St Anns Press

St. Ann's Press is a California based publishing company dedicated to producing fine art books, specializing in photography from established and up-and-coming artists. The artist's chosen will reflect the personal vision of the owners of the company, with a desire that the books will be valued within the art and book community.
St. Ann's Press will produce a small number of books each year, with an emphasis placed on the design and utilizing the highest standards of printing available. The books St. Ann's Press publishes will not necessarily be the most commercial projects available, but they will be projects that have a significant point of view, or they have a historical importance.

Every book will be accompanied by a special edition, which will be produced in small quantities and will include original art signed by the artist. These editions will include a deluxe version of the trade edition of the book, and they will be housed in specially designed slipcases. These editions will be priced so they are affordable to all collectors of art.


For orders in North America, please contact

D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. Toll-free 1 800 338 2665

155 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013 Tel: (212) 627-1999 Fax: (212) 627-9484