Print and Drawing Surveys



An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts
Introduction and text by Adam Leith Gollner. Text by Marina Vitaglione. Contributions by Jacqueline Landy, John McPhee, Michael Pollan.

The United States Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection encompasses 7,497 botanical watercolor paintings of evolving fruit and nut varieties, alongside specimens introduced by USDA plant explorers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. >>more

Atelier Éditions
ISBN 9781733622042
US $50.00 CAN $70.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 11 in. / 356 pgs / 300 color / 8 duotone / 5 b&w.
Pub Date: 05/25/2021 Out of stock

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Prints and Objects
Edited with text by Jörg Schellmann. Introduction by Matthias Koddenberg.

Though born on the same day in 1935, artists Christo Vladimirov Javacheff (1935–2020) and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon (1935–2009) did not cross paths until many years later in Paris. The seemingly fated couple married quickly >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775748834
US $50.00 CAN $70.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 11 in. / 272 pgs / 300 color.
Pub Date: 07/06/2021 In stock

Christoph Niemann: Souvenir
Text by Philipp Keel, Christoph Niemann.

This elaborate book features over 160 ink and pencil drawings by Christoph Niemann, each a story of an unfamiliar place. They are observations on traveling, arriving and immersing oneself, on the melancholy of being on >>more

ISBN 9783958295735
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 TRADE
Clth, 9.25 x 11.75 in. / 256 pgs / 161 color.
Pub Date: 02/01/2022 Awaiting stock

Cézanne: Drawing
Edited with text by Jodi Hauptman, Samantha Friedman. Text by Kiko Aebi, Annemarie Iker, Laura Neufeld.

Although he is most often celebrated as a painter, Paul Cézanne’s extraordinary vision was fueled by his experiments on paper. In pencil and watercolor, on individual sheets and across the pages of sketchbooks, the artist >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9781633451261
US $45.00 CAN $63.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 184 pgs / 254 color.
Pub Date: 07/13/2021 In stock

Daniel Clarke: Long Island
Interview by Diana Michener.

The drawings of Paris-based American artist Daniel Clarke (born 1971) include portraits, figures and local flora. This book showcases his charcoal, watercolor and pastel drawings for the first time.


ISBN 9783958298903
US $40.00 CAN $56.00 FLAT40
Clth, 8.75 x 11.75 in. / 144 pgs / 66 color.
Pub Date: 06/29/2021 In stock

David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring in Normandy, 2020
Interview by Edith Devaney.

At the beginning of 2020, just as global COVID-19 restrictions were coming into force, David Hockney was at his new house, studio and garden in Normandy. From there, he witnessed the arrival of spring, and >>more

Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781912520640
US $29.95 CAN $41.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 6.75 in. / 168 pgs / 140 color.
Pub Date: 08/10/2021 Awaiting stock

Diogo Pimentăo: Residual Gravity
Text by Monika Branicka, Johana Carrier, Nicolas Chardon, Alfredo Cramerotti, Audrey Illouz, Pierre Leguillon, Julie Pellegrin, et al.

Published for Portuguese artist Diogo Pimentăo’s (born 1973) exhibition at the Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain (Frac) Normandie Rouen, this monograph documents almost 15 years of the artist’s austere works engaging drawing, space and the body.


Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867494118
US $29.95 CAN $41.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.75 x 11.5 in. / 128 pgs / 97 duotone.
Pub Date: 03/30/2021 In stock

Do Ho Suh: Works on Paper at STPI
Text by Martin Coomer, Allegra Pesenti, Sarah Suzuki, Do Ho Suh.

A sculptor and installation artist, Korean-born Do Ho Suh (born 1962) is best known for his full-scale fabric works in which he meticulously reimagines the architectural space of his past homes and studios. Since collaborating >>more

DelMonico Books/STPI
ISBN 9781942884866
US $95.00 CAN $133.00 TRADE
Hbk, 11.5 x 15.5 in. / 280 pgs / 320 color.
Pub Date: 06/01/2021 In stock

Genaro Strobel: Size
Text by León Krempel.

German artist Genaro Strobel (born 1984) creates monumental woodcuts that integrate printmaking with photography, painting, drawing and collage, using source photographs such as pictures from an inventors' fair. These works, which are produced with laser-cut >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775748773
US $26.00 CAN $35.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 11.75 x 14.5 in. / 64 pgs / 30 color.
Pub Date: 05/11/2021 In stock

Genji: The Prince and the Parodies
By Sarah E. Thompson.

Lady Murasaki’s Tale of Genji has delighted readers for more than 1,000 years and inspired writers to create numerous parodies. Artists have responded with a rich parallel tradition illustrating the courtly intrigues, love affairs and >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468836
US $45.00 CAN $58.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 11 in. / 192 pgs / 200 color.
Pub Date: 11/09/2021 Awaiting stock

Gonzalo Fuenmayor: Tropical Burn
Foreword and interview by Dennis Scholl. Text by Tobias Ostrander.

This volume leads into a lush world where assumptions about exoticism and colonialism are turned on their head, revealing nuances about human identity. Miami-based artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor (born 1977) draws from the experience of his >>more

DelMonico Books/Oolite Arts
ISBN 9781942884842
US $30.00 CAN $40.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.25 x 12 in. / 104 pgs / 16 color / 63 duotone.
Pub Date: 06/08/2021 In stock

Grimes: Miss Information, a Coloring Book

Grimes’ first art publication is rooted in the DIY production and audience participation central to her work. The form of the coloring book is necessarily incomplete, and invites collaboration in much the same vein as >>more

DelMonico Books/Maccarone
ISBN 9781942884859
US $19.95 CAN $27.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8.5 x 11 in. / 32 pgs / 9 color / 8 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/24/2020 Out of stock

H.R. Giger: Poltergeist II
Text by H.R. Giger.

This facsimile edition of Giger’s sketchbook contains 155 drawings, from wormlike ghosts to soul-sucking monsters, as well as correspondence between Giger and director Brian Gibson.


