DATE 6/25/2024

LIVE from NYPL presents Michael Stipe launching 'Even the birds gave pause'

DATE 6/13/2024

ICP presents Eugene Richards on 'Remembrance Garden'

DATE 6/8/2024

"Next-level otherness" in Pride Month staff pick 'Nick Cave: Forothermore'

DATE 6/6/2024

Celebratory and transgressive, 'John Waters: Pope of Trash' is a Pride Month Staff Pick

DATE 6/3/2024

In Nan Goldin's 'The Other Side,' you are who you pretend to be

DATE 6/2/2024

Green-Wood Cemetery presents Eugene Richards launching 'Remembrance Garden: A Portrait of Green-Wood Cemetery'

DATE 6/1/2024

There's no such thing as being extra in June! Pride Month Staff Picks 2024

DATE 5/28/2024

'Mickalene Thomas: All About Love,' on view at The Broad

DATE 5/24/2024

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Garry Winogrand's intimate, flashing mirror of America

DATE 5/24/2024

Beautifully illustrated essays on Arab Modernists

DATE 5/19/2024

Of bodies and knowing, in 'Christina Quarles: Collapsed Time'

DATE 5/17/2024

192 Books presents Robert Storr and Lloyd Wise launching Heni 'Focal Points' series

DATE 5/17/2024

Lee Quiñones signing at Perrotin Store New York


Featured image, László Moholy-Nagy

László Moholy-Nagy: Color Rush

Featured image, Bauhaus luminary László Moholy-Nagy's "Study with Pins and Ribbons" (1937-38), is reproduced from Color Rush: American Color Photography from Stieglitz to Sherman, published by Aperture to accompany the Milwaukee Art Museum's remarkable spring exhibition. Spanning from "magazine pages to gallery walls, advertisements to photojournalism," Color Rush connects the history of color photography from 1907—when the Lumière brothers unveiled the autochrome process in Paris—to 1981—when curator Sally Eauclaire mounted the landmark ICP exhibition, The New Color Photography. For Moholy-Nagy, essayist Lisa Hostetler writes, the camera was "a thoroughly modern tool that allowed for refreshed ways of seeing because it transcribed light—the most fundamental component of vision—directly, without the intervention of human subjectivity."

Color Rush

Color Rush

Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 in. / 288 pgs / 260 color.

Heads up on 4/20!

DATE 4/20/2024

Heads up on 4/20!

Vintage Valentine

DATE 2/14/2024

Vintage Valentine

Forever Valentino

DATE 11/27/2023

Forever Valentino