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Robert Frank: The Americans Introduction by Jack Kerouac. First published in France in 1958, then in the United States in 1959, Robert Frank's The Americans changed the course of twentieth-century photography. In 83 photographs, Frank looked beneath the surface of American life to >>more
ISBN 9783865215840
US $40.00 CAN $54.00 TRADE
Clth, 8.25 x 7.25 in. / 180 pgs / 83 tritone.
Pub Date: 05/15/2008 Out of stock
Walker Evans: The Interview Text by Anne Bertrand. Interview by Leslie George Katz. Afterword by Jerry L. Thompson.

In 1971, Art in America published an interview with Walker Evans conducted by Leslie George Katz, writer and publisher of the Eakins Press.

The interview is charming and illuminating in its clarity and candor. Nearing >>more
Eakins Press Foundation
ISBN 9780871300782
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Hbk, 5.25 x 8.25 in. / 64 pgs / 9 duotone.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem Foreword by Peter W. Kunhardt Jr., Douglas Druick. Introduction by Matthew S. Witkovsky, John F. Callahan. Text by Michal Raz-Russo, Jean-Christophe Cloutier.

It is relatively unknown that the photographer Gordon Parks was close friends with Ralph Ellison, author of the acclaimed 1952 novel Invisible Man. Even less known is the fact that their common vision of racial >>more
Steidl/The Gordon Parks Foundation/The Art Institute of Chicago
ISBN 9783958291096
US $45.00 CAN $60.00 TRADE
Clth, 9.75 x 11.5 in. / 128 pgs / 79 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/28/2016 Out of stock

Lacuna Park By Nicholas Muellner.

Lacuna Park is a collection of written and visual essays by the influential American photographer, writer and curator Nicholas Muellner, best known for his photobooks The Amnesia Pavilions (named one of Time magazine's best photobooks >>more
SPBH Editions
ISBN 9781999814489
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.25 x 7.75 in. / 226 pgs / 96 color / 17 b&w.
Pub Date: 09/17/2019 In stock

Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art By John Szarkowski. Originally published in 1973, this marvelous collection of photographs with accompanying texts by the revered late Museum of Modern Art photography curator John Szarkowski has long been recognized as a classic. Reissued in 1999-with new >>more
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870705151
US $45.00 CAN $60.00 TRADE
Pbk, 9 x 11 in. / 216 pgs / 100 duotone.
Pub Date: 03/01/2009 In stock
Arbus Friedlander Winogrand: New Documents, 1967 Edited with text by Sarah Hermanson Meister. Text by Max Kozloff.

In 1967, The Museum of Modern Art presented New Documents, a landmark exhibition organized by John Szarkowski that brought together a selection of works by three photographers whose individual achievements signaled the artistic potential for >>more
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870709555
US $45.00 CAN $60.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 10.5 in. / 160 pgs / 125 duotone.
Pub Date: 04/25/2017 In stock

The Subversion of Images By Paul Nougé. Edited by Marcel Marien. Translated by Michael Kasper. Afterword by Xavier Canonne.

First edited and published by Marcel Marien in 1968 in a limited edition of 230 copies, half a year after Paul Nougé’s death, The Subversion of Images is a miniature classic in both the photobook >>more
Wakefield Press
ISBN 9781939663474
US $14.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 58 pgs / 19 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

Walker Evans: American Photographs Introduction by Sarah Meister. Text by Lincoln Kirstein. More than any other artist, Walker Evans invented the images of essential America that we have long since accepted as fact, and his work has influenced not only modern photography but also literature, film and >>more
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9780870708350
US $40.00 CAN $54.00 TRADE
Clth, 7.75 x 8.75 in. / 208 pgs / 87 duotone.
Pub Date: 08/31/2012 In stock
Shunk-Kender: Art Through the Eye of the Camera Edited with text by Chloé Goualc'h, Julie Jones, Stéphanie Rivoire. Foreword by Bernard Blistène. Text by Jack Cowart, Glenn R. Phillips, Didier Schulmann, Florian Ebner, Marcella Lista.

The photographic duo Shunk and Kender created the defining images of the international avant-garde of the 1960s and ‘70s. In late 1950s/early 1960s Paris, Shunk and Kender were close to the New Realist artists, and >>more
Éditions Xavier Barral
ISBN 9782365112369
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 10 in. / 484 pgs / 840 b&w.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock

Nan Goldin: The Other Side Text by Nan Goldin, Bea Rogers. Interview by Sunny Suits, Joey Gabriel.

This is an expanded and updated version of Nan Goldin’s seminal book The Other Side, originally published in 1993, featuring a revised introduction by Goldin, and, for the first time, the voices of those whose >>more
ISBN 9783958296138
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Clth, 9 x 10.75 in. / 140 pgs / 100 color / 30 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

The Image of Whiteness Edited with text by Daniel C. Blight. Interviews with David Roediger, George Yancy, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Claudia Rankine.

From the advent of early colonial photography in the 19th century to contemporary “white savior” social-media images, photography continues to play an integral role in the maintenance of white sovereignty. As various scholars have shown, >>more
SPBH Editions/Art on the Underground
ISBN 9781999814496
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Hbk, 6 x 7.5 in. / 224 pgs / 46 color / 26 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Frances Benjamin Johnston: The Hampton Album Edited with text by Sarah Hermanson Meister. Contribution by LaToya Ruby Frazier.

Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864–1952), credited as the first female photojournalist in the United States, was commissioned in 1899 to photograph the Hampton Institute, then a 30-year-old institution dedicated to the education of young African American >>more
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
ISBN 9781633450813
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 12 x 9 in. / 192 pgs / 173 color.
Pub Date: 05/21/2019 In stock


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