SI Series

Embracing the conceptual framework of an exhibition at Swiss Institute and its related public programs, each book in the SI Series adds retrospective context through seminal essays, archival materials, event transcripts, artist portfolios and exhibition documentation, as well as reprints and new translations of important texts.
Heidi Bucher
Heidi Bucher
Edited by Karen Marta, Simon Castets. Text by Indigo Bucher, Mayo Bucher, Bice Curiger, Heike Munder, Beatrix Ruf, Christian Scheidemann, Philip Ursprung. Although Heidi Bucher's (1926–93) oeuvre remained mostly overlooked after her death, a recent revitalization around her idiosyncratic practice has opened the conversation on this pioneer in the feminist dialogue of the 1970s. Born in Switzerland, >>more

Swiss Institute/Karma, New York
ISBN 9781942607144
US $25.00 CAN $34.50 TRADE
Hbk, 6 x 8.75 in. / 116 pgs / 50 color / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/23/2016 Not available

The St. Petersburg Paradox
The St. Petersburg Paradox
Edited by Karen Marta, Simon Castets. Text by Ericka Beckman, A.E. Benenson, Walter Benjamin, Fredric Brandt, Vitalik Buterin, Alex Mackin Dolan, Hugh Scott Douglas, Cooper Francis, Sam Frank, Konstantin Genin, Remco Heesen, Nicolas Langlitz, Scott Lyall, Tabor Robak, Ben Schumacher, Emily Segal, Amalia Ulman, Douglas Wilson, Eric Zimmerman. In the “St. Petersburg gamble,” the house offers to flip a coin until it comes up heads. The payoff doubles each time tails appears. By conventional definitions, the St Petersburg gamble has an infinite potential >>more

Swiss Institute/Karma, New York
ISBN 9781942607151
US $25.00 CAN $34.50 TRADE
Hbk, 6 x 8.75 in. / 168 pgs / 37 color.
Pub Date: 02/23/2016 In stock

Allyson Vieira: The Plural Present
Allyson Vieira: The Plural Present
Edited by Karen Marta, Simon Castets. Text by Joe Fyfe, Amelia Groom, William Hanley, Adam Szymczyk. This first-ever in-depth look at New York artist Allyson Vieira (born 1979) investigates the contextual variations that occurred when her exhibition The Plural Present moved from Kunsthalle Basel to Swiss Institute in New York. Focusing >>more

Swiss Institute/Kunsthalle Basel/Karma, New York
ISBN 9781942607137
US $25.00 CAN $34.50 TRADE
Hbk, 6 x 8.75 in. / 120 pgs / 130 color / 7 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/23/2016 In stock


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