Spring 2019 Featured Literature, Criticism & Writings

We have an extraordinary selection of reading books on our Fall 2018 list, including several from Lars Müller's new Bauhausbücher series of Bauhaus facsimile reprints; Paul Gauguin's "Intimate Journals;" interview books with Walker Evans and Gerhard Richter; and the Selected Writings of British art historian Adrian Stokes.

Paul Klee: Pedagogical Sketchbook
Edited by Lars Müller.

Active at the Bauhaus between 1920 and 1931, teaching in the bookbinding, stained glass and mural-painting workshops, Paul Klee (1879–1940) brought his expressive blend of color and line to the school—and, with the second volume >>more

Lars Müller Publishers
ISBN 9783037785850
US $35.00 CAN $49.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 9 in. / 56 pgs / 87 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Piet Mondrian: New Design
Edited by Lars Müller.

Although Piet Mondrian (1872–1944) was not an active member of the Bauhaus, his name is often mentioned in connection with the art school. Mondrian, cofounder of the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands, called for >>more

Lars Müller Publishers
ISBN 9783037785867
US $35.00 CAN $49.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 9 in. / 68 pgs.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Post-Digital Print
Foreword by Florian Cramer. Text by Alessandro Ludovico.

Digital technology is now a normal part of everyday life. The mutation of music and film into bits and bytes, downloads and streams is now taken for granted. For the world of book and magazine >>more

ISBN 9789491677946
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 7.75 x 10 in. / 192 pgs / 100 duotone.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

A Cookbook of Invisible Writing
By Amy Wu.

A Cookbook of Invisible Writing, by Dutch artist, designer and teacher Amy Wu, is an introduction to analog steganography—a type of secret writing that is hidden in plain sight. This book serves as a starter >>more

ISBN 9789491677953
US $35.00 CAN $49.95 TRADE
Spiral bound, 7 x 8.5 in. / 224 pgs.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 Awaiting stock

Paul Gauguin's Intimate Journals
Preface by Émile Gauguin. Translated by Van Wyck Brooks.

Unappreciated in his own lifetime, Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) is now recognized as one of the giants of French postimpressionism and a pioneer of early modernism. A rebel in both art and life, he rejected his >>more

Art / Books
ISBN 9781908970459
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 10 in. / 192 pgs / 27 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/18/2019 In stock

Sargent's Daughters
By Erica E. Hirshler.

“Sargent makes you feel simultaneously drawn into and excluded from the sisters' world, a phenomenon that Erica E. ­Hirshler explores in intriguing detail in Sargent's Daughters.” –Megan Marshall, The New York Times Sunday Book Review >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468607
US $17.95 CAN $24.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.5 x 7.5 in. / 262 pgs / 25 color / 40 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Lincoln Kirstein's Modern
Edited with text by Samantha Friedman, Jodi Hauptman. Text by Lynn Garafola, Michelle Greet, Michelle Harvey, Richard Meyer, Kevin Moore.

Kirstein was cofounder of the New York City Ballet and a key figure in MoMA’s history, shaping American culture in the 1930s and ‘40s
Lincoln Kirstein was a polymathic writer, critic, curator and impresario: a >>more

The Museum of Modern Art
ISBN 9781633450820
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 200 pgs / 205 color.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Walker Evans: The Interview
Text by Anne Bertrand. Interview by Leslie George Katz. Afterword by Jerry L. Thompson.

In 1971, Art in America published an interview with Walker Evans conducted by Leslie George Katz, writer and publisher of the Eakins Press.
The interview is charming and illuminating in its clarity and candor. Nearing >>more

Eakins Press Foundation
ISBN 9780871300782
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Hbk, 5.25 x 8.25 in. / 64 pgs / 9 duotone.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

The Richter Interviews
Edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The Richter Interviews collects conversations between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Gerhard Richter conducted over the course of more than two decades of discussion and collaboration. Subjects discussed range from Richter’s place within art history to >>more

HENI Publishing
ISBN 9781912122240
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 8.25 in. / 168 pgs / 60 color.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 Awaiting stock

28 Paradises
By Patrick Modiano & Dominique Zehrfuss. Translated with an introduction by Damion Searls.

Published in English for the first time, 28 Paradises is the marriage of prose and painting by Nobel prize–winning author Patrick Modiano (born 1945) and his partner, the illustrator Dominique Zehrfuss (born 1951). 28 Paradises >>more

David Zwirner Books
ISBN 9781644230022
US $12.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.25 x 7 in. / 88 pgs / 28 color.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 In stock

The Critic as Artist
By Oscar Wilde. Introduction by Michael Bracewell.

