Renate Aller

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"Shot outdoors under conditions dictated by her huge, primitive, volatile subject, the Atlantic Ocean, they are a record of open water as it acts like a giant mirror; reflecting what is happening that second in the sky. They are not her staged inventions but instead represent a more or less faithful record of what she saw as she waited daily and hourly in the hope that something she found dazzling or strange would appear in the viewfinder of her camera.
"And yet, each of these image--from a series that has spanned ten years--was taken in the same place, from the back of the beach house this German-born artist shares with her husband on the southern shore of Long Island, New York. Like a studio photographer, she has severely restricted her formal vocabulary, choosing to vary only the placement of the horizon lines in the frame. The mighty unpredictability of the ocean has been domesticated, its windswept vastness continuously tamed by the rules she has set herself in making art."
Richard B. Woodward, excerpted from A Mirror on which to Dwell in Oceanscapes.


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