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Ad Reinhardt: Art Is Art and Everything Else Is Everything Else

Clth, 9 x 11.25 in. / 300 pgs / 300 color. | 9/28/2021 | Awaiting stock

Ad Reinhardt: Last Paintings

Pbk, 9 x 11.5 in. / 184 pgs / 69 color / 58 duotone. | 9/30/2011 | Not available

Ad Reinhardt: How to Look
Ad Reinhardt: How to Look

Hbk, 11 x 14 in. / 92 pgs / 43 color. | 2/28/2014 | Not available

Ad Reinhardt: Art Is Art and Everything Else Is Everything ElseAd Reinhardt: Art Is Art and Everything Else Is Everything Else

Published by Fundación Juan March.
Edited by Manuel Fontán del Junco and María Toledo. Text by Alex Bacon, Manuel Fontán del Junco, Pepe Karmel, Prudence Peiffer, Miguel Peña, Jordi Teixidor, María Toledo, José María Yturralde, Lynn Zelevansky.

The first monographic exhibition on the artist in Spain and one of the most complete surveys ever curated in Europe, Art Is Art and Everything Else Is Everything Else illustrates Ad Reinhardt’s tremendous influence on Abstract Expressionism as well as subsequent contemporary art styles. Reinhardt’s paintings are rarely representational and are instead composed of geometrics and eventually only color: canvases of all red, all blue, all black.
Organized with the institutional support of the Ad Reinhardt Foundation, this catalog includes a selection of approximately 50 paintings and works on paper, spanning Reinhardt’s career from early drawings, paintings and collages to later works characterized by a progressive reduction of color and form. Another focal point of the volume is Reinhardt’s passions and artistic pursuits beyond painting, including his slides, writings on art, illustrations in newspapers, books, magazines and pamphlets, and his comics satirizing the art world and politics.
Ad Reinhardt (1913–67) was born in Buffalo, New York, and studied art history at Columbia University from 1931 to 1935, after which he participated in the WPA Federal Art Project initiative. Reinhardt soon became an official member of the newly formed American Abstract Artist group alongside painters such as Josef Albers and Jackson Pollock. He exhibited regularly and taught at Brooklyn College for the remainder of his life.

Fundación Juan March

Clth, 9 x 11.25 in. / 300 pgs / 300 color.

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D.A.P. Exclusive
Catalog: FALL 2021 p. 121   

ISBN 9788470756689 SDNR40
List Price: $70.00 CDN $95.00 GBP £55.00

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Ad Reinhardt: How to LookAd Reinhardt: How to Look

Art Comics

Published by Hatje Cantz/David Zwirner.
Edited by Anna Gray, Kristine Bell. Text by Robert Storr.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Ad Reinhardt at David Zwirner, New York, this catalogue presents a comprehensive exploration of the artist’s cartoon works, which he created for various publications throughout his lifetime, most notably the progressive tabloid daily newspaper P.M., in which his How to Look series first appeared in 1946. Reinhardt’s comics shed light on the artist’s humorous insight into art history, politics and culture, as well as his unparalleled critical sensibility as a painter and thinker. The publication includes new scholarship on this facet of Reinhardt’s practice by curator Robert Storr.
Ad Reinhardt (1913–1967) was born in Buffalo, New York, and studied art history at Columbia University, where he forged lifelong friendships with Thomas Merton and Robert Lax. After studies at the American Artists School, he worked for the WPA and became a member of the American Abstract Artists group, with whom he exhibited for the next decade; later he was also represented by Betty Parsons. Throughout his career Reinhardt engaged in art-world activist politics, participating in the famous protests against The Museum of Modern Art in 1940 and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1950 (among the group that became known as "The Irascibles").

Hatje Cantz/David Zwirner

Hardcover, 11 x 14 in. / 92 pgs / 43 color.

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D.A.P. Exclusive
Catalog: SPRING 2014 p. 32   

ISBN 9783775737685 TRADE
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Ad Reinhardt: Last PaintingsAd Reinhardt: Last Paintings

Published by Richter Verlag.
Text by Heinz Liesbrock.

From the outset, the paintings of Ad Reinhardt (1913–1967) were from the start defined by clear, geometric forms. An encounter with Josef Albers in the late 1930s greatly influenced Reinhardt’s subsequent approach to color, and the two artists maintained a lifelong respect for one another’s work (in 1952 Albers offered Reinhardt a guest professorship at Yale, where he was then teaching). The sympathies between their arts lie in the extremity of their geometric reductions, which Reinhardt eventually also applied to color by reducing it to minutely differentiated squares of black on a five-square-foot canvas; but both Albers and Reinhardt envision painting as an art of geometric combinations of color. Reinhardt’s statement that his black paintings were “the last paintings anyone can make” betrays his debt to Albers, for his works do indeed seem to conclude the investigations opened by Albers’ Homage to the Square series. This volume surveys their affinities.

Richter Verlag

Paperback, 9 x 11.5 in. / 184 pgs / 69 color / 58 duotone.

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Out of print

D.A.P. Exclusive
Catalog: SPRING 2011 p. 74   

ISBN 9783941263239 TRADE
List Price: $60.00 CDN $79.00

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