Edition Patrick Frey
ISBN 9783907236208
US $95.00 CAN $133.00 TRADE
Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 in. / 300 pgs / 155 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/26/2021 Awaiting stock

Hayao Miyazaki
By Jessica Niebel. Foreword by Toshio Suzuki. Text by Pete Docter, Daniel Kothenschulte.

For over four decades, Hayao Miyazaki has been enchanting audiences of all ages. His animated films, often featuring children navigating unfamiliar and challenging worlds, offer timeless explorations of youth and what it means to grow >>more

DelMonico Books/Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
ISBN 9781942884811
US $49.95 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.75 in. / 288 pgs / 300 color.
Pub Date: 09/07/2021 Awaiting stock

Italian Architectural Drawings from the Cronstedt Collection in the Nationalmuseum
Text by Anna Bortolozzi.

This catalog presents the first comprehensive study of the Italian architectural drawings in the Cronstedt Collection in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, discussing 181 drawings dating from c. 1570 to c. 1620. Among them are works by >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775748025
US $68.00 CAN $95.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8.25 x 11 in. / 304 pgs / 260 color.
Pub Date: 02/16/2021 In stock

Jim Dine: I Print
Edited with text by Tobias Burg. Text by Susan Tallman.

Within Jim Dine’s (born 1935) diverse oeuvre, printmaking plays a consistent and overarching role. For six decades now, the artist’s enthusiasm for woodcuts, etching and lithography, for drypoint, monotypes and aquatints has not diminished—on the >>more

ISBN 9783958298729
US $250.00 CAN $350.00 SDNR40
Clth, 9.5 x 11.5 in. / 392 pgs / 807 color.
Pub Date: 06/01/2021 In stock

Joseph Beuys: Periphery Workshop
Photographs by Klaus Staeck, Gerhard Steidl.

On April 27 1973, Joseph Beuys (1921–86) founded the Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research, a staunchly antiestablishment institution designed to help individuals realize their creative potential (regardless of their social, economic and >>more

ISBN 9783958299177
US $45.00 CAN $63.00 TRADE
Clth, 8.25 x 11.75 in. / 112 pgs / 55 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/01/2022 Awaiting stock

Katharina Hinsberg: Sketches Withdrawn
Text by Katharina Hinsberg.

In an elaborate process whereby drawings on paper are transferred to walls with a power drill, German artist Katharina Hinsberg (born 1967) expands the parameters of drawing into physical space. This publication documents her creations >>more

ISBN 9783735607027
US $45.00 CAN $63.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 13.25 in. / 96 pgs / 42 color / 47 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/13/2021 In stock

Laura Knight: A Working Life
Text by Helen Valentine, Annette Wickham.

The drawings of the pioneering painter Laura Knight (1877–1970) in the collection of the Royal Academy confirm her exceptional gift for capturing life’s multiplicity and movement. Knight was the first female member to be elected >>more

Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781912520367
US $16.95 CAN $24.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6.75 x 9 in. / 96 pgs / 72 color.
Pub Date: 01/04/2022 Awaiting stock

Neil Gall: Drawing
Introduction by David Nolan, Aurel Scheibler. Text by Lexi Lee Sullivan, Alexander Ross, George Newall.

Balancing the profound with the absurd, London-based artist Neil Gall (born 1967) translates the visceral and psychological interactions between materials and their surfaces to unsettling, surreal and sometimes erotic effect in his drawings.


ISBN 9781909932593
US $30.00 CAN $40.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 12 in. / 144 pgs / 95 color.
Pub Date: 03/30/2021 In stock

OASE 107
Edited by Bart Decroos, Kornelia Dimitrova, Bruno Notteboom, Frits Palmboom. Text by Nithin Bathla, Sumedha Garg, Paul Broekhuizen, Chiara Cavalieri, et al.

This issue of OASE examines the development of drawing in landscape design and urbanism, focusing on the lessons that process and time can impart. It asks: which traditions offer starting points and what innovations are >>more

nai010 publishers
ISBN 9789462085787
US $40.00 CAN $56.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 in. / 128 pgs / 50 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/15/2021 In stock

Revisiting America: The Prints of Currier & Ives
Text by Michael Clapper, Marie-Stéphanie Delamaire, Baird Jarman, Emma Westbrook.

Currier & Ives was a powerhouse of 19th-century publishing and had an immeasurable influence on American visual culture. Founded in New York in 1834 by Nathaniel Currier, the company expanded to include a new partner, >>more

Joslyn Art Museum
ISBN 9781646570102
US $39.95 CAN $55.95 TRADE
Pbk, 11 x 9.5 in. / 184 pgs / 140 color.
Pub Date: 11/10/2020 In stock

Shepard Fairey: 3 Decades of Dissent
Text by Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Claudio Crescentini, Federica Pirani, Arianna Angelelli, Daniela Vasta.

For the past 30 years, Shepard Fairey has been using art and graphic design as a means of social interrogation. Drawing from graffiti tradition, Fairey employs a distinctive combination of stylized imagery and impactful typography >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836647200
US $35.00 CAN $49.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 192 pgs / 117 color.
Pub Date: 04/20/2021 In stock

Shirin Azari: Stories of Little and Big Blossoms

Shirin Azari (born 1981) draws upon her childhood as an Iranian refugee in Germany during the 1990s in stories about children facing similar circumstances. The volume is illustrated by the author with delicate drawings that >>more

Edition Patrick Frey
ISBN 9783906803807
US $40.00 CAN $56.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 87 pgs / 38 color.
Pub Date: 05/11/2021 In stock

The Picasso Connection
Text by Michael Hertz, Kai Hohenfeld, Manuela Husemann, Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk.

How does any given body of work wind up in major collections, museums and exhibitions? Very often, it is because of the unsung efforts of individuals who advocate for the work in the face of >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775748056
US $50.00 CAN $70.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.75 in. / 224 pgs / 471 color.
Pub Date: 02/09/2021 In stock

Tomi Ungerer: America
Edited with text by Philipp Keel. Text by Tomi Ungerer.

