DATE 10/14/2023

ICP presents Melissa Harris and Dr. Karen Folger Jacobs on the reissue of 'Mary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road'

DATE 10/9/2023

On Indigenous Peoples' Day, an exceptional catalog of Native American Art of the last millennium

DATE 10/4/2023

ICP presents the launch of 'Lee Friedlander: Real Estate'

DATE 9/28/2023

Comprehensive, long-overdue retrospective of Henry Taylor opens at the Whitney

DATE 9/26/2023

Turn-of-the-century typographic revolution in 'Die Fläche'

DATE 9/23/2023

Artbook @ MoMA PS1 presents Theo Deutinger and Sharon Helgason Gallagher launching 'Joy and Fear: An Illustrated Report on Modernity'

DATE 9/22/2023

Mindblowing info-design in Theo Deutinger's 'Joy and Fear: An Illustrated Report on Modernity'

DATE 9/21/2023

Hot book alert! ‘Chloe Sherman: Renegades’ is NEW from Hatje Cantz

DATE 9/20/2023

Groundbreaking and expansive: 'Simone Leigh'

DATE 9/18/2023

'Rob Wynne: Obstacle Illusion' is NEW from Gregory R. Miller & Co.

DATE 9/15/2023

'Ed Ruscha / Now Then' is a book for life

DATE 9/14/2023

Highly anticipated 'Cynthia Carlson: Sixty Years' is NEW from D.A.P. Publishing

DATE 9/14/2023

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Cynthia Carlson and Thomas Mellins launching 'Cynthia Carlson: Sixty Years'


Joe Colombo

In Silvana's Joe Colombo catalogue raisonné, a future-facing "total design" ethos

Designed in 1963, in continuous production since 1965, and known to many for its starring role in the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, Joe Colombo's Elda armchair is one of Italy's most iconic, fundamentally futuristic pieces of twentieth-century furniture. Profiled recently in Architectural Digest, the chair's design was inspired by a visit to a shipyard where Colombo saw fiberglass hulls for small boats being molded into rounded shapes by hand. Featured photograph is reproduced from Joe Colombo: Designer, Silvana's action-packed catalogue raisonné, where Colombo's ideas about comfort, functionality, style and domestic design eerily predict our exact moment: "People will be able to study and work at home," he said months before his death in 1971, "distances will no longer matter, the megacity will lose its meaning."

Joe Colombo: Designer

Joe Colombo: Designer

Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 304 pgs / 282 color / 461 b&w.

$90.00  free shipping

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DATE 8/13/2023

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