DATE 8/1/2020

Artbook @ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles Bookstore presents a virtual launch event for 'The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia'

DATE 7/31/2020

From hair lacquer to whiskey and sweat in Karlheinz Weinberger, 'Together & Alone'

DATE 7/29/2020

Symbols are like doors to other dimensions in 'Hilma af Klint: Artist, Researcher, Medium'

DATE 7/28/2020

On Marcel Duchamp's birthday, a spectacular treat

DATE 7/26/2020

Back in Stock! 'William Eggleston: Election Eve'

DATE 7/24/2020

Questions of power and identity in 'Samuel Fosso: Autoportrait'

DATE 7/21/2020

July 22, 1971, from 'Bernadette Mayer: Memory'

DATE 7/18/2020

Darkness and hope in 'Philip Guston Now'

DATE 7/17/2020

Carlo McCormick on 'Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation'

DATE 7/16/2020

5 Essential Books on Jean-Michel Basquiat

DATE 7/15/2020

In 'The Atmosphere of Crime,' Gordon Parks foreshadows the brutality of today's prison system and current demands for equal rights, access and justice

DATE 7/13/2020

In 'Lines,' Shantell Martin seeks to understand "who we are at the core, as people"

DATE 7/12/2020

Celebrate the radical optimism of Buckminster Fuller during the month of his birth 125 years ago!

DATE 7/12/2020

In celebration of Buckminster Fuller's 125th birthday, a new facsimile of the cult cookbook, 'Synergetic Stew'

DATE 7/9/2020

Jeff Divine's 70s Surf Photographs tell it like it was

DATE 7/7/2020

Profound questions about space, time and material in Julia Christensen's 'Upgrade Available'

DATE 7/5/2020

'John Cage: A Mycological Foray—Variations on Mushrooms' is here at last!

DATE 7/4/2020

On Independence Day 2020, we remember Robert Frank, "tragic poet" and author of the seminal photography book "The Americans"

DATE 7/3/2020

Relaxed mastery in the "Afternoon Paintings" of Stanley Whitney

DATE 7/1/2020

RIP Milton Glaser

DATE 6/30/2020

See Book Reviews, Trailers and Flip-Through Videos on our new YouTube Channel!

DATE 6/26/2020

Ecstasy and celebration in 'Mechanical Fantasy Box: The Homoerotic Journal of Patrick Cowley'

DATE 6/25/2020

'Berenice Abbott: Portraits of Modernity' is a Pride Month Pick from Fundacíon Mapfre

DATE 6/19/2020

Pieces of life and shards of history in 'Melvin Edwards: Lynch Fragments'

DATE 6/19/2020

“That’s what art is; we’re the art!”

DATE 6/17/2020

Kader Attia represents the unrepresented in 'Landing Strip'

DATE 6/15/2020

240 pages of remarkable trans art in 'Kiss My Genders'

DATE 6/14/2020

'Alvin Baltrop: The Piers' is a Staff Pick for Pride Month

DATE 6/12/2020

Nicole R. Fleetwood on Mickalene Thomas's world making

DATE 6/11/2020

In 'Ellen Gallagher: Accidental Records' radical aesthetic possibilities emerge from seismic cracks in the surface of things

DATE 6/8/2020

Power and Poetry: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Gordon Parks and Muhammad Ali

DATE 6/5/2020

Taking inspiration in the quilts, paintings and political posters of Faith Ringgold

DATE 6/3/2020

David Hammons in 'Soul of a Nation'

DATE 6/1/2020

Celebrate LGBTQ Pride!

DATE 5/31/2020

Summertime Fun Staff Picks

DATE 5/30/2020

Powerful 'Bernadette Mayer: Memory' is new from Siglio Press

DATE 5/28/2020

Staff favorite 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah' evokes sunscreen and wood cabins, feathered hair and tube socks

DATE 5/27/2020

Beautiful and voyeuristic. Tosh Berman reviews 'Weegee's Naked City'

DATE 5/25/2020

Tosh Berman on 'The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia'—a new adventure in its highest form

DATE 5/24/2020

Memorial Day Staff Pick: Ice Cream Headaches

DATE 5/23/2020

Summertime Staff Favorite 'Cape Cod Modern' is back in stock!