In The Critic as Artist—arguably the most complete exploration of his aesthetic thinking, and certainly the most entertaining—Oscar Wilde harnesses his famous wit to demolish the supposed boundary between art and criticism.
Subtitled Upon the Importance >>more

David Zwirner Books
ISBN 9781644230039
US $12.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Hbk, 4.25 x 7 in. / 144 pgs.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 In stock

The Los Angeles Tapes
Edited with introduction by Matthew Simms.

In 1969 curator, critic and former Jewish Museum director Alan Solomon interviewed Craig Kauffman, Larry Bell, James Turrell and Robert Irwin in conjunction with an exhibition he was organizing. They are the earliest in-depth interviews >>more

Circle Books
ISBN 9780692082768
US $27.50 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5 x 7.5 in. / 224 pgs / 11 color / 13 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

The Outwardness of Art: Selected Writings of Adrian Stokes
Edited with introduction by Thomas Evans.

Immensely influential and beloved by artists, writers and theorists alike, Adrian Stokes (1902–72) was the last of the great British amateur art historians in the tradition of Ruskin and Berenson, and—as the first art theorist >>more

ISBN 9781909932487
US $27.50 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 8.5 in. / 592 pgs.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 Awaiting stock

Just Another Asshole No. 6
Edited by Barbara Ess, Glenn Branca.

Edited by photographer and musician Barbara Ess from 1978 to 1987, Just Another Asshole was a seminal and now legendary series of publications that helped define New York’s No Wave community. Each issue took a >>more

Primary Information
ISBN 9781732098619
US $14.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.25 x 7 in. / 192 pgs.
Pub Date: 01/22/2019 In stock

The Sundays of Jean Dézert
By Jean de La Ville de Mirmont. Translation by André Naffis-Sahely.

Jean de La Ville de Mirmont left behind one undisputed classic, self-published a few months before he would meet his fate on the front lines of World War I: an understated, almost humorous tale of >>more

Wakefield Press
ISBN 9781939663405
US $12.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 96 pgs.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 Awaiting stock

Samalio Pardulus
By Otto Julius Bierbaum. Illustrations by Alfred Kubin. Translation by W.C. Bamberger.

In an isolated castle on the outskirts of a city in the Albanian mountains, the wildly ugly painter of blasphemies, Samalio Pardulus, executes works too monstrous to bear viewing, and espouses a philosophy that posits >>more

Wakefield Press
ISBN 9781939663412
US $12.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 88 pgs / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

By T.O. Bobe. Translation by Sean Cotter.

Mr. Gica is the world’s greatest barber. He holds the world record for sculptural hairstyling and has won three Olympic golds in neck massage. But his specialty is the shave. Mr. Gica’s shop has six >>more

Wakefield Press
ISBN 9781939663429
US $12.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 72 pgs.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Venus & Adonis
By William Shakespeare. Translated by Hafid Bouazza. Illustrated by Marlene Dumas.

At once comic, tragic and erotic, “Venus & Adonis” (1593) is a poem by William Shakespeare based on passages from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Through a series of expressive ink washes, Marlene Dumas paints new passion into >>more

David Zwirner Books/Athenaeum
ISBN 9781644230008
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 9.75 in. / 144 pgs / 32 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Head-to-Toe Portrait of Suzanne
By Roland Topor. Introduction and translation by Andrew Hodgson.

Working from the 1960s on, the French writer, artist and illustrator Roland Topor (1938–97) was an all-round maverick known for his paintings and drawings as much as for his novels (such as The Tenant, filmed >>more

Atlas Press
ISBN 9780993148750
US $11.95 CAN $16.50 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 6.75 in. / 80 pgs / 5 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/22/2019 In stock

The Raven / Le Corbeau / The Raven
By Edgar Allan Poe, Stéphane Mallarmé. Translation by Holly Cundiff. Illustrations by Édouard Manet.

