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Håvard Homstvedt: You Will Hardly Know

Clth, 10 x 13 in. / 80 pgs / 59 color. | 2/1/2009 | Not available

Håvard Homstvedt: You Will Hardly KnowHåvard Homstvedt: You Will Hardly Know

Published by Galleri Riis.
Text by Trinie Dalton.

This deluxe exhibition catalogue/artist's book features works from 2002 through 2008 by the Norwegian artist Håvard Homstvedt. Essayist Trinie Dalton describes these haunting paintings and sculptural works as intimate, painterly, sensual and insular. "Come closer to this painted linen, stretched taut to provide views of every intimate dent and hump in the artwork's surface. Intimacy lives in the texture of these images constructed like weavings. On a microscopic level of up-close brushstroke examination, painterly gestures overlap, cross and knot around each other like yarn, string, burlap, twine and other fibrous lines, exposing private histories of the people the brushwork both beckons to and hides. These paintings' citizens hide behind colorful screens they've apparently laced together. Like spiders nesting in their own meticulous webs, characters reveal subdued, but crafty, pasts. Some figures venture out, in brave familiar groups, but they'll never look directly at you. Their lack of eye contact isn't a personal affront, rather a signal they're content to dwell in warm tapestries of oil paint."
Born in 1976 in Lørenskog, Norway, and currently based in New York, Håvard Homstvedt received his MFA from the Yale University School of Art. He is represented by Galleri Riis, Oslo, Norway, and Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York.

Galleri Riis

Clth, 10 x 13 in. / 80 pgs / 59 color.

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