This extravagant book presents 330 of Tomi Ungerer’s illustrations, paintings and collages, many of them previously unpublished. When Ungerer moved from the Alsace to New York in the mid-1950s and began working as a graphic >>more

ISBN 9783958295742
US $95.00 CAN $135.00 TRADE
Clth, 11 x 14.5 in. / 456 pgs / 320 color.
Pub Date: 02/01/2022 Awaiting stock

William Kentridge: Waiting for the Sibyl
Edited by Anne McIlleron. Text by William Kentridge.

This volume publishes the libretto of William Kentridge’s (born 1955) chamber opera Waiting for the Sibyl, which was made for the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and first performed there in September 2019. Music for the >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960988656
US $89.95 CAN $125.93 FLAT40
Hbk, 7.75 x 10.5 in. / 360 pgs / 352 color.
Pub Date: 03/30/2021 Out of stock



A Century of Prints in Britain
Text by Julia Beaumont-Jones.

A Century of Prints in Britain is a highly illustrated volume providing a long-overdue, affordable and engaging selection of over 200 print works from masters of the medium alongside lesser-known practitioners. Using the Arts Council >>more

Hayward Gallery Publishing
ISBN 9781853323454
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 7.5 x 9.75 in. / 240 pgs / 230 color.
Pub Date: 08/22/2017 In stock

Alberto Giacometti and the Perception of Reality
Text by Patrick de Vries.

This book looks at a selection of drawings by Alberto Giacometti (1901–66) and examines them against more than 100 letters exchanged between Giacometti and his parents, the majority of which have never been published.

The choice >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775745277
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8.25 x 11 in. / 230 pgs / 60 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Alice Attie
Preface by Rosemarie Schwarzwälder. Text by Mark W. Turner, Alice Attie.

The drawings of New York–based artist and poet Alice Attie (born 1950), presented in this publication, explore the territory between writing and drawing. Engaging repetition, rhythm and gradual change, Attie allows minuscule words, figures, numbers >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903269071
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 13 in. / 124 pgs / 80 color.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Amazing! Mel Bochner Prints
Edited by Carolyn Vaughan. Foreword by Jordan D. Schnitzer. Text by Sienna Brown, Ruth Fine, Barry Schwabsky. Interview by Jan Howard.

For more than 50 years, American conceptualist Mel Bochner (born 1940) has been shaping dialogs between art and language through exhibition concepts, paintings and sculptures that embrace systems and structures to reveal their cracks and >>more

Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation
ISBN 9781732321205
US $75.00 CAN $105.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 12 in. / 256 pgs / 220 color.
Pub Date: 09/25/2018 In stock

Anna Oppermann: Drawings
Edited by Dan Byers. Text by Connie Butler, Meta Marina Beeck. Conversation by Dan Byers, Ute Vorkoeper.

From her beginning in the mid-1960s through the early ’70s, German artist Anna Oppermann (1940–1993)—best known for her encyclopedic, immersive installations—created an astonishing series of surreal, almost psychedelic drawings that quietly explode the private space >>more

Inventory Press/Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
ISBN 9781941753323
US $40.00 CAN $56.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8.5 x 13.5 in. / 112 pgs / 40 color.
Pub Date: 04/21/2020 In stock

Barkley L. Hendricks: Works on Paper
Text by Laila Pedro.

This first installment in Skira and Jack Shainman Gallery's five-volume publication project on Barkley L. Hendricks (1945–2017) presents for the first time the artist's works on paper. These images—of flowers and plants, bananas, a watermelon, >>more

Skira/Jack Shainman Gallery
ISBN 9788857241470
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Hbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 96 pgs / 50 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 Out of stock

Chris Wilkinson: Drawing What I See
Text by Chris Wilkinson.

Celebrated British architect Chris Wilkinson (born 1945) and his practice WilkinsonEyre have developed some of Britain’s most iconic architectural projects: the Gasholders at King’s Cross, the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and the Gateshead Millennium >>more

Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781912520244
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7.75 x 9.5 in. / 144 pgs / 130 color.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 In stock

Damien Hirst: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

This exquisite hardback volume, boasting a ribbed leather spine, presents the second collection of a series of drawings on paper by Damien Hirst (born 1965), rendered in a range of mediums including silverpoint, charcoal and >>more

Other Criteria Books
ISBN 9781906967888
US $200.00 CAN $275.00 SDNR30
Leatherbound, 11.5 x 14.75 in. / 208 pgs / 100 color.
Pub Date: 11/20/2018 In stock

Dan Perjovschi: The Prize Book
Edited by Brigitte Kölle.

In 2016, Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi (born 1961)—known for his drawings penned directly on walls—received the first Rosa Schapire art prize from Freunde der Hamburger Kunsthalle. The Prize Book is based on the artist’s sketchbook >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960984122
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 4 x 6.25 in. / 202 pgs / 10 color / 174 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

David Hockney: Drawing from Life
Text by Sarah Howgate.

Published to accompany a major international exhibition, David Hockney: Drawing from Life features Hockney’s drawings from the 1950s to the present day, and focuses on his depictions of himself and a small group of sitters >>more

National Portrait Gallery, London
ISBN 9781855147973
US $45.00 CAN $63.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 10.5 in. / 208 pgs / 150 color.
Pub Date: 04/28/2020 In stock

Drawing People: The Human Figure in Contemporary Art

Drawing People is a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated survey of the most compelling and inventive drawings of the human form being produced today by 70 contemporary artists from around the world. An introduction places the >>more

D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers
ISBN 9781938922688
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Flexi, 9.5 x 13.5 in. / 256 pgs / 275 color.
Pub Date: 04/28/2015 In stock

Drawing Then
Text by Richard Shiff, Robert Storr, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Suzanne Hudson, Roni Feinstein, Anna Lovatt, Griselda Pollock. Inspired by the 1976 exhibition Drawing Now at The Museum of Modern Art, Drawing Then investigates revolutionary developments in the practice of drawing that emerged in the United States during a decade of radical social >>more

Dominique Lévy
ISBN 9781944379049
US $70.00 CAN $92.50 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 11.75 in. / 208 pgs / 137 color / 41 duotone.
Pub Date: 07/26/2016 In stock

