Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For the Photographer and Photography Collector

Exemplary new books on Roy DeCarava, Arnold Newman, Saul Leiter, Ed Templeton, Evelyn Hofer, Brassai, Ralph Gibson, Masahisa Fukase, Josef Koudelka and Gordon Parks are some of our editors' favorites. For photography lovers, here are the best holiday gift monographs and surveys by Modern and contemporary photographers for 2018.

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Ralph Gibson: Self-Exposure

ISBN 9781912122103 $49.95

Shape of Light

ISBN 9781942884316 $35.00

Saul Leiter: All about Saul Leiter

ISBN 9788417047498 $29.95

Arnold Newman: One Hundred
"When taking portraits, Arnold Newman was less interested in the details of his subject’s surroundings than with the symbols he could create with them." —Rena Silverman, The New York Times. Celebrating the centennial of Newman's birth, this essential volume collects 100 of the most iconic images from the founder of "environmental portraiture." Prepare to actually feel something when you see these portraits of Marlene Dietrich, John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, Mickey Mantle and Audrey Hepburn, among others.

ISBN 9781942185529 $60.00

Gordon Parks: The New Tide
Published to accompany the critically acclaimed traveling exhibition currently on view at the National Gallery of Art (en route to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Amon Carter Museum and Addison Gallery through 2020), The New Tide: Early Works 1940-1950 brings together photographs and publications made during the first and most formative decade of Gordon Parks' 65-year career. Reviewed in The New York Times, AnOther Magazine, PDN and The Globe and Mail, among other venues, it is one of Teju Cole's Best Photo Books of 2018 for The New York Times: "In great detail, we are taken through Parks’ first decade of independent work, and see how he evolved from portraiture and fashion to the social documentary for which he became widely celebrated. It’s a pleasure to see how, even in the early work, Parks’s eye is unerring… The catalog is as accomplished for the photographs it reprints as it is for its many fine essays on Parks, including those by Maurice Berger, Sarah Lewis, Deborah Willis and Philip Brookman, which contextualize Parks with the writers who mattered to him, Langston Hughes and Richard Wright among them."

ISBN 9783958294943 $48.00

Ed Templeton: Tangentially Parenthetical
As New York Magazine explains, "the title comes from the fact that the only theme connecting the images, which sprawl across time and location, is Templeton’s stream-of-consciousness style of storytelling and ability to capture wit, wonder and humor in what he calls 'general life.'" As with a compelling novel, it's easy to get drawn in to this selection of photographs from Ed Templeton's vast street photography archive—curated, arranged and then rearranged by the man himself. 

ISBN 9781942884323 $45.00

Displaced: Manzanar 1942–1945

ISBN 9781942884293 $45.00

Evelyn Hofer: New York
If you have a penchant for old New York, be forewarned! This book of masterful photographs by the adventurous German-born documentarian Evelyn Hofer has it all. “Lugging her cumbersome camera around mid-20th century New York, Evelyn Hofer captured a rapidly changing city, slowly, sensitively and methodically,” Matthew Sedacca writes in New York Times. Hofer’s eye brims with wit and honesty. Dusica Due Malesevic of the Daily Mail describes a portrait of a “beguiling, bygone New York City—from bums to the Bowery: stunning portraits of people and places capture the Big Apple in the 60s and 70s," while The Guardian notes that in this beautifully designed volume, "some of her most defining images, and some unseen shots, are celebrated."

ISBN 9783958293489 $50.00

It's easy to adore this gorgeous Brassai survey from Fundación Mapfre. Big, beautifully printed, sexy, seedy—what's not to love? It's underground Paris in the 1920s, for godssake! The Eye of Photography calls it a "stunning retrospective," while The British Journal of Photography calls it "definitive… [allowing] for a better and deeper understanding of the life and work of Brassaï." Luc Sante picked the book for the New York Times Book Review's Holiday Gift Guide in the Photography category, calling it, "the most wide-ranging collection of his work in English, particularly good on his early photographs for magazines, from the raffish Scandale to the impeccable Minotaure; his ventures outside Paris and in daylight; and—balancing his extensive coverage of lowlife—his documentation of 1930s high life, which makes today’s equivalent look especially tawdry and cheap."

ISBN 9788498446449 $75.00

A Vision Shared: A Portrait of America 1935–1943
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of this classic, the indelible work of the now-iconic Farm Security Administration photographers

ISBN 9783958291812 $75.00

Masahisa Fukase
Jason Farago picked this spectacular, linen-bound, 400-page Masahisa Fukase monograph from Xavier Barral for the New York Times' art critics' "Best Art Books of 2018," calling it "a landmark—a first step, though not the last, in the rediscovery of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century," while Luc Sante also picked it for the Times' Book Review's Holiday Gift Guide in the Photography Book section, citing Fukase's "crushing abattoir series of 1961," his "crazed, montage-laden psychedelia… eloquently brooding studies of ravens" and "antic group portraits of his family, sometimes unclothed, and some truly champion-level cat photography." His charming conclusion: "Masahisa Fukase presents a comprehensive overview of this exuberant photographer, game for anything."

ISBN 9782365112024 $90.00

Saul Leiter: In My Room
An in-depth study of the nude, through intimate photographs of the women Saul Leiter knew and loved from the 1940s through the 1970s. The interior spaces here are deeply personal, illuminated by the lush natural light of the artist’s East Village NYC studio. Richard Rivera of The New York Journal of Books writes, “The images are lovingly and expertly reproduced in a broad dynamic range from delicate gray tones to rich blacks, and [it] is beautifully printed on heavy matte paper by master printer Steidl.” Part of the charm of this book owes to the fact that, although Leiter was known as a fashion photographer, "These quiet, intimate black-and-white photographs, which Leiter developed himself in his darkroom, were kept under lock and key during his lifetime." —L’Oeil de la Photographie. Vince Aletti may have said it best in Photograph magazine: "The book is an homage and a love letter."

ISBN 9783958291034 $45.00

Josef Koudelka: Returning

ISBN 9788074372490 $100.00

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment
Henri Cartier-Bresson's most famous photobook, finally available in a facsimile edition from Steidl

ISBN 9783869307886 $125.00


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