DATE 12/24/2015

Sylvie Fleury, Santa Baby

DATE 12/18/2015

The Bauhaus: #itsalldesign, Marcel Breuer Children's Chair

DATE 12/15/2015

Henri Matisse, 'White Alga on Red and Green Background' (1947)

DATE 12/14/2015

Picasso Sculpture, Bull

DATE 12/13/2015

ARCANA Launch and Signing for 'The Soviet Photobook'

DATE 12/11/2015

We Go to the Gallery

DATE 12/10/2015

Andy Warhol: Prints, Marilyn Monroe

DATE 12/9/2015

Andy Warhol: Prints, Electric Chair

DATE 12/8/2015

Agnes Martin, Untitled 1959 purple and grey painting

DATE 12/7/2015

International Pop

DATE 12/6/2015

Peter Schlesinger: A Photographic Memory 1968-1989, Amanda Lear

DATE 12/5/2015

Peter Schlesinger: A Photographic Memory 1968-1989, Reto Guntli backflip

DATE 12/4/2015

Hans J. Wegner: Just One Good Chair

DATE 12/3/2015

Martin Hyers and William Mebane's "HERE – 77070019" (2010)

DATE 12/2/2015

Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty

DATE 12/2/2015

Jenny Holzer: War Paintings, Formica 3086

DATE 12/2/2015

Jordan Wolfson & Laura Owens Joint Book Launch at Ooga Booga, LA

DATE 12/1/2015

Modern Taste: Art Deco in Paris 1910-1935, Simone Kahn, Man Ray 1926 portrait

DATE 11/30/2015

Philippe Halsman's Jump Book, Brigitte Bardot

DATE 11/29/2015

Strand Books presents Dan Martensen, Author of 'Wolves Like Us: Portraits of the Angulo Brothers'

DATE 11/29/2015

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Seascapes, Lake Superior, Eagle River

DATE 11/27/2015

Vogue: Like a Painting, Paolo Roversi

DATE 11/27/2015

Vogue: Like a Painting, Peter Lindbergh

DATE 11/26/2015

Vogue: Like a Painting, Grant Cornett Still Life

DATE 11/26/2015

Vogue: Like a Painting, Grant Cornett Still Life

DATE 11/25/2015

Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer, Courtyard of a House in Delft

DATE 11/25/2015

Hiroshi Sugimoto Talk & Book Signing at The Strand

DATE 11/24/2015

Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer, Gift Kitty

DATE 11/23/2015

Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer

DATE 11/22/2015

Henry Leutwyler: Ballet

DATE 11/21/2015

Don McCullin, Sunday Morning, Chapel Market

DATE 11/20/2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For Kids (& Parents)

DATE 11/19/2015

Leendert Blok: Silent Beauties, Color Photographs from the 1920s, TULIPA, Bleu celeste

DATE 11/18/2015

Artbook Corporate and Executive Gifts

DATE 11/18/2015

ARCANA Presents 'Photography is Magic' Multi-Photographer Signing with Charlotte Cotton

DATE 11/17/2015

Hans Schärer 'Madonnas & Erotic Watercolors' Opens at Swiss Institute

DATE 11/15/2015

Japanese Inspirations

DATE 11/14/2015

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment, Sunday on the banks of the Marne

DATE 11/14/2015

Barbara Kasten: The Diazotypes

DATE 11/13/2015

Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler, ESP Practitioner with Coins

DATE 11/12/2015

Peter Schlesinger: A Photographic Memory 1968-1989 at BOOKMARC

DATE 11/11/2015

ARTBOOK & Swiss Institute to Launch 'Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler'

DATE 11/11/2015

Don McCullin, US Soldier Rescuing Vietnamese Woman

DATE 11/10/2015

'Both Sides of Sunset' Panel and Signing at the Brand Library

DATE 11/10/2015

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment, Punjab India

DATE 11/9/2015

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment, Christian Bérard, Jean-Paul Sartre

