DATE 10/31/2022

Celebrate Halloween with Christopher Frayling on 'Vampire Cinema: The First One Hundred Years'

DATE 10/25/2022

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Chris Floyd and Catriona Ni Aolain on 'Not Just Pictures'

DATE 10/1/2022

Artbook @ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles Bookstore presents Betony Vernon signing 'Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites'

DATE 9/27/2022

Isolde Brielmaier in conversation with Aruna D’Souza on 'I Am Sparkling'

DATE 9/26/2022

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Baldwin Lee in conversation with Imani Perry

DATE 9/22/2022

New Museum presents the launch of 'El Anatsui: The Reinvention of Sculpture'

DATE 9/22/2022

'Temperature's Rising' — a new oral history of Galaxie 500

DATE 9/22/2022

On view now at Howard Greenberg Gallery, 'Baldwin Lee' is a revelation

DATE 9/19/2022

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

DATE 9/19/2022

Featuring a pull-off poster cover, 'Betye Saar: Serious Moonlight' is a New Release this week!

DATE 9/17/2022

Museum Store of the Month: MFA Boston Shop

DATE 9/17/2022

Peter Fetterman Gallery presents Roger A. Deakins exhibition and 'Byways' signing

DATE 9/16/2022

'Julie Blackmon: Midwest Materials' is NEW from Radius Books


Featured spreads are from

Yearning and Desire in 'Viviane Sassen & Emanuele Coccia: Modern Alchemy'

Featured spreads are from Viviane Sassen & Emanuele Coccia: Modern Alchemy, the gorgeous new clothbound collaboration between Dutch photographer and Italian philosopher—in which Coccia's words are interwoven with Sassen's images to create a meditative dialogue on art and nature. "Alchemy is the attempt to build a world in which everything is the mind and the hand of something other," Coccia writes. "A world where everything breathes and yearns in unison. From this point of view, from the inside of matter, time and the world take on a different appearance. History in the proper sense no longer exists. Neither does the idea of one unique planet, one true planet. There is only desire."

Viviane Sassen & Emanuele Coccia: Modern Alchemy

Viviane Sassen & Emanuele Coccia: Modern Alchemy

Clth, 7.75 x 10 in. / 160 pgs / 80 color.

$45.00  free shipping

Happy Mother's Day!

DATE 5/8/2022

Happy Mother's Day!