Drawing from The Modern, Volume 2: 1945-1975
Essay by Gary Garrels. Visual art in the period following World War II witnessed landmark transformations. Today, drawing provides a powerful and vigorous device for reexamining the art of that period, and for renewing appreciation of the extraordinary achievements >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870706646
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Hardcover, 8.25 x 10.25 in. / 224 pgs / 160 color / 5 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/15/2005 In stock

Drawing from The Modern, Volume I: 1880-1940
Essay by Jodi Hauptman. Many of the key achievements in art of the last 125 years have been worked out on paper. From pictorial investigations that expanded the possibilities of vision to the invention of entirely new kinds of >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870706639
US $40.00 CAN $54.00 TRADE
Flexi, 8.25 x 10.5 in. / 224 pgs / 155 color / 20 duotone.
Pub Date: 11/02/2004 In stock

Drawings on Writing
Edited by Serge Onnen. As we spend our days increasingly glued to our computers and handheld devices, rapidly tapping keywords into Google, cutting and pasting Word docs and texting urgently truncated messages, it is becoming increasingly rare to pen >>more

J&L Books
ISBN 9780979918803
US $15.00 CAN $21.50 TRADE
Hardback, 8 x 9.5 in. / 140 pgs / 132 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/01/2008 Out of stock

Drawn from Life
Foreword by Jill Constantine. Text by Martin Herbert. Drawn from Life: People on Paper brings together over 50 masterpieces of drawing from the Arts Council and British Council collections, celebrating images of people captured on paper. The selection spans over a century of >>more

Hayward Gallery Publishing
ISBN 9781853323423
US $25.00 CAN $34.50 TRADE
Pbk, 6.25 x 9.5 in. / 106 pgs / 50 color.
Pub Date: 05/24/2016 In stock

Erwin Wurm: Peace & Plenty

Peace & Plenty gathers 447 works on paper by Vienna-based sculptor Erin Wurm (born 1954). Named after the Bahaman hotel where many of the works were created, the book features Wurm's daily drawings—portraits and self-portraits, >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903228719
US $75.00 CAN $105.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9 x 11.75 in. / 504 pgs / 447 color.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Eva Hesse: Oberlin Drawings
Edited by Barry Rosen. Foreword by Helen Hesse Charash, Andria Derstine. Text by Briony Fer, Gioia Timpanelli, Manuela Ammer, Andrea Gyorody, Jörg Daur.

This monumental tome contains the entirety of the important German artist’s drawings held in the collection of the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Ohio. The AMAM was the first museum to purchase a sculpture >>more

Hauser & Wirth Publishers
ISBN 9783906915395
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 428 pgs / 391 color.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Fragile Beasts Coloring Book
Edited by Caitlin Condell. Illustrated by Magali Berthon.

Discover hidden monsters and awaken serpents, chimeras, dragons and gargoyles in this coloring book inspired by grotesque ornament prints from the 16th and 17th centuries. Animals become alternately ferocious or docile as you color in >>more

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
ISBN 9781942303169
US $12.95 CAN $18.50 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 10 in. / 96 pgs / 45 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/14/2016 In stock

Frank Gehry: Catalogue Raisonné of the Drawings Volume One, 1954–1978
Edited with text by Jean-Louis Cohen.

This catalog—the first of eight planned volumes that will critically present the entire oeuvre of Toronto-born, Los Angeles–based architect Frank Gehry (born 1929) using his sketches as the primary graphic material—includes texts and high-quality images >>more

Cahiers d'Art
ISBN 9782851171917
US $395.00 CAN $560.00 SDNR40
Slip, hbk, 11.75 x 9.5 in. / 544 pgs / 600 color.
Pub Date: 04/14/2020 In stock

Gardens in Perpetual Bloom
Text by Nancy Keeler. Originally developed as an aid to professional herbalists, botanical illustration quickly blossomed into an art form in its own right. The first flower books were intended as medicinal guides, or else illustrated volumes that catalogued >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878467495
US $24.95 CAN $33.95 TRADE
Pbk, 7.5 x 9 in. / 136 pgs / 130 color.
Pub Date: 02/28/2010 Out of stock

Hiroshige: The Master of Nature
Edited with text by Gian Carlo Calza. Text by Shawn Eichman, Rossella Menegazzo.

This substantial volume offers a broad panorama of the hugely popular oeuvre of Hiroshige (1797–1858), the great artist of the Japanese popular school of printmaking who transmuted everyday landscapes into intimate, lyrical scenes. The text >>more

ISBN 9788857242873
US $75.00 CAN $105.00 TRADE
Pbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 304 pgs / 244 color / 203 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Hokusai’s Landscapes
Text by Sarah E. Thompson.

The best known of all Japanese artists, Katsushika Hokusai was active as a painter, book illustrator and print designer throughout his 90-year lifespan. Yet his most famous works—the color woodblock landscape prints issued in series—were >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468669
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 11 in. / 224 pgs / 150 color.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now
Text by Judith B. Hecker. Encompassing black-and-white linoleum cuts made at community art centers in the 1960s and 1970s, resistance posters and other political art of the 1980s and the wide variety of subjects and techniques explored by artists in >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870707568
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 10 in. / 96 pgs / 72 color.
Pub Date: 04/30/2011 In stock

In the Good Name of the Company: Artworks and ephemera produced by or in tandem with the Colby Printing Company
Edited by Christopher Michlig, Brian Roettinger, Jan Tumlir. The Los Angeles–based Colby Poster Printing Company has been a friend to local artists ever since Ed Ruscha’s seminal Colby-printed announcement for the 1962 Pasadena Art Museum exhibition New Paintings of Common Objects. Their fluorescent >>more

ISBN 9781939799036
US $34.95 CAN $45.95 TRADE
Pbk, 7.5 x 9.5 in. / 324 pgs / 300 color.
Pub Date: 11/30/2013 In stock

Italian Drawing of the 20th Century
Edited with text by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli. Text by Antonello Negri.

Italian Drawing of the 20th Century brings together works from the Ramo Collection, the only collection in the world exclusively dedicated to drawing in Italy during the 20th century, from the great masters to lesser-known >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836641178
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10.25 x 10.25 in. / 420 pgs / 500 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Jakob Mohr
Edited with text by Doris Noell-Rumpeltes, Thomas Röske. Text by John M. MacGregor.