DATE 11/9/2015

Chef Mina Stone to Sign and Cook from 'Cooking for Artists' at As Of Now, LA

DATE 11/8/2015

Richard Learoyd: Day for Night, Agnes with Eyes Closed

DATE 11/7/2015

Richard Learoyd: Day for Night, Nancy with Tears

DATE 11/6/2015

Alvin Baltrop: The Piers

DATE 11/5/2015

Joaquín Torres-García: The Arcadian Modern, Construction in White and Black



Sylvie Fleury

In JRP|Ringier's new monograph on Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury, editor Samuel Gross playfully suggests to the artist (whose "Santa Baby" (2010) is featured here), "Art shouldn't concern itself with gravitas or morality." Fleury responds, "This brings to mind a Zen-inspired slogan used by Calvin Klein for an underwear campaign in the 1990s: 'Be Good Be Bad Just Be.' When consistency became a real concern for me and I started to ask myself questions about what was truly at the heart of my work, I began to distance myself from the art world. Today I feel the urge to conduct new experiments in spaces that I have yet to explore." Find the book at our bookstore at Art Basel Miami Beach through December 6.


The Bauhaus: #itsalldesign

"Abstraction and a holistic approach to art and design are surely the most important ideas brought by the Bauhaus as well as the theoretical foundation of an architect/designer who works for a society as a whole," designer Antonio Cittero writes in The Bauhaus: #itsalldesign, newly published by Vitra Design Museum and a featured title in our store at Design Miami. "What we lack most nowadays is the 'heroic' attitude of that time." Featured image is Marcel Breuer's children's chair T13a, 1923.


The Oasis of Matisse

"The successive flights of doves, their orbits, their curves glide into me as if in a great interior space. You cannot imagine how much, in this period of paper cutouts, this sensation of flight that comes over me helps me better to adjust my hand as it guides the path of my scissors. It is quite difficult to explain. I would say it is a sort of graphic, linear equivalent of the sensation of flight. There is also the issue of vibrating space. To give life to a brushstroke, a line, to make a form exist, that is not something achieved in conventional academies, but beyond, in nature, in the penetrating observation of the things that surround us. A tiny detail can show us a grand mechanism, an essential cog of life." White Alga on Red and Green Background (1947) and the above quotation from a conversation between Matisse and writer André Verdet are reproduced from Koenig Books' beautiful The Oasis of Matisse, one of our Top Holiday Gift Books of 2015. >>


Picasso Sculpture

"Many exhibitions are good, some are great and a very few are tantamount to works of art in their own right—for their clarity, lyricism and accumulative wisdom," Roberta Smith wrote in her September New York Times review of Picasso Sculpture, going on to call MoMA's current "staggering… large, ambitious and unavoidably, dizzyingly peripatetic" blockbuster a "once in a lifetime event." The beautifully produced and copiously illustrated 300-page exhibition catalog is suitably remarkable, and we are proud to recommend it as one of our top Holiday Gift Books of 2015. Featured image is "Bull" (1958).


ARCANA Launch and Signing for 'The Soviet Photobook'

Sunday, December 13, Arcana: Books on the Arts PAC/LA present a launch and signing for 'The Soviet Photobook', Steidl's extraordinary 636-page compendium. Author Manfred Heiting will sign copies from 4-6PM!


We Go to the Gallery

This sweetly sharp artworld satire parodies the beloved '60s British Ladybird series of early learning pocket books, enabling children to "smoothly internalize all of the debilitating middle class self hatred" contained in contemporary artworks. "New words on every page will also help your child to identify core concepts, so that they may repeat them at dinner parties to impress educated guests… Printed in bold colors and written in clear, simple English," each book in this new series from Dung Beetle Learning "will drag families in to the darkest recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit." See more Stocking Stuffer suggestions in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide >>.


Andy Warhol: Prints

"Through his conceptualization of the printing process, Warhol transformed that process into his metaphor for America—its capitalism, its abundance, its industry, and, most important, its simultaneous and contradictory desire for innovation and uniformity—Marcel Duchamp meets Norman Rockwell meets cable television," Donna De Salvo writes in our definitive new edition of Andy Warhol: Prints, A Catalogue Raisonné 1962–1987. "In the subtle details of a single Camouflage print or the 632 variations of Sunset, we also discover a world of illusion fabricated by Andy Warhol, an artist who in the end got more than he could ever have foreseen when he decided 'not to be imaginative.'" Featured image is from the Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn) series, 1967. See more of our favorite Holiday Gift Books of 2015. >>


