DATE 4/30/2024

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Roger A. Deakins with James Ellis Deakins and Matthew Heineman on 'Byways'

DATE 4/30/2024

Danny Lyon at Photobook Austin

DATE 4/25/2024

The Strand presents Joshua Charow launching 'Loft Law'

DATE 4/24/2024

Bungee Space presents Set Margins’ 6-Book Launch and Get Together

DATE 4/21/2024

Time & Space Limited presents "Memory as Various: Bernadette Mayer's 'Memory'"

DATE 4/13/2024

Unnameable Books presents "Reading from Bernadette Mayer's 'Memory'"

DATE 4/12/2024

Join Artbook | D.A.P. at Shoppe Object at High Point

DATE 4/11/2024

Mast Books presents Danny Lyon launching 'This Is My Life I’m Talking About'

DATE 4/11/2024

Join Artbook & MCA Store at EXPO CHICAGO 2024!

DATE 4/7/2024

Ed Ruscha / Now Then opens at LACMA

DATE 4/6/2024

Artbook @ MoMA PS1 Bookstore and MoMA PS1 present a poetry reading by Regina José Galindo

DATE 4/4/2024

A global standing ovation for 'Joan Jonas: Good Night Good Morning'

DATE 4/1/2024

Technique, beauty, illusions and dreams, long before AI


"Frida in the library of the Blue House, Coyoacán, Mexico City, ca. 1949." Photo: Antonio Kahlo. From

For Women's History Month reading, you can't do better than 'Frida Kahlo: Her Universe'

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” Frida Kahlo asked in 1953. Featured photograph, taken in in the library of the Blue House, Coyoacán, Mexico City, in 1949 by Kahlo's nephew Antonio, is from Frida Kahlo: Her Universe, a staff pick for Women's History Month 2022. “Saint, muse, lover, beloved, bisexual, victim and survivor,” essayist Circe Henestrosa writes: “Frida Kahlo is the model of the bohemian artist; unique, rebellious and contradictory, a cult figure appropriated by feminists, artists, fashion designers and mass culture. From Mexico to San Francisco, Paris to New York, Frida continues to cause a sensation with her enigmatic, seductive gaze and deep brown eyes which, dominant yet fragile, pull the viewer indelibly into them. Framed by the personal stamp of her unmistakable eyebrows and Tehuana dress, Frida has everything necessary to have become one of today’s best-known idols.”

Frida Kahlo: Her Universe

Frida Kahlo: Her Universe

RM/Museo Frida Kahlo – Casa Azul
Hbk, 9 x 12.25 in. / 240 pgs / 267 color.

$65.00  free shipping

Vintage Valentine

DATE 2/14/2024

Vintage Valentine

Forever Valentino

DATE 11/27/2023

Forever Valentino

Heads up!

DATE 8/13/2023

Heads up!