance Woodcuts from the Collections of Georg Baselitz and The Alertina, Vienna
Return of the Buddha: The Qingzhou Discoveries
The Dawn of the Floating World 1650-1765: Early Ukiyo-E Treasures from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Chola: Secred Bronzed of Southern India
Genius Of Rome: 1592-1623
Making History: Antiquaries in Britain, 1707-2007
Kuniyoshi: From the Arthur R. Miller Collection
Citizens and Kings: Portraits in the Age of Revolution 1760 - 1830
Turks: A Journey Of A Thousand Years, 600-1600
China: The Three Emperors, 1662-1795
Byzantium, 330-1453
Heads and Tails, Tales and Bodies
Vermeer's Little Street
Bellotto and Canaletto: Wonder and Light
Kuniyoshi X Kunisada
Qajar Women
Unmapping the Renaissance
Charles I: King and Collector
The Christian Year in Painting
Compostela and Europe
The Plains Indians
Flowers in the Louvre
Magnificence & Grandeur of the Royal Houses in Europe
Hogarth, Reynolds, Turner
The Art of Gold
Fierce Reality
The Art of the Muslim Knights: The Furusyya Art Foundation Collection
Arabic Hurufiyya
I Caravaggeschi
Art of the Twentieth Century, Volume I
Art of the Twentieth Century, Volume II
A Window on the World: From Durer to Mondrian and Beyond
Food in the Louvre
Children in Painting
From Fra Angelico to Bonnard
Art of the Twentieth Century
The Human Figure in Islamic Art
High Society
Ver Sacrum: The Vienna Secession Art Magazine 1898–1903
An Alphabet of Animals
MFA Highlights: Arts of the Ancient Americas
Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris
Touch Me Not
Elizabethan Treasures: Miniatures by Hilliard and Oliver
Tudor & Jacobean Portraits
La Bohčme: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the Montmartre Masters
Beyond the Medici: The Haukohl Family Collection
Looking at Tintoretto with John Ruskin
Drawing after Architecture
Leonardo da Vinci and Gian Giacomo Caprotti Called Sala
The Poetry of Light
Americans in Florence
Masterpieces Restored
From the Schuylkill to the Hudson
Striking Power
Pre-Raphaelite Sisters
Pre-Raphaelite Sisters Notecards
John Constable: The Leaping Horse
Cézanne: Site/Non-Site
Cézanne and Paris
Portraits from History
Stories of Paper
Paper Knives, Paper Crowns: Political Prints in the Dutch Republic
From Donatello to Alessandro Vittoria: 1450–1600
Guido Reni and Rome: Nature and Devotion
Donatello: In Tuscany
Faces of Ancient Egypt
The Ladies of Art
Dining with the Sultan: The Fine Art of Feasting
In Venice with Ruskin
Dutch Art in a Global Age
Anatomical Waxes
Rome: Everlasting Tradition
Caravaggio: The Ecce Homo Unveiled
Timeless Splendor
Entangled Pasts, 1768–Now