Stéphane Mallarmé (1842–98) claimed to have learned English in order to read Poe, an American poet greatly admired by the French Symbolists. This volume reproduces at full size the first-edition bilingual publication of Le Corbeau >>more

ISBN 9780999652282
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 SDNR40
Slip, Pbk, 14 x 21.5 in. / 20 pgs / 6 b&w.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Book Marks: Revisiting the Hungarian Art of the 1960s and 1970s
Edited with text by Katalin Székely. Text by Maja and Reuben Fowkes, Hans Ulrich Obrist, András Szántó.

Book Marks presents a comprehensive panorama of a two-decade period of Hungarian art that was hidden both from the international audience and from the art market in its own time, introducing the most important Hungarian >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960984481
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 10.5 in. / 212 pgs / 110 color.
Pub Date: 03/19/2019 In stock

Comradeship: Curating, Art, and Politics in Post-Socialist Europe
By Zdenka Badovinac. Edited by J. Myers-Szupinska. Foreword by Kate Fowle. Conversation by Zdenka Badovinac, J. Myers-Szupinska.

Comradeship collects 16 essays by the forward-thinking Slovenian curator, museum director and scholar Zdenka Badovinac (born 1958). Appointed director of Ljubljana’s Museum of Modern Art in 1993 in the wake of Slovenian independence, Badovinac has >>more

Independent Curators International (ICI), New York
ISBN 9780692042250
US $19.95 CAN $29.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.5 x 8 in. / 250 pgs / 40 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Practising Art Internationally
Edited with text by Binna Choi, Lisa Rosendahl, Grant Watson, Andrea Phillips. Text by Sara Ahmed, Rustom Bharucha, Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann, Matthijs de Bruijne, Kodwo Eshun, Anjalika Sagar, Leela Gandhi, Johanna Gustavsson, Christian Nyampeta, Park Chan-kyong.

Practising Art Internationally aims to detach the notion of international art practice from a rhetoric of globalization and an exclusive focus on the contemporary. It traces a new genealogy of trans-local practices and methods, presenting >>more

ISBN 9789492095619
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.25 in. / 192 pgs / 20 color / 100 b&w.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 Awaiting stock

The Future of the New
Edited with text by Thijs Lijster. Text by Lietje Bauwens, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Robin Celikates, Wouter De Raeve, Elena Esposito, Boris Groys, Alice Haddad, Akiem Helmling, Bojana Kunst, Suhail Malik, Benjamin Noys, Hartmut Rosa, Nick Srnicek, Carolyn F. Strauss, Rolando Vázquez, Alex Williams.

In The Future of the New, artists, theorists and professionals working the art field reflect on the role of the arts in a world that is speeding up and changing through the joint forces of >>more

ISBN 9789492095589
US $28.95 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.25 x 8.25 in. / 304 pgs.
Pub Date: 01/22/2019 In stock

Better Books / Better Bookz
Edited by Rozemin Keshvani, Axel Heil, Peter Weibel. Text by Rozemin Keshvani, Barry Miles. Contributions by Stephen Dwoskin, John Hopkins, Graham Keen, Bruce Lacey, Gustav Metzger, Jeff Nuttall, Frank Popper, Criton Tomazos, Islwyn Watkins.

In the 1960s and ‘70s, the legendary independent London bookstore Better Books, located on the Charing Cross Road, was the hub for Britain’s counterculture, with the likes of Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Alexander Trocchi, >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960984580
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.5 x 11.25 in. / 320 pgs / 165 color / 180 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 Out of stock

The Legacy of Transgressive Objects
Edited with text by Katja Müller-Helle. Contributions by Beatriz Colomina, Tacita Dean, Helmut Lethen, Dennis Göttel, Jeannie Moser, Claus Pias, Eva Wilson.

The Legacy of Transgressive Objects traces the afterlife and historicization of the concept of transgression in the art, architecture, technology, music and psychedelic practices of 1968 and its legacy, by looking at the objects, materials >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783941360648
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 5 x 7 in. / 180 pgs.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Unlearning Exercises
Edited with text by Binna Choi, Annette Krauss, Yolande van der Heide. Text by Liz Allan, Yollotl Alvarado, Jacob Apostol, Joy Melanie Escani, Andrés García, Brigitta Isabella, Faisol Iskandor, Ismiatun, Nancy Jouwe, Emily Pethick, Andrea Phillips, Kerstin Stakemeier, Sakiko Sugawa, Syafiatudina, et al.