Andy Warhol: Prints

"More than any other artist of his generation, Andy Warhol understood how the reproduced image had come to reflect and shape contemporary life," Donna De Salvo writes in the definitive new edition of Andy Warhol: Prints, A Catalogue Raisonné 1962–1987. "His paintings of Coca-Cola bottles, race riots in Birmingham, Alabama, and the empty desolation of the death chamber are like a catalogue of contemporary hieroglyphs scattered across the American landscape. Warhol's decision to select images from popular culture and combine them with the printing processes of the commercial world was an essential element of his Pop statement. With nearly scientific fervor, he dissected the very mechanics of image production and, through this unexpected commonplace vehicle, discovered a way to be original." This selection of Warhol's 1971 Electric Chairs edition is reproduced from the book, one of our top Holiday Gift Books of 2015. >>


Agnes Martin

"Inspiration and life are equivalents and they come from outside
Beauty is pervasive
inspiration is pervasive
We say this rose is beautiful
and when this rose is destroyed then we have lost something
so that beauty has been lost
When the rose is destroyed we grieve
but really beauty is unattached
and a clear mind sees it"

So wrote Agnes Martin in her 1972 text, "The Untroubled Mind," excerpted here from the unparalleled survey copublished this year by D.A.P. and Tate Modern and one of our top Holiday Gift Books for Art Connoisseurs. Featured image is Untitled (1959).

KOLLEEN KU | DATE 12/7/2015

International Pop

"What do we talk about when we talk about Pop?" International Pop curators Darsie Alexander and Bartholomew Ryan ask in their Introduction to the Walker Art Center's groundbreaking survey, one of our top holiday gift books of the year. "A moment in the early to mid-1960s when young artists in many centers around the world—from Buenos Aires to Tokyo, New York to São Paulo—turned away from abstraction and preconceived notions of high art and engaged the kitsch, the low and the everyday. They were inspired by new advances in visual culture, an abundance of images transmitted via new print technologies, wider means of distribution, and the rise of television. Collectively and from different vantage points, attitudes, and identities, artists began to co-opt the objects and castaways of mass production, sampling celebrity culture, comic books, advertising and propaganda. They recycled, satirized, celebrated and reframed the world that was emerging around them, even as they merged into it." Ice Cream (1964) is by Belgian painter Evelyne Axell.

DATE 7/14/2015

Agnes Martin Excerpt: "Beauty Is the Mystery of Life"

Agnes Martin Excerpt: "Beauty Is the Mystery of Life"

Agnes Martin's 1989 essay is reproduced from our essential new monograph, published to accompany the critically-acclaimed touring retrospective currently on view at Tate Modern. Patricia Albers makes special note of this text in the "New York Times Book Review" this weekend, asserting that it is "not to be missed."

DATE 6/15/2015

The Future of the Skyscraper

The Future of the Skyscraper

Last week, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Metropolis Books launched the SOM THINKERS series with 'The Future of the Skyscraper,' featuring texts by Bruce Sterling, Tom Vanderbilt, Matthew Yglesias, Diana Lind, Will Self, Emily Badger, Dickson Despommier and Philip Nobel, whose Introduction is excerpted here.

DATE 2/22/2015

On the Small and the Contrary

On the Small and the Contrary

Lisa Pearson of Siglio writes on publishing as "An act of resistance to the literal, the authoritarian and the facile... and as a testament to the 'book' as refuge, dissent, beacon, and nexus."

DATE 9/16/2013

Abiding Architecture: Marie Aquilino Reports from Titanyen, Haiti

Abiding Architecture: Marie Aquilino Reports from Titanyen, Haiti

This week, Beyond Shelter author Marie Aquilino initiates a regular column for Metropolis Books, reporting on her work with the Montesinos Foundation in Titanyen, Haiti.

DATE 3/5/2013

Imagining the Future Art Book
Sharon Helgason Gallagher

Future of the Art Book

"Paging through a book is like closing a door behind you that simultaneously opens another onto a new room -- all the while keeping the previous room available, just behind the now-closed door of the turned page. Here I am in the hallway of the introduction..." -- excerpt from Sharon Helgason Gallagher's remarks at the New York Public Library panel discussion The Future of the Art Book


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