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Why do the best gift, fashion and design stores insist on a high-quality art book selection?
Because great art inspires.
Because good books endure.
Because books speak volumes about their owners.

We started ARTBOOK | GIFT to support gift, fashion, and design stores in their search for extraordinary visual books that will delight their customers.


● We source the most beautiful visual books being published around the world -- each year we bring just over 1,000 new art, photography, architecture and design books to the market as their exclusive US distributor;

● We carefully select books that will appeal to non-bookstores at various price points ranging from flip books, coloring books, and kids books to high-end fashion limited editions like Visionaire;

● We exhibit at gift trade shows where buyers can page through our books and tell us about their seasonal focus and themes: we enjoy the challenge of suggesting just the right titles for a store's customer base;

● On the west coast, we represent to the gift market -- in addition to the D.A.P. catalog -- the art lists of Getty Publications, Nazraeli Press and Yale University Press, making it easy and efficient for buyers to order from the widest possible selection of the world's top publishers in the arts;

● We organize and promote events and book signings with gift stores so that they can offer their customers the chance to meet their favorite artists and designers and walk away with a personally dedicated and signed book which will remain forever unique;

● We're honored to partner with -- and learn from -- the best stores in their categories: from Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs to OK and Opening Ceremony and from Barney's to Urban Outfitters;

● We enjoy working creatively with our accounts: we've done store-within-store book sections for large retailers like Anthropologie and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as boutique galleries like R 20th Century Design and Turpan, East Hampton.

To schedule an appointment at our New York Showroom in the Financial District, please contact
Avery Lozada
Tel: (212) 627-1999 / Fax: (212) 627-9484

To schedule an appointment at our Los Angeles Showroom, please contact
Tricia Gabriel
Tel: 323-969-8985 / Fax: 323-662-7896

To schedule a sales rep visit, see our complete list of sales representatives.