One of the best-known artists of the legendary Prinzhorn Collection, Jakob Mohr (1884–1940) spent six years as a psychiatric patient, believing himself influenced by electric waves. His drawings of these experiences and self-portraits portraying himself >>more

ISBN 9783735604743
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 6.75 x 8.25 in. / 112 pgs / 45 color / 7 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Jasper Johns: Recent Paintings and Works on Paper
Text by Alexi Worth.

When Jasper Johns (born 1930) had his first one-person exhibition—in 1958, at the age of 27—its impact was widespread and immediate. Since then, as his influence has grown, his work has evolved, circling back to >>more

Matthew Marks Gallery
ISBN 9781944929176
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Clth, 9 x 11 in. / 96 pgs / 75 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 08/20/2019 Out of stock

Jean-Philippe Delhomme: Artists' Instagrams

With his sharp-witted illustrations and insightful one-liners, the French illustrator, painter and writer Jean-Philippe Delhomme (born 1959) is a deft observer and loving critic of our contemporary culture. In his latest book, Artists' Instagrams, Delhomme >>more

August Editions
ISBN 9781947359048
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 5 x 7.5 in. / 176 pgs / 85 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Jesse Bransford: A Book of Staves
Foreword by Jesse Bransford. Introduction by Robert J. Wallis.

In A Book of Staves, New York–based artist Jesse Bransford (born 1972) offers a series of delicate drawings that find inspiration in the wild landscapes, folk magic and medieval poetic texts of Iceland. Here, we >>more

Fulgur Press
ISBN 9781527222137
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 11.5 in. / 120 pgs / 41 color.
Pub Date: 01/22/2019 In stock

Jim Dine: The Secret Drawings
Text by Jim Dine, Ruth Fine.

This book presents for the first time Jim Dine’s (born 1935) Secret Drawings, a series of 45 drawings made between 2012 and 2018 in his studios in Walla Walla, Washington, and Paris. These works are >>more

Steidl/Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, University of the Arts, Philadelphia
ISBN 9783958296107
US $45.00 CAN $63.00 TRADE
Clth, 9.5 x 12.5 in. / 112 pgs / 56 color.
Pub Date: 06/16/2020 In stock

José Celestino Mutis: A Botanical Expedition
Foreword by Esteban Manrique.

This majestic book presents the full-color prints, made by various artists, of the flora found during José Celestino Mutis' famous 1783 botanical expedition to New Granada (modern Colombia). José Celestino Mutis (1732–1808) was a Spanish >>more

La Fábrica
ISBN 9788417048976
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 in. / 64 pgs / 52 color.
Pub Date: 09/17/2019 In stock

Keith Haring: Manhattan Penis Drawings for Ken Hicks

Synonymous with the 1980s downtown New York art scene and embraced by popular culture for his peppy line drawings of dancing figures, Keith Haring (1958–90) blended a cheery optimism and an active sense of humor >>more

ISBN 9783905999631
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 5.5 x 7.75 in. / 72 pgs / 70 b&w.
Pub Date: 07/26/2016 In stock

Ken Price: Drawings
Text by Jean-Pierre Criqui.

Though Los Angeles artist Ken Price (1935–2012) is best known as a sculptor in ceramic, drawing was always a central component of his art: “For me drawing is really flexible,” he once stated, “and I >>more

Matthew Marks Gallery
ISBN 9781944929220
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Clth, 14.25 x 11.25 in. / 100 pgs / 90 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 Out of stock

Klimt and Schiele: Drawings
Text by Katie Hanson.

Although Gustav Klimt was Egon Schiele’s senior by almost 30 years, he quickly recognized and encouraged the younger artist’s extraordinary talent, and they remained mutually admiring colleagues until the shared year of their deaths, in >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468522
US $49.95 CAN $67.50 TRADE
Clth, 11 x 14 in. / 152 pgs / 70 color.
Pub Date: 02/27/2018 In stock

Kuniyoshi: Design and Entertainment in Japanese Woodcuts
Edited with text by Johannes Wieninger, Mio Wakita-Elis. Preface by Christoph Thun-Hohenstein.

One of the most important and innovative Japanese artists of the 19th century, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797–1861) produced artistically and technically groundbreaking prints that met with great popularity among the general public. As a designer of >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903320208
US $39.95 CAN $55.95 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 8.25 in. / 152 pgs / 160 color.
Pub Date: 09/15/2020 Out of stock

La Bohčme: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the Montmartre Masters
Edited by Otto Letze. Introduction by Luigi Fassi. Text by Tonino Rocca, Claire Leblanc.

Soon after moving to Paris, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901) dedicated himself to chronicling a new kind of Parisian life. He was a painter who captured the exhilarating society of le demi-monde and its establishments: racecourses, >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836640232
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 144 pgs / 110 color.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Leonardo da Vinci: Under the Skin
By Stephen Farthing, Michael Farthing.

Leonardo da Vinci created many of the most beautiful and important drawings in the history of Western art. His anatomical drawings became the yardstick for the early study of the human body. From their unique >>more

Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781912520091
US $27.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Hbk, 6.75 x 9 in. / 96 pgs / 60 color.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Matisse: Printmaker
Text by Jay McKean Fisher.

Henri Matisse (1869–1954) is universally known for his iconic paintings, the centerpieces of museum collections throughout the world. However, somewhat less well known is his work as printmaker and engraver between the years 1900 and >>more

La Fábrica
ISBN 9788417769147
US $35.00 CAN $49.00 TRADE
Hbk, 6.5 x 8.5 in. / 144 pgs / 9 color / 60 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 Out of stock

Matthew Brannon: Concerning Vietnam
Text by Matthew Brannon, Veronica Roberts. Interview with Mark Atwood Lawrence.

