DATE 6/25/2024

LIVE from NYPL presents Michael Stipe launching 'Even the birds gave pause'

DATE 6/13/2024

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DATE 6/8/2024

"Next-level otherness" in Pride Month staff pick 'Nick Cave: Forothermore'

DATE 6/6/2024

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DATE 6/3/2024

In Nan Goldin's 'The Other Side,' you are who you pretend to be

DATE 6/2/2024

Green-Wood Cemetery presents Eugene Richards launching 'Remembrance Garden: A Portrait of Green-Wood Cemetery'

DATE 6/1/2024

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DATE 5/28/2024

'Mickalene Thomas: All About Love,' on view at The Broad

DATE 5/24/2024

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Garry Winogrand's intimate, flashing mirror of America

DATE 5/24/2024

Beautifully illustrated essays on Arab Modernists

DATE 5/19/2024

Of bodies and knowing, in 'Christina Quarles: Collapsed Time'

DATE 5/17/2024

192 Books presents Robert Storr and Lloyd Wise launching Heni 'Focal Points' series

DATE 5/17/2024

Lee Quiñones signing at Perrotin Store New York


Jonathan Keep

Crafted: Objects in Flux

South African ceramicist Jonathan Keep has explored the expressive possibilities of pottery since the 1970s. Over the past decade, he has broadened his scope to encompass 3D printing, according to MFA Boston curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts, Emily Zilber. "Keep cites 3-D printing as a 'fourth way' for ceramic artists—on top of three previous dominant ways of making in clay (hand building, throwing and molding)—thus allowing the artist to use techniques such as cloning, distortion and modification to 'generate forms not typically visualized or created by ceramic techniques.' Keep builds forms in a virtual space using Java coding (which he taught to himself) and manipulates them using the open-source program Blender." These glazed 3D-printed porcelain vessels are titled "Sound Surface: Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes" (2012-2014).

Crafted: Objects in Flux

Crafted: Objects in Flux

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 176 pgs / 130 color.

$45.00  free shipping

Heads up on 4/20!

DATE 4/20/2024

Heads up on 4/20!

Vintage Valentine

DATE 2/14/2024

Vintage Valentine

Forever Valentino

DATE 11/27/2023

Forever Valentino