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Nan Goldin: The Other Side

Text by Nan Goldin, Bea Rogers. Interview by Sunny Suits, Joey Gabriel.

Nan Goldin: The Other Side

"This is a book about beauty. And about love for my friends." –Nan Goldin

One of Time Magazine's best photo book of 2019

This is an expanded and updated version of Nan Goldin’s seminal book The Other Side, originally published in 1993, featuring a revised introduction by Goldin, and, for the first time, the voices of those whose stories are represented. Published at a time when discourse around gender and sexual orientation is evolving rapidly, The Other Side traces some of the history that informs this new visibility.

The first photographs in the book are from the 1970s, when Goldin lived in Boston with a group of drag queens and documented their glamour and vulnerability. In the early 1980s, Goldin chronicled the lives of transgender friends in New York when AIDS began to decimate her community. In the ’90s, she recorded the explosion of drag as a social phenomenon in New York, Berlin, Bangkok and the Philippines. Goldin’s newest photographs are intimate portraits, imbued with tenderness, of some of her most beloved friends. The Other Side is her homage to the queens she has loved, many of whom she has lost, over the last four decades.

Nan Goldin (born 1953) lives and works between New York, Paris and Berlin. In 1978 Goldin moved to New York, where she presented slideshows in nightclubs and underground cinemas; her best known, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, was published in 1986. In the ’90s Goldin relocated to Berlin where she published A Double Life with David Armstrong and the first edition of The Other Side. In 2000 she moved to Paris. In 2018 Goldin and her colleagues founded P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now), a direct action group advocating for addiction treatment and education in the mounting opioid crisis. Her publications with Steidl include The Beautiful Smile (2008) and Diving for Pearls (2016).

Featured image is reproduced from 'Nan Goldin: The Other Side.'



Finn Blythe

[A] groundbreaking book of photographs, documenting drag culture between Boston and New York, Berlin and Bangkok...[it's] somewhere between a written testament, a memorial, a celebration and visual diary of her life.

Financial Times

Liz Jobey

[Goldin's] pictures came out of the underground world they inhabited, partying, dressing up, posing, kissing, weeping, making love. Drink and drugs were familiar protagonists and there were few gender distinctions. She chronicled her own relationships in the same relentless way.

New York Magazine

Nan Goldin’s book of photos (which chronicles the lives of her drag-queen and transgender friends in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s) goes even further into the other side by including the voices of her subjects amid her snapshots of them.

W Magazine

Ashley Simpson

A tribute to trans beauty and gender fluidity...


Mark Westall

The expanded and updated version of The Other Side...comes at a time when increasing attention is deservedly focused on the representation and inclusion of alternative gender identities.


Emily Dinsdale

Goldin has lived among the drag community since the 1970s. Her book, The Other Side, is a testament to their glamour and defiance.


Fatema Ahmed

Just as Goldin’s best works derive their power from how intimately she has always connected art and her own life, her activism has been prompted by her own experience. Taken together, the nature of her art and the facts of her biography have had the remarkable ability to amplify the voices of those who don’t have work in the permanent collections of the world’s leading museums.


David Velasco

In 1993, the year after AIDS became the number one cause of death in the US for men ages twenty-five to forty-four, Nan Goldin published The Other Side, a photo book devoted to her friends “expressing gender euphoria.”


David O'Neill

...gives us a glimpse of that vanished, charming, risky scene.

T Magazine

Samantha Andriano

There is a haunting element to these photos: The people they depict are playing with and claiming their identity in societies that often ostracized them, and, sometimes even denied them humanity. Still, as Goldin writes in the forward: “This book is about beauty. And about a love for my friends.”

New York Magazine: Strategist

Hillary Reid

Nan has saved lives with her work, both in terms of preserving the lives she has encountered and then literally with her activism and interventions in the opioid crisis. She’s just this unbelievable figure to me, somebody who is a life-giving force. And this book is something that actually manages to encapsulate that.


Belle Hutton

The Other Side chronicles Goldin’s years of living with a group of drag queens in Boston in the 70s and New York in the 80s, as well as her 90s exploration of drag scenes across the globe. This new edition features portraits taken in the years since 1993 and a new introduction from Goldin, who in recent years has also become an activist.

Feature Shoot

Sara Rosen

Goldin captures the glamour and the glory of her friends lives, revealing the passion and power it takes to become who one truly is in the world. In looking at these photographs, it’s easy to feel Goldin’s devotion and love, her inability to see them as other s reminder how powerful photography truly is.


Eugene Rabkin

The photos are intimate, as one familiar with Goldin would expect; her subjects are bathed in that signature Goldin’s golden glow...They are different but not when Goldin catches them off-guard, in the moments of contemplation or applying make up. They are themselves.

S Magazine

David Saric

Steidl presents an expanded edition of Nan Goldin’s seminal publication The Other Side. The book is a love letter to the various drag queens and transgendered folk Goldin has encountered throughout the years, capturing their likeness in an intimate and loving manner.

Daily Art Magazine

Charlotte Stace

Offering an expanded and updated version of Nan Goldin’s superb work on the topic of gender and sexual orientation...it is well worth a read, particularly at a time when gender and transgender discourse is so pertinent.

Nan Goldin: The Other Side

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Nan Goldin's 'The Other Side' is a Staff Pick for Women's History Month

Nan Goldin's 'The Other Side' is a Staff Pick for Women's History Month

"I first saw them—Ivy and Naomi and Colette—crossing the bridge near Morgan Memorial Thriftshop in downtown Boston. They were the most gorgeous creatures I'd ever seen. I was immediately infatuated. I followed them and shot some Super 8 film. That was in 1972. It was the beginning of an obsession that has lasted twenty years.
Soon after, I met them again through David, my closest friend, who had started to do drag. From my first night at The Other Side—the drag queen bar of Boston in the 70s—I came to life. I fell in love with one of the queens and within a few months moved in with Ivy and another friend. I was eighteen and felt like I was a queen too. Completely devoted to my friends, they became my whole world. Part of my worship of them involved photographing them. I wanted to pay homage, to show them how beautiful they were. I never saw them as men dressing as women, but as something entirely different—a third gender that made more sense than either of the other two. I accepted them as they saw themselves; I had no desire to unmask them with my camera. Since my early teens, I'd lived by an Oscar Wilde saying, that you are who you pretend to be. I had enormous respect for the courage my friends had in recreating themselves according to their fantasies…" —Nan Goldin, The Other Side. Featured image is "Picnic on the esplanade, Boston 1973." continue to blog



'Nan Goldin: The Other Side' is a Critic's Pick, pretty much everywhere

'Nan Goldin: The Other Side' is a Critic's Pick, pretty much everywhere

Congratulations Steidl, publisher of Nan Goldin: The Other Side, one of New York / The Strategist's Best Coffee Table Book to Give, 2019! Much more than that, it is a critic's pick at the Financial Times, Bookforum, W, Apollo and Dazed, among others, and an image from the book graces the cover of the December issue of Artforum, alongside David Velasco's powerful text on "The Power of Goodbye." "The pictures in this book are not of people suffering gender dysphoria but rather expressing gender euphoria," Goldin writes in her Introduction. "This book is about new possibilities and transcendence. The people in these pictures are truly revolutionary; they are the real winners of the battle of the sexes because they have stepped out of the ring." continue to blog


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Nan Goldin: The Other Side



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