New York–based artist Matthew Brannon (born 1971) has spent the past five years exhaustively researching the Vietnam/American War, seeking his own understanding of one of the most pivotal confrontations of the 20th century and translating >>more

Gregory R. Miller & Co.
ISBN 9781941366226
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 11 in. / 176 pgs / 110 color.
Pub Date: 07/18/2019 In stock

Michael Williams: Kokuyo Business Papers

Kokuyo Business Paper is the latest of Michael Williams’ (born 1978) artist’s books published by Karma. This newest book focuses on drawings on top of photocopies and employs the gatefold as a primary characteristic of >>more

Karma Books, New York
ISBN 9781949172065
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.25 x 11.5 in. / 80 pgs / 4 color / 18 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Miquel Barceló & Francisca Artigues: Vivarium

Since 2010, Francisca Artigues, the mother of Spanish painter Miquel Barceló (born 1957), has embroidered her son’s drawings. Inspired by the Mediterranean and anthropological motifs, Barceló’s drawings and Artigues’ reproductions on linen featuring the natural >>more

La Fábrica
ISBN 9788417048822
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 12.5 in. / 72 pgs / 48 color.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Mirror, Mirror: The Prints of Alison Saar
Edited by Carolyn Vaughn. Foreword by Jordan D. Schnitzer. Text by Susan Tallman, Nancy Doll, Alison Saar.

Mirror, Mirror collects the vast body of prints made by Los Angeles–based artist Alison Saar (born 1956) over the past 35 years. Addressing issues of race, gender and spirituality, her lithographs, etchings and woodblock prints >>more

Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation
ISBN 9781732321212
US $49.95 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 10.5 x 9.5 in. / 128 pgs / 180 color.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Modern Japanese Prints
Edited by Amanda T. Zehnder. This volume presents more than 1,000 exemplary twentieth-century Japanese woodblock prints, from the collection of Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Taken together, the collection reflects the stylistic movements, aesthetic directions and historic changes of >>more

Carnegie Museum Of Art
ISBN 9780880390491
US $34.95 CAN $45.95 TRADE
Pbk, 10 x 9 in. / 200 pgs / 1050 color.
Pub Date: 07/31/2009 Out of stock

Mounira Al Solh: I Strongly Believe in Our Right to Be Frivolous
Edited with text by Hendrik Folkerts. Interview by Laura Barlow.

Beirut-based artist Mounira Al Solh’s (born 1978) ongoing drawing and embroidery series documents personal experiences of political crises and displacement in Syria and the Middle East. This catalog includes a selection of her legal pad >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836641079
US $70.00 CAN $100.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.75 x 10.75 in. / 384 pgs / 200 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Myth, Allegory, Faith
Edited by Bernard Barryte. Text by Bernardine Barnes, Jonathan Bober, Patricia Emison, Jan Johnson, Dorothy Limouze, Walter S. Melion, Larry Silver, Edward H. Wouk, Henri Zerner. Featuring selections from the massive Kirk Edward Long Collection of 16th-century prints, Myth, Allegory, Faith illuminates the development of the Mannerist style in Italy, tracing its dissemination and adaptation for both secular and religious purposes >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836630882
US $100.00 CAN $132.50 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 11 in. / 704 pgs / 1,000 color.
Pub Date: 04/26/2016 In stock

Philippe Parreno: Fireflies
Edited with interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Text by Vinciane Despret.

Generally known for his installations encompassing sculpture, video and soundscapes, Philippe Parreno (born 1964) presents a lesser-known aspect of his oeuvre with these delicate drawings of fireflies, which were created while he was ill with >>more

HENI Publishing
ISBN 9781912122110
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.5 x 11 in. / 312 pgs / 297 color.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Picasso and Paper
Text by Violette Andres, Stephen Coppel, Ann Dumas, Emmanuelle Hincelin, Christopher Lloyd, Emilia Philippot, Johan Popelard, Claustre Rafart Planas, William H. Robinson.

Picasso’s artistic output is astonishing in its ambition and variety. Picasso and Paper examines a particular aspect of his legendary capacity for invention: his imaginative and original use of paper. He used it as a >>more

Royal Academy of Arts
ISBN 9781912520176
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.25 x 11.25 in. / 328 pgs / 400 color.
Pub Date: 03/24/2020 In stock

Poor Richard by Philip Guston
Afterword by Harry Cooper.

In the summer of 1971—two years before the Watergate hearings—Richard Nixon was an incumbent whose grip on power was being tested by the Pentagon Papers. Inspired in part by the work of his friend Philip >>more

D.A.P./National Gallery of Art
ISBN 9781942884576
US $14.95 CAN $21.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8.5 x 7 in. / 96 pgs / 76 color.
Pub Date: 06/02/2020 In stock

Posters: The Collection of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
Text by Roger Mayou, Catherine Burer, Martin Heller.

From its inception in 1863, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent has used posters to spread its messages and values. This volume compiles this graphically singular and historically fascinating collection for the first time.

Whether >>more

Silvana Editoriale
ISBN 9788836640843
US $30.00 CAN $42.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 9.5 in. / 176 pgs / 256 color.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 In stock

Edited by Christophe Cherix. Text by Christophe Cherix, Kim Conaty, Sarah Suzuki. Over the past two decades, the art world has broadened its geographic reach and opened itself to new continents, allowing for a significant cross-pollination of post-conceptual strategies and vernacular modes. Printed materials, in both innovative >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870708251
US $50.00 CAN $67.50 TRADE
Pbk, 9.5 x 12 in. / 248 pgs / 521 color.
Pub Date: 02/29/2012 In stock

RCR: Works on Paper

The 2017 Pritzker Prize was awarded to RCR Arquitectes, the firm founded in Olot, Spain in 1987 by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta. Their work is known for its understated elegance and use >>more

ISBN 9786079489373
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.75 x 11 in. / 146 pgs / 140 color.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 In stock

Rembrandt x Rijksmuseum
Text by Erik Hinterding, Mireille Linck, Ilona van Tuinen, Jane Turner, Jonathan Bikker.

