2019 Winter New Books

Edited by Data Chigholashvili, Nini Palavandishvili, Marike Splint.

An alternative artistic guidebook to the Georgian capital

Composed of artistic accounts that critically reflect on recent urban and social changes in Georgia's capital Tbilisi, this book unveils multifaceted perspectives on a city trying to negotiate >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148109
US $20.00 CAN $29.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9 in. / 216 pgs / 109 color / 8 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

The Future of Transportation
Edited by Henry Grabar. Text by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, Darren Andersen, Laura Bliss, Alison Griswold, Nick Van Mead, Christopher Schaberg. Illustrations by Olalekan Jeyifous.

How will we travel in the future? Essays on the transport to come, from sidewalk scooters to levitating trains

With the promise of delivery drones, personal helicopters, and groceries delivered right to your refrigerator, one might >>more

Metropolis Books
ISBN 9781942884453
US $17.95 CAN $24.95 TRADE
Pbk, 4.25 x 7 in. / 124 pgs / 7 color.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Tacit Knowledge
Edited with text by Annette Jael Lehmann. Text by Kim Albrecht, Philipp Kaiser, Verena Kittel, Jeffrey Schnapp, et al.

Key texts and documents from the golden years of the CalArts program

This volume provides an insight into the complex artistic and educational practices that characterized the first decade of the California Institute of the Arts >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959053419
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8.25 x 10.75 in. / 280 pgs / 180 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

The Invention of the Neue Wilde
Edited by Benjamin Dodenhoff, Ramona Heinlein. Text by Thomas Bayrle, et al.

A cultural history of the 1980s Neue Wilde painters, from Kippenberger to Penck

This fresh perspective on the German painting movement of the late '70s and early '80s explores the community of artists such as Georg >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985709
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / 432 pgs / 110 color / 110 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Julia Feyrer & Tamara Henderson
Foreword by Scott Watson, Amy Sadao, Daniel W. Dietrich. Text by Alex Klein, et al.

Drinking songs and dream states permeate the multimedia collaborations of Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson

This publication marks the culmination of Canadian duo Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson's (both born 1982) three-venue film installation, documenting the >>more

ICA University of Pennsylvania/Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
ISBN 9780888653055
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 5.75 x 8.5 in. / 176 pgs / 171 color / 55 duotone.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Francesco Bonami & Juergen Teller: 50 Times Bonami and Obrist by Teller
Interview by Ewa Hess with Francesco Bonami.

Juergen Teller's humorous portrait of both artist and subject, together with Francesco Bonami's 50 portraits of Hans Ulrich Obrist

On the occasion of Hans Ulrich Obrist's 50th birthday in 2018, Swiss gallery 107 S-chanf asked fellow >>more

ISBN 9783958296435
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Pbk, 9 x 11.75 in. / 112 pgs / 102 color.
Pub Date: 12/10/2019 In stock

Matthew Connors & Lucy Ives: The Poetics
Text by Lucy Ives. Photographs by Matthew Connors.

A superbly made hybrid photobook on the stories that objects invite us to tell

In July of 2017, photographer Matthew Connors (born 1976) and novelist and critic Lucy Ives (born 1980) embarked on a strange project: >>more

Image Text Ithaca Press
ISBN 9780996735186
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 5.25 x 8 in. / 188 pgs / 130 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Text by Axel Haubrok, et al.

The history of a unique exhibition space in Berlin

Located in a former German Democratic Republic motor pool, Fahrbereitschaft was established in Berlin, Germany, in 2013, by art collectors Barbara and Axel Haubrok, to both restore >>more

ISBN 9783735605924
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 11.75 x 8.25 in. / 304 pgs / 95 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Pow Up

An artistic dialogue on sociopolitical and environmental issues

At the Galerie Wedding in Berlin, local artists and scholars addressed questions of otherness and privilege, among them, Sol Calero, Elly Clark, Mariana Castillo Deball, Anne Duk Hee >>more

ISBN 9783735605795
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 304 pgs / 154 color / 10 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Stonewall 50
Edited by Betsy Stepina Zinn. Foreword by Christina Brungardt. Text by Dean Daderko.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the protests with work by LGBTQ artists

Stonewall 50 marks the anniversary of the police raid and subsequent riots with work by Leilah Babirye, Tony Feher, Chitra Ganesh, Barbara Hammer, Thomas >>more

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
ISBN 9781951208004
US $19.95 CAN $29.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 10 in. / 120 pgs / 84 color / 7 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

A Little Piece of Bauhaus
Text by Heike Albrecht, Assaf Evron, Doug Fogelson, Anke Loh, Luftwerk, Christina Wildgrube, Rebecca Wilton, Serene Wise, Monika Wulfers.

A multimedia tribute to the Bauhaus legacy: contemporary artists inspired by the iconic design school

Between 2016 and 2018, the Goethe-Institut in Chicago organized a series of exhibitions marking 80 years of the New Bauhaus in >>more

ISBN 9783735606068
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.25 x 9 in. / 144 pgs / 61 color / 27 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

The Life of Things
Text by Amanda de la Garza, Anne-Marie Dubois, Sara Knelman, Maude Johnson, et al.