DATE 5/21/2020

'Oscar Wilde's Italian Dream' is new from Damiani

DATE 5/18/2020

In 'JB Blunk,' art, life and spirituality fully merge

DATE 5/15/2020

Listen to 'The World’s Worst' Playlist

DATE 5/15/2020

Need a little wit & daring in your so-called life? Here are four weekend activities that will liberate your spirit & open your mind

DATE 5/15/2020

Kyle Meyer's astonishing 'Interwoven' blends Swazi craft with digital photography

DATE 5/13/2020

In 'Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Sacred Intent,' three decades of revolutionary thought, action and spirit

DATE 5/12/2020

DelMonico Books Partners with Artbook | D.A.P.

DATE 5/12/2020

'Hilma af Klint: Visionary' is Back in Stock!

DATE 5/11/2020

BACK IN STOCK! 'Andrey Tarkovsky: Life and Work' pays homage to a Russian visionary of near biblical intensity

DATE 5/11/2020

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month



AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

Thursday, September 12–Friday, September 20, Artbook Bookstore Event Space presents AQUI, Word and Image: NYC Streets as Gallery Space 1984–1986 with a related talk during the NY Art Book Fair on Friday, September 20 from 5:30–6:30 PM.

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

All ten issues of AQUI, featuring work by Barbara Kruger, Les Levine, Steve Gianakos, General Idea, Gilbert & George, Davi Det Hompson, Julie Bradrick and Cliff Baldwin, will be on display during regular Bookstore hours beginning Thursday, Sept 12, culminating in a discussion with AQUI publisher Cliff Baldwin on Friday, Sept 20 at 5:30PM during the New York Art Book Fair. Baldwin will discuss the fascinating history of AQUI, a mobile space for exhibitions, created as an alternative to the traditional art gallery.

Email to request a price list. There will be a very limited number of full sets, and varying numbers of individual issues of AQUI for sale. Every issue comes in an original AQUI envelope.
AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space
During the 80s, the colorful, illustrative oversized posters of AQUI Magazine were lining the streets of New York City, sold at bookstores such as MoMA bookstore and Printed Matter, and displayed at art institutions around the world. From 1983-86, Cliff Baldwin, Julie Bradrick and Davi Det Hompson collaborated with silk-screener Norman Lassiter and published ten issues of AQUI in downtown Manhattan. AQUI provided the public with accessible quality art at the price of $10 a poster, an affordable alternative to the traditional art gallery. The tabloid-sized, folded posters unfolded into one of two sizes: 45 x 69” and 35 x 45,” and featured silk-screened original artwork by Barbara Kruger, Les Levine, Steve Gianakos, General Idea, Gilbert & George, Davi Det Hompson, Julie Bradrick and Cliff Baldwin. To this day, the posters are significant because of their experimental typographic explorations and genuine promotion of democratic art making.

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

ABOVE: Barbara Kruger, "We get exploded because they've got money and God in their pockets." (AQUI Editions, 1984) Photo by Cliff Baldwin, NYC.

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

ABOVE: Davi Det Hompson, "FREE?" (AQUI Editions, 1984). Photo by Cliff Baldwin, NYC.

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

ABOVE: Davi Det Hompson, "FREE?" (AQUI Editions, 1984). Photo by Cliff Baldwin, NYC.

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space

ABOVE: Cliff Baldwin, "WAGGLE UP." (AQUI Editions, 1984). Photo by Cliff Baldwin, NYC.

Artbook @ MoMA PS1 Bookstore and Event Space is open to all during Museum hours. Free RSVPs are available via Eventbrite for Cliff Baldwin's talk on Friday, Sept 20.

Cliff Baldwin is a word artist, designer sculptor and filmmaker. He lives and works in Aquebogue, New York. He has exhibited worldwide and his work is in numerous collections including The Museum of Modern Art, The Walker Art Center, The Museum of The Art Institute of Chicago, The National Gallery of Canada and The Museum of Rhode Island School of Design.

He founded and co-curated the large-format artist publication known as AQUI! in the early 80s with Davi Det Hompson and Julie Bradrick. For 17 years he orchestrated large scale installations and multiples with Fluxus artist Davi Det Hompson as the artist duo Baldwin+Hompson. He has done public sculpture in New York, Mexico City, Stockholm and Warsaw since 1989. His films were performed live at the Parrish Museum in 2015. His live film and score for the Jamesport Meeting House Jamesport Meeting, was performed in 2018.

Currently, he heads up Aqui Editions and is a principal at Lampa, a lighting design firm on Long Island’s East End with his wife Marta Baumiller.

Artbook Bookstore Event Space
First floor, MoMA PS1
22-25 Jackson Ave (at 46th Ave.)
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 433-1088

AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space
AQUI: Postered in Artbook Bookstore Event Space


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