The Rijksmuseum is home to the world’s largest collection of paintings by Rembrandt (1606–69), including the legendary works The Night Watch, The Jewish Bride, The Syndics and the great portraits of the couple Marten Soolmans >>more

Nai010 Publishers
ISBN 9789462085091
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Pbk, 5.75 x 8.25 in. / 824 pgs / 382 color.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Renee Gladman & Fred Moten: One Long Black Sentence

Since 2013, poet, novelist, essayist and artist Renee Gladman (born 1971)—author of the acclaimed Ravickians novels—has been doing a kind of asemic writing that is also at once drawing and architecture (some of this work >>more

Image Text Ithaca Press
ISBN 9781733497107
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Clth, 10 x 8 in. / 112 pgs / 61 color.
Pub Date: 07/21/2020 Out of stock

Robert Rauschenberg: Borealis 1988–92
Edited by Jose Castanal, Oona Doyle. Text by Corinna Thierolf.

Robert Rauschenberg: Borealis 1988–92 is the first publication dedicated to the Borealis series by Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008) and accompanies the eponymous exhibition held at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, in 2019. The essay by Corinna Thierolf, >>more

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
ISBN 9782910055868
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 11.75 in. / 120 pgs / 53 color / 17 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/28/2020 In stock

Roni Horn: Remembered Words, A Specimen Concordance

This publication alphabetizes and enumerates each word used in the 370 drawings made by American artist Roni Horn (born 1955) for Remembered Words (2012–13), a series of watercolor paintings punctuated by words recalled, without preference >>more

ISBN 9783958295643
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6 x 8 in. / 88 pgs / illustrated throughout.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Russian Alphabet Colouring Book
Edited by Damon Murray, Stephen Sorrell. Illustrated by “Amanita” Alexander Erashov.

This coloring book for all ages marks the first publication of the graphic works of Russian artist Amanita. His fantastical images form a unique world: they are like modern variations of illustrated manuscripts, packed full >>more

FUEL Publishing
ISBN 9780993191145
US $18.95 CAN $26.50 TRADE
Pbk, 8.5 x 11 in. / 112 pgs / 112 b&w.
Pub Date: 09/06/2016 In stock

Sol LeWitt: Folds and Rips
Text by Dieter Schwarz.

In 1966, Sol LeWitt (1928–2007) conceived a new type of work that he described as “drawings without drawing,” in which he replaced the act of drawing itself by using various ways of folding paper. In >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960987116
US $55.00 CAN $77.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 13 in. / 160 pgs / 150 color.
Pub Date: 04/21/2020 In stock

Sol LeWitt: Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour

Originally published in 1977, Four Basic Kinds of Lines & Colour is a classic artist’s book by preeminent conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928–2007). Featuring 34 pages of drawings, the work is an early example of >>more

Primary Information/Printed Matter, Inc.
ISBN 9781732098664
US $16.00 CAN $24.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 8 in. / 36 pgs / 16 color / 16 b&w.
Pub Date: 09/17/2019 In stock

Suellen Rocca: Drawings
Text by Cat Kron.

Suellen Rocca (born 1943) is perhaps best known for the work she made as a member of the Hairy Who, a group of six Chicago artists who exhibited together from 1966 to 1969. This book >>more

Matthew Marks Gallery
ISBN 9781944929121
US $35.00 CAN $49.95 TRADE
Pbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 84 pgs / 36 color.
Pub Date: 09/25/2018 In stock

Tattoos in Japanese Prints
By Sarah E. Thompson.

Many tattoo connoisseurs consider the Japanese tradition to be the finest in the world for its detail, complexity and compositional skill. Its style and subject matter are drawn from the visual treasure trove of Japanese >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468461
US $24.95 CAN $33.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 9.75 in. / 152 pgs / 90 color.
Pub Date: 09/26/2017 In stock

The ABCs of Style
Edited by David Villorente. Text by Dana James.

Filled with 26 colorful marker drawings contributed by some of graffiti art's ultimate style masters, The ABCs of Style is part children's book, part adult art primer, tracking the evolution of graffiti letterforms. Each letter >>more

Testify Books
ISBN 9780972592093
US $25.00 CAN $34.50 TRADE
Hbk, 8.25 x 10.25 in. / 64 pgs / 30 color.
Pub Date: 10/23/2018 In stock

The Expressionist Figure
Edited with introduction and text by Joan Rothfuss. Foreword by Mary Ceruti.

The Expressionist Figure documents a collection amassed over more than 60 years and recently gifted to the Walker, which includes some 80 superlative works on paper that focus on the figure. Dating from 1900 to >>more

Walker Art Center
ISBN 9781935963202
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Clth, 10 x 12 in. / 208 pgs / 80 color / 150 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Tod Lippy: Esopus Drawings
Introduction by Tod Lippy.

Esopus Drawings commemorates the 15th anniversary of the arts magazine Esopus. Printed on archival paper, the facsimile sketchbook features 25 drawings by Tod Lippy, the magazine’s founder and editor, that depict Esopus events, artists’ projects, >>more

The Esopus Foundation Ltd.
ISBN 9780989911757
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 10.75 x 13.75 in. / 56 pgs / 27 color.
Pub Date: 01/22/2019 In stock

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris
Text by Helen Burnham. Contributions by Mary Weaver Chapin, Joanna Wendel.

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris offers a guided tour of fin-de-sičcle Paris at night, bringing a group of its legendary protagonists to life.

The six performers at the center of this book—Yvette Guilbert, Jane >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468591
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8.5 x 9.75 in. / 112 pgs / 85 color.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Warhol Women
Text by Blake Gopnik, Lynne Tillman, Alison M. Gingeras. Interview with Corice Arman by Brett Gorvy. Poetry by John Giorno.

Dedicated to Andy Warhol's (1928–87) portraits of women from the early 1960s through the 1980s, and featuring five trifolds and a tipped-on cover, Warhol Women explores the artist's female subjects and his complex relationship to >>more

Lévy Gorvy
ISBN 9781944379308
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 13.25 in. / 192 pgs / 118 color / 41 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/05/2019 Out of stock

What is a Print?
Edited by Sarah Suzuki. What is a print? This volume aims to answer that question by exploring the four basic printmaking techniques--woodcut, intaglio, lithography and screenprint--that have been used to create some of the most iconic images in modern >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870708183
US $35.00 CAN $47.50 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 168 pgs / 151 color.
Pub Date: 11/30/2011 In stock

William Kentridge: Why Should I Hesitate
Text by David Freedberg, Karel Nel.

