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Joshua Charow: Loft Law
Joshua Charow: Loft Law

A stunning visual journey through the last vestiges of New York City’s artist lofts

Hbk, 9.5 x 11.25 in. / 192 pgs / 108 color. | 4/30/2024 | Out of stock

Joshua Charow: Loft LawJoshua Charow: Loft Law

The Last of New York City's Original Artist Lofts

Published by Damiani.

Envied by artists and apartment hunters alike for their wide windows and open floor plans, New York City’s lofts were once manufacturing centers in the late 19th and early 20th century. As urban densification pushed industry into the suburbs, these buildings were left empty. Looking for cheap rents and ideal studios, artists struck bargains with landlords to live and work in commercially zoned spaces. By the 1970s, these same artists faced eviction as their landlords embraced the new wealthy clientele that seeped into neighborhoods such as SoHo, Tribeca and the Bowery. Enacted in 1982, Article 7-C of the Multiple Dwelling Law, better known as the “Loft Law,” allowed artists to obtain legal occupancy and rent stabilization. After discovering a map of the protected buildings, documentary filmmaker Joshua Charow embarked on the ambitious project of documenting them. Over two years, he rang hundreds of doorbells, interviewing over 50 artists still living in these lofts, and photographing them in their spaces, alongside their works in progress and the unique modifications they have made to the lofts to meet legal standards. This timely untold story paints a portrait of a bygone era of New York’s downtown art scene.
Artists include: Ken Jacobs, Flo Jacobs, Loretta Dunkelman, Katherine Liberovskaya, Phill Niblock, Gerald Marks, Martine Mallary, Michael Sullivan, Carmen Cicero, Joseph Marioni, Carolyn Oberst, Jeff Way, Chuck DeLaney, Joe Haske, Kimiko Fujimura, Steve Silver, Noah Jemison, Sumayyah Samaha, Bob Petrucci, Claire Fergusson, Gilda Pervin, Curtis Mitchell, Ellen Christine, Marsha Pels, Betsy Kaufman, Jennifer Charles, JG Thirlwell, Alex Locadia, Winkel, Anne Mason.
Joshua Charow is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. His projects aim to unveil unseen stories and subcultures across New York City. Charow has directed and shot documentary films for the New York Times, Time magazine, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.


Hardcover, 9.5 x 11.25 in. / 192 pgs / 108 color.

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