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A recipe for Chickpea Stew from

Cooking much? 'Dimes Times' offers clean, optimistic recipes for emotional eating

If there was ever a time for emotional eating, it's now. If ever a time for cooking at home, that would also be now. Self-care, light sense of humor? Check, and check. So for anyone trapped at home during corona virus but wishing to feel optimistic, vibrant and connected to community, we highly recommend Dimes Times: Emotional Eating. Authored by Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner, founders of the chic all-day Chinatown eatery, Dimes, and designed after Bruno Munari by Karma, New York, this is a feel-good cookbook for feeling good—with adorable illustrations, simple, healthy recipes for morning, noon and night, notes on key ingredients, and breezy texts like this one, describing the morning routine: "Prepping, pruning, planning. The motions are meditative, kitchen tai chi. Measure, grind, brew. Rinse, steam, polish. Chop, slice, dice. Yet even tasks as simple as these are done with lots of love." Pictured here is the 10:33 AM recipe for Chickpea Stew.

Dimes Times

Dimes Times

Karma Books, New York
Hbk, 7.75 x 7.75 in. / 144 pgs / 140 color / 48 b&w.

Heads up on 4/20!

DATE 4/20/2024

Heads up on 4/20!

Vintage Valentine

DATE 2/14/2024

Vintage Valentine

Forever Valentino

DATE 11/27/2023

Forever Valentino