Learning is the accumulation of knowledge, skills and behavior; it is often progress-oriented and institutionally driven. In contrast, unlearning is directed toward embodied forms of knowledge and the unconscious operation of ways of thinking and >>more

ISBN 9789492095534
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6.5 x 8.5 in. / 208 pgs / 10 color / 50 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

No Internet, No Art
Edited with text by Melanie Buhler. Contributions by Philipp Albers, Kari Altmann, Karen Archey, Aram Bartholl, Michael Bell-Smith, David M. Berry, Natalie Bookchin, Andreas Broeckmann, Melanie Bühler, Harry Burke, Adam Cruces, Michel van Dartel, Annet Dekker, Niels van Doorn, Raffael Dörig, Claire L. Evans, Kenneth Goldsmith, Joel Holmberg, Paul Kneale, Katja Kwastek, Monica Lam, Geert Lovink, Pierre Lumineau, m-a-u-s-e-r, Greg Niemeyer, Nicolas Nova, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Christiane Paul, Daniel Pinkas, Domenico Quaranta, Jon Rafman, Rafaël Rozendaal, Cornelia Sollfrank, Jenna Sutela, Douglas Thomas, Mark Tribe, Brad Troemel, UBERMORGEN, Ben Vickers, Bernadette Wegenstein, Peter Weibel, Elvia Wilk.

Today almost everybody has some kind of connection to the internet. No Internet, No Art explores what this situation entails with respect to one cultural field in particular: art.
By opening up the often narrowly defined >>more

ISBN 9789491677960
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 416 pgs / 88 color / 107 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Copy This Book
By Eric Schrijver.

This book is an artist’s guide to copyright, written for makers. Both practical and critical, it will guide you through the concepts underlying copyright and how they apply in your practice.
How do you get copyright? >>more

ISBN 9789491677939
US $20.00 CAN $29.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.5 x 8 in. / 192 pgs / 4 b&w / 19 duotone.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Artist, Authorship & Legacy: A Reader
Edited with introduction by Daniel McClean. Text by Joan Kee, Donn Zaretsky, Martha Buskirk, Christian Viveros-Fauné, Nate Harrison, John C. Welchman, Lisa Rosendahl, Penelope Curtis, Alessandra Donati, Shane Burke, Guy Brett, Georgina Adam, Judith Bresler, Corinne Hershkovitch, Giuseppe Calabi, Loretta Würtenberger and Karl Von Trott Zu Solz, Christine J. Vincent, Daniel McClean, Dawn Ades, Agency, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, Gilane Tawadros.

This anthology of interdisciplinary essays examines the interlocking themes of artistic authorship, authenticity and legacy from legal, art market and art historical perspectives. It is structured in three sections: Authorship and Artists’ Rights; The Artwork, >>more

ISBN 9781909932456
US $29.95 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 9 in. / 324 pgs.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Conceptual Art in a Curatorial Perspective
By Nathalie Zonnenberg.

Conceptual Art in a Curatorial Perspective focuses on the curatorial practice of exhibiting conceptual art. The fact that conceptual works are frequently not object-based creates challenges when exhibiting them. This book offers various perspectives on >>more

ISBN 9789078088769
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.25 in. / 272 pgs / 50 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Joanna Drew and the Art of Exhibitions
By Caroline Hancock.

This book celebrates the life and work of the English art gallery director and arts administrator Joanna Drew (1929–2003). Drew began her impressive career at the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1952 and during >>more

ISBN 9788857239521
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 224 pgs / 80 color.
Pub Date: 02/19/2019 In stock

Figures in Air
By Micah Silver.

In this volume, theorist and sound artist Micah Silver addresses the impact of sound on human behavior and social space. Silver’s research ranges from Yves Klein’s Air Architecture to La Monte Young’s Dream House, and >>more

Inventory Press
ISBN 9781941753019
US $20.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.25 x 8 in. / 112 pgs / 12 b&w.
Pub Date: 04/23/2019 In stock

Expanded Animation: The Anthology
Edited by Jeremiah Diephuis, Jürgen Hagler, Michael Lankes, Alexander Wilhelm.

Last year, Expanded Animation (EA) celebrated its fifth anniversary as part of Ars Electronica. Since 2013, the symposium has investigated the collapsing boundaries in digital animation and explored positions and future trends in the expanded >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775745253
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 300 pgs / 250 color.
Pub Date: 07/23/2019 Awaiting stock


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