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Paperback, 9.75 x 11 in. / 456 pgs / 255 color.

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"Through his timeless works, Odd Nerdrum commits a sacred treasonórefusing to adjust or conform to the expectations of the current art and popular culture. Instead, his devotion is to the creation of work that outlasts these fleeting institutions." Ė Michelle Hillestad excerpted from the essay, Flesh and Spirit.



Odd Nerdrum: Crime and Refuge

Text by Hanne Nabintu Herland, Gregory David Roberts.

Odd Nerdrum: Crime and RefugeA provocative and prolific painter, Odd Nerdrum employs old-world techniques and an ancient Greek palette to craft paintings that follow in the tradition of the masters Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Titian. Ever since his beginnings as a painter in the early sixties, Nerdrum has been a provocative voice among his peers, often representing sociopolitical struggle and the plight of the oppressed. His depictions of the human figure glow with warmth and dignity, and his timeless themes resonate with his viewers regardless of culture and social standing. Just as the figures in Nerdrumís paintings struggle through barren, often post-apocalyptic landscapes, his vital and poignant works stand out amongst the stark abstractions of the world of modern art. He remains a provocateur in his native Norway, a challenging voice in contemporary society, and one of the most exciting creators of our time. Throughout the last 30 years of his painting, a recurring archetype emerges. He is the Refugee--an alien to his own time and place, an outcast ostracized by the deciders of politics, fashion and culture and a nomad searching to transcend the temporal and find refuge in the eternal. This new collection of paintings, carefully selected from the best of his body of work, is devoted to the story of the Refugee, as it has unfolded over time, in 172 brilliantly reproduced paintings, accompanied by 83 details. The book features an exposed binding, so that it can be laid flat for close inspection. Gregory David Roberts, author of the acclaimed novel Shantaram, lends a thoughtful introduction to the book, paying tribute to the enduring themes of Nerdrumís works.

Featured image is reproduced from Odd Nerdrum: Crime and Refuge.

Odd Nerdrum: Crime and Refuge

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