DATE 4/1/2023

Rizzoli Bookstore presents Pattie Boyd in conversation with Dave Brolan

DATE 3/25/2023

Artbook at Hauser & Wirth LA Bookstore presents the Los Angeles book launch and signing for 'Ash Kolodner: Gayface'

DATE 3/18/2023

The spirit of exploration in 'Thor Heyerdahl: Voyages of the Sun'

DATE 3/15/2023

192 Books presents a Tony Feher panel discussion

DATE 3/14/2023

Celebrate Pi Day with 'Einstein: The Man and His Mind'

DATE 3/14/2023

Revised 'Philip Guston Now' on view at National Gallery of Art

DATE 3/10/2023

Hot book alert! 'Cyberfeminism Index' is out now from Mindy Seu and Inventory Press

DATE 3/8/2023

Midcentury Modern bliss in 'Room 606'

DATE 3/6/2023

Peculiar beasts in 'Jon Huck: At the Drop of a Hat'

DATE 3/5/2023

Artbook at MoMA PS1 presents Tammy Nguyen and Mina Stone

DATE 3/2/2023

Mast Books presents Jameson Green in conversation with Dan Nadel

DATE 3/1/2023

Celebrate Women's History!

DATE 3/1/2023

Celebrate Women's History Month, 2023!


Featured spreads are from

Hot Book Alert: 'Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image' is Back in Stock!

Featured spreads are from Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image, an in-depth study of the San Francisco conceptual art and architecture practice Ant Farm’s legendary 1975 Media Burn performance, in which a customized Cadillac, “the Phantom Dream Car,” was driven through a wall of burning television sets in a seminal act of consumerist critique. In a souvenir booklet published on the occasion of the July 4, 1975, performance, the members of Ant Farm wrote, “There was born in America during World War II a generation of children who were to be introduced to the new invention, television, at a formative age. This generation, different from those older whose view of reality was catalyzed before television and those younger who never knew a reality without the tube, is the ‘television generation.’ They grew up as the medium itself was growing up. ‘Media Burn’ is a statement from representatives of the ‘television generation.’
At 2:50 today the phantom dream car… will start its engine to begin an historic trip. It will shoot across the Cow Palace parking lot into the just-ignited stack of 50 television sets. At the moment of impact Admirals, RCA’s, G.E.’s, Sylvanas, Zeniths and Hoffmans will fly apart in a cathartic explosion. The car will shoot on through to the other side and, God willing, the two dummies will step out unhurt, free at last from the addiction of television.”

Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image

Media Burn: Ant Farm and the Making of an Image

Pbk, 9 x 12 in. / 128 pgs / 150 color.

$35.00  free shipping

Pure Couture

DATE 2/9/2023

Pure Couture

Into the meat grinder

DATE 1/21/2023

Into the meat grinder

Why Omaha?

DATE 1/10/2023

Why Omaha?

Raise your fist!

DATE 10/24/2022

Raise your fist!