Covering 40 years of South African artist William Kentridge's (born 1955) internationally acclaimed production in drawing, stop-frame animation, video, prints, sculpture, tapestry and large-scale installation, Why Should I Hesitate stands as a definitive statement on >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960987147
US $250.00 CAN $350.00 SDNR30
Slip, clth, 2 vols, 8 x 10.5 in. / 440 pgs / 350 color.
Pub Date: 12/15/2020 In stock

Yes, No, Maybe: Artists Working at Crown Point Press
Text by Judith Brodie, Adam Greenhalgh. Masterpieces, the story goes, spring fully formed from the dark imaginings of temperamental geniuses moved by intuition, inspiration and epiphany. Such revelations can certainly fuel the creative process, but so too can auspicious accidents, false >>more

National Gallery of Art, Washington
ISBN 9780894683831
US $45.00 CAN $60.00 TRADE
Clth, 8.5 x 10.25 in. / 240 pgs / 152 color.
Pub Date: 09/30/2013 Out of stock



A Hebridean Notebook
By Norman Ackroyd. For decades, master printmaker Norman Ackroyd has been fascinated by the British coastline. Gorgeously printed on thick paper, A Hebridean Notebook presents his watercolors of this archipelago just northwest of mainland Scotland. Inhabited since prehistoric >>more

Royal Academy Publications
ISBN 9781910350355
US $26.95 CAN $32.95 TRADE
Cloth, 6 x 8.5 / 95 pgs / Illustrated throughout
Pub Date: 04/12/2016 Not available

Artist's Proof

ISBN 9783896110558
US $39.95 CAN $50.00 SDNR30
Hardcover, 12.5 x 9.5 in. / 224 pgs / 188 color
Pub Date: 12/02/1998 Not available

Contemporary Art in Print: The Paragon Press 2006-2010
Edited and with text by Florian Simm. Foreword by Charles Booth-Clibborn. The Paragon Press was founded by Charles Booth-Clibborn in 1986 and has since published more than 100 print projects with some of the U.K.’s most renowned artists--Gary Hume, Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Rachel >>more

The Paragon Press
ISBN 9780955341120
US $95.00 CAN $115.00 FLAT40
Clth, 9 x 11 in. / 343 pgs / 463 color.
Pub Date: 09/30/2013 Not available

Crossing Borders
Contributions by Mindell Dubansky, Heribert Ottersbach, Monica Strauss. >>more

ISBN 9783893223220
US $35.00 CAN $40.00 TRADE
Hardcover, 8.5 x 11 in. / 120 pgs / 30 color / 60 b&w
Pub Date: 10/02/1997 Not available

Drawing from The Modern: 3 Volume Set
Essays by Jodi Hauptman, Gary Garrels and Jordan Kantor. Many of the key achievements in art of the last 125 years have been worked out on paper. From pictorial investigations that expanded the possibilities of vision to the invention of entirely new kinds of >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870701665
US $100.00 CAN $120.00 TRADE
Slipcased, 8.75 x 10.75 in. / 672 pgs / 600 color.
Pub Date: 10/15/2006 Not available

Eye on Europe
Essays by Deborah Wye and Wendy Weitman. Prints, books and multiples have long played a vital role in the vanguard of European contemporary art. From London to Moscow, artists have expanded the scope of their creative vision--and expanded their audiences--through striking and >>more

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870703713
US $65.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hardcover, 9.5 x 11 in. / 324 pgs / 350 color.
Pub Date: 10/15/2006 Not available

Made In L.A.
Artwork by John Baldessari, Chris Burden. Contributions by Bruce Davis. >>more

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
ISBN 9780875871738
US $65.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hardcover, 9 x 11.75 in. / 368 pgs / 60 color / 400 duotone
Pub Date: 12/02/1995 Not available

New York, New Drawings 1946-2007
Text by Elizabeth Finch. Interview by William Corbett. New York: New Drawings 1946-2007 is a selection of 117 works on paper, mostly Minimalist and Post-Minimalist, from the famous Wynn Kramarsky drawings collection. This beautifully curated collection includes works by William Anastasi, Carl Andre, >>more

Museo De Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente
ISBN 9788493600457
US $79.95 CAN $95.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 9.25 in. / 324 pgs / 117 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/30/2009 Not available

Open Secrets: Seventy Pictures on Paper 1815 to the Present
Edited by Jeffrey Fraenkel and Matthew Marks. Imagine the ultimate collection of works on paper from the last two centuries: an ink drawing by Brice Marden, a callotype by Muybridge, a Rauschenberg collage, a Degas charcoal, a Friedlander gelatin-silver print and perhaps >>more

Fraenkel Gallery/Matthew Marks Gallery
ISBN 9781881337034
US $35.00 CAN $40.00 TRADE
Paperback, 9 x 11 in. / 74 pgs / 70 color.
Pub Date: 09/02/1997 Not available

Prints and Books: Artist Collaborations with Printmaker Ruth Lingen
Essays by Nancy Princenthal and Vincent Katz. Introduction by Sue Gosin. As a shop worker for the legendary New York printmakers Joe Wilfer and Walter Hamady, Ruth Lingen learned both her trade and the pleasure of collaborating with living artists. In the years since, she herself >>more

Donald H. Sheehan Gallery, Whitman Gallery
ISBN 9781880269190
US $30.00 CAN $35.00 TRADE
Paperback, 7 x 10.5 in. / 72 pgs / illustrated throughout.
Pub Date: 06/15/2006 Not available

Swiss Drawings 1990-2010
Edited by Julie Enckell-Juillard. Text by Christoph Lichtin, Dominique Radrizzani, Christoph Voegele. The last two decades of Swiss art have seen both a revival of classic styles and the development of new techniques in the medium. This beautifully illustrated book presents contributions by more than 40 artists >>more

JRP | Ringier
ISBN 9783037641002
US $50.00 CAN $67.50 TRADE
Pbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 256 pgs / 177 color / 57 b&w.
Pub Date: 08/31/2010 Not available


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