DATE 10/14/2023

ICP presents Melissa Harris and Dr. Karen Folger Jacobs on the reissue of 'Mary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road'

DATE 10/9/2023

On Indigenous Peoples' Day, an exceptional catalog of Native American Art of the last millennium

DATE 10/4/2023

ICP presents the launch of 'Lee Friedlander: Real Estate'

DATE 9/28/2023

Comprehensive, long-overdue retrospective of Henry Taylor opens at the Whitney

DATE 9/26/2023

Turn-of-the-century typographic revolution in 'Die Fläche'

DATE 9/23/2023

Artbook @ MoMA PS1 presents Theo Deutinger and Sharon Helgason Gallagher launching 'Joy and Fear: An Illustrated Report on Modernity'

DATE 9/22/2023

Mindblowing info-design in Theo Deutinger's 'Joy and Fear: An Illustrated Report on Modernity'

DATE 9/21/2023

Hot book alert! ‘Chloe Sherman: Renegades’ is NEW from Hatje Cantz

DATE 9/20/2023

Groundbreaking and expansive: 'Simone Leigh'

DATE 9/18/2023

'Rob Wynne: Obstacle Illusion' is NEW from Gregory R. Miller & Co.

DATE 9/15/2023

'Ed Ruscha / Now Then' is a book for life

DATE 9/14/2023

Highly anticipated 'Cynthia Carlson: Sixty Years' is NEW from D.A.P. Publishing

DATE 9/14/2023

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Cynthia Carlson and Thomas Mellins launching 'Cynthia Carlson: Sixty Years'


“Portrait of Russ Zerbe” (1962) is reproduced from

‘Writing a Chrysanthemum: The Drawings of Rick Barton’ is a Pride Month Staff Pick

Featured drawing, titled “Portrait of Russ Zerbe” (1962), is reproduced from Writing a Chrysanthemum, the first book ever published on the drawings of Bay Area Beat artist Rick Barton. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum, on view now through September 11, 2022, and authored by the show’s curator, Rachel Federman, the book also contains an excerpt of a beautiful 1998 essay by painter Etel Adnan, who writes: “In the very early days of [the] sixties I was introduced to a person who was spending his life sitting in two or three eating places in San Francisco and drawing ceaselessly the faces of the people around, their hands most often. … Rick Barton should have been a San Francisco legend. But he lived in a kind of anonymity, I should say clandestinity, because he was a thorough opium smoker and lonelier than a sailor.”

Writing a Chrysanthemum: The Drawings of Rick Barton

Writing a Chrysanthemum: The Drawings of Rick Barton

Hbk, 8.5 x 11 in. / 144 pgs / 118 color.

$49.95  free shipping

Heads up!

DATE 8/13/2023

Heads up!

Salt of the Earth

DATE 4/22/2023

Salt of the Earth

Welcome, Spring!

DATE 3/20/2023

Welcome, Spring!

Pure Couture

DATE 2/9/2023

Pure Couture

Into the meat grinder

DATE 1/21/2023

Into the meat grinder

Why Omaha?

DATE 1/10/2023

Why Omaha?