DATE 10/7/2015

Mary Ellen Mark: Tiny, Streetwise Revisited, Tiny and Pat Along the Road

DATE 10/7/2015

Mary Ellen Mark: Tiny, Streetwise Revisited, Tiny Sitting on the Bed

DATE 10/6/2015

Mary Ellen Mark: Tiny, Streetwise Revisited

DATE 10/4/2015

Join MoMA PS1, Gregory R. Miller and ARTBOOK for the Launch of 'In the Shadow a Shadow: The Work of Joan Jonas'

DATE 10/4/2015

In the Shadow a Shadow: The Work of Joan Jonas

DATE 10/3/2015

Come to the 2015 ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 Stoop Sale!

DATE 10/3/2015

Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer

DATE 10/2/2015

Visit the ARTBOOK @ MoMA PS1 Magazine Store at Designers & Books

DATE 10/2/2015

Shannon Ebner: Auto Body Collision

DATE 10/1/2015

Barbara Kasten: The Diazotypes

DATE 10/1/2015

Hippie Modernism

DATE 10/1/2015


DATE 9/30/2015

Andrew Moore: Dirt Meridian: Simon's Schoolhouse Museum

DATE 9/29/2015

Andrew Moore: Dirt Meridian: J.D. Jerde and the Old Post Office

DATE 9/28/2015

Andrew Moore: Dirt Meridian, Homesteader's Tree

DATE 9/27/2015

Lee Miller in Hitler's Bathtub

DATE 9/27/2015

'Cat is Art Spelled Wrong' Launch at ARTBOOK @ Walker

DATE 9/26/2015

Lee Miller: Dead SS Guard, Floating in Canal, Dachau

DATE 9/25/2015

Lee Miller: Solarized Portrait of an Unknown Woman [Meret Oppenheim?]

DATE 9/25/2015

Barbara Kasten 'Stages' and 'Diazotypes' Launch at the Graham Foundation

DATE 9/24/2015

Fantastic Architecture: Lawrence Weiner, An Object Tossed from One Country to Another

DATE 9/23/2015

Fantastic Architecture: Carolee Schneemann Parts of a Body House

DATE 9/22/2015

Soviet Bus Stops: Karakol, Kyrgyzstan & Pitsunda, Abkhazia

DATE 9/22/2015

Swiss Institute Launches the 2nd Annual Architecture & Design Series, Curated by Felix Burrichter

DATE 9/21/2015

Soviet Bus Stops: Armenia & Moldova

DATE 9/21/2015

Lionel Bovier: 10 Years in Art Publishing

DATE 9/20/2015

David Goldblatt: Particulars

DATE 9/20/2015

Sunday at the NYABF: Capricious Magazine Launch Party

DATE 9/19/2015

Hal Fischer: Gay Semiotics at NYABF

DATE 9/19/2015

Saturday Launch Events at the NYABF

DATE 9/18/2015

Mike Mandel: Good 70s Launch at the NYABF 2015

DATE 9/18/2015

Friday Launch Events at the NYABF

DATE 9/17/2015

Join ARTBOOK for Signings, Launch Events and More at the NYABF 2015!

DATE 9/17/2015

We ❤ Artist Books!

DATE 9/17/2015

Christian Patterson: Bottom of the Lake Launch & More at the NYABF!

DATE 9/16/2015

Asger Jorn & Jacqueline de Jong: The Case of the Ascetic Satyr

DATE 9/16/2015

Join us for Mike Mandel & Christian Patterson Book Signings at the NYABF

DATE 9/15/2015

Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture: Self Portrait

DATE 9/15/2015

Tamara Shopsin 'What Is This?' Launch at MoMA Store

DATE 9/15/2015

'Asger Jorn & Jacqueline de Jong: The Case of the Ascetic Satyr' Launch Event at Blum & Poe

DATE 9/14/2015

Fashion: Glam, Punks & Rockers

DATE 9/14/2015

Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture: Kate Moss

DATE 9/13/2015

The Belgians: An Unexpected Fashion Story: Véronique Leroy

DATE 9/12/2015

Fashion: The Classics

DATE 9/12/2015

The Belgians: An Unexpected Fashion Story

DATE 9/11/2015

Wolfgang Tillmans: The Cars Launch at Dashwood Books

DATE 9/10/2015

Fashion: The Avant-Gardes

DATE 9/10/2015

Isamu Noguchi: A Sculptor's World: Playground Equipment

DATE 9/9/2015

McNally Jackson Launches Tamara Shopsin's 'What Is This?'

DATE 9/9/2015

Isamu Noguchi: A Sculptor's World: George Balanchine's Orpheus

DATE 9/8/2015

Isamu Noguchi: A Sculptor's World: The Victim



Designer's Handshake

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Metropolis Books, September 2009

The Designer’s Handshake

I, _____________________________________ , as an individual engaged within a greater design community, promise to try, to the best of my ability, to commit and adhere to the following principles within my work and life as a designer:

To go beyond doing no harm:

I will engage only in design activities that improve life, both environmental and human. I will recognize that design that does not improve life is a form of apathy and that “doing no harm” is not enough. I will engage only in design processes that are respectful, generative, catalytic, and productive.

To listen, learn, and understand:

I recognize that every client, partner, or stranger is someone to learn from. I will listen before assuming. I will seek to understand the historical, geographical, social, cultural, and economic context and precedents before beginning the design process.

To measure, share, and teach:

I will measure results quantitatively and qualitatively. I will, as appropriate, make my best practices, successes, tools, and failures available to colleagues for communitybased learning.

To empower, heal, and catalyze:

I will use design as a tool to empower people, to make life better, to bring health and improve life, and to enable users to help themselves. I will seek out systemic solutions over quick fixes.

To be optimistic but critical:

I will employ perpetual optimism as a design and business strategy but will apply the same critical evaluation toward social and humanitarian design work that I would any other product. Just because it’s “for the greater good” doesn’t make it good design.

To think big and have no fear:

I will take calculated risks and not be afraid to use design as a tool for change. I will explore new models for how design can have the greatest impact for the greatest number.

To serve the underserved:

I will look first to demographics underserved by design and propose viable solutions for such groups as the homeless, the sick, the ailing, the young and old, the handicapped, poor, and incapacitated.

To not reinvent the wheel:

When something works well, I will not assume I can or should start from scratch. I will use what it is available to me and look to local resources, skill sets, and materials.

To not do what I don’t know:

I will acknowledge the limits of my expertise and will not hesitate to say “no” or to pass projects to another designer who may do a better job.

To always put the user first:

I will always place need over consumption and the human being over the market. I will consider human value, experience, and consequence above all else.

To do good business with good people:

I will be honorable in business and partnerships. I will build distribution into my design, and employ businesses that maximize social impact. I will align myself and work with individuals and groups who have the same values as I do.

To own up and repair:

I will take responsibility for any failures or mistakes I may make and take measures to repair and understand my errors.

To be part of a greater whole:

I will remember that I am a part of a system and a community of designers, users, clients, and global citizens. I will recognize that my individual decisions affect this greater group, and that I have a responsibility to contribute productively.

Insert personal addenda here:



e-mail address:

Please mail copy to:

Project H Design PO Box 12021 San Rafael, CA 94912

Design Revolution by Emily Pilloton

The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
The Designer's Handshake
Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People

Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People

Pbk, 8 x 8 in. / 304 pgs / 250 color.


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