Contemporary artists on the fluid boundaries between human and non-human

Momenta Montréal explores the reciprocal relations between subject and object, in works by 39 artists, including Laura Aguilar, Francis Al˙s, Kader Attia, Elisabeth Belliveau, Karen Paulina >>more

ISBN 9783735606075
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.5 x 11.5 in. / 168 pgs / 112 color / 22 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

John Bellany & Alan Davie: Cradle of Magic
Edited by Jason Beard, Amie Corry. Text by Mel Gooding.

Cradle of Magic brings together two giants of 20th-century British painting: John Bellany and Alan Davie

Alan Davie (1920–2014) was one of the first British artists to explore abstract expressionist forms and techniques, and his >>more

Other Criteria Books
ISBN 9781906967994
US $90.00 CAN $125.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 12.25 in. / 144 pgs / 67 color / 5 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

History Has Failed Us, But No Matter
Edited with text by Hyunjin Kim. Text by Mi You, Soo Ryon Yoon, Je Yun Moon, et al.

Gender, nationalism and East Asian identity collide in the work of three Korean artists at the Venice Biennale

Published for the 58th Venice Biennale, History Has Failed Us, but No Matter explores the history of modernization >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493777
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 6.5 in. / 143 pgs / 96 color / 48 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Second Yinchuan Biennale
Edited with text by Paolo Caffoni. Text by Michel Blancsubé, Andris Brinkmanis, Luca Cerizza, Zasha Colah, Michelangelo Corsaro, Joshua Gong, Hu Yi, Huang Renyu, Anna Lovecchio, Lu Peng, et al.

An illustrated atlas on the Yinchuan Biennale's synthesis of ancient and contemporary art

This volume documents the second annual Yinchuan Biennale, exhibiting art that engages areas of the globe that have developed historical significance, such as >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493371
US $28.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 7 x 9.5 in. / 504 pgs / 1094 color / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Remix
Edited with text by Stéphane Ibars. Text by Alain Lombard. Interview with Yvon Lambert.

How Basquiat transformed his sources and brought a raw, fresh energy to the art of painting

Jean-Michel Basquiat's (1960–88) formal vocabulary was inspired by the precedents of Picasso, Matisse and Twombly; he drew overtly on their >>more

Actes Sud/Collection Lambert
ISBN 9782330126308
US $33.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8.75 x 11.25 in. / 112 pgs / 80 color.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Dike Blair: Drawings
Text by Dike Blair.

Drawings of ash trays and cups from a modern chronicler of the everyday

This book from New York–based artist Dike Blair (b. 1952) showcases his drawings from the past two years. Exploring the same imagery as >>more

Karma, New York
ISBN 9781949172331
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 10.25 x 12.25 in. / 104 pgs / 46 color.
Pub Date: 11/12/2019 In stock

Melvin Edwards: Lynch Fragments
Edited by Adriano Pedrosa, Rodrigo Moura. Text by Hamid Irbouh, Rebecca Wolff, Renata Bittencourt, Rodrigo Moura.

Ominous and angular, the acclaimed steel sculptures of Melvin Edwards convey racial violence with edgy ingenuity

This volume brings together a significant selection of works from the titular series by the New York–based sculptor Melvin Edwards >>more

ISBN 9788531000515
US $49.95 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 10 in. / 256 pgs / 199 color / 57 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jochen Gerz: The Walk
Introduction by Söke Dinkla.

Conceptual artist Jochen Gerz transforms a museum into a giant book

For his "no retrospective" at the Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, Gerz (born 1940) has emblazoned a text interweaving his life and works with eight decades of >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903269729
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 10 x 13.75 in. / 220 pgs / 145 color.
Pub Date: 12/03/2019 In stock

Jan Hendrix: Landfall
Text by Miquel Adriŕ, Jerry Brotton, Seamus Heaney, Jan Hendrix, Pura López Colomé, Adam Lowe, Cuauhtémoc Medina.

Landmark overview of Jan Hendrix's biomorphic art reconciling Dutch and Mexican aesthetics

Since Dutch artist Jan Hendrix (born 1949) moved to Mexico in 1975, he has been a key figure in that country's art scene, building >>more

ISBN 9788417047948
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.75 in. / 288 pgs / 190 color / 60 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Damien Hirst: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable

A signed, leatherbound two-volume edition of the drawings for Damien Hirst's ambitious project in Venice

These Renaissance-style drawings, complete with scrawled annotations and collection stamps, depict each of the 100 artworks "discovered" from a wrecked ship. >>more

Other Criteria Books
ISBN 9781906967970
US $950.00 CAN $1250.00 SDNR30
Slip, hbk, 12.25 x 15.75 in. / 420 pgs / 200 color.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

Dorothy Iannone: The Story of Bern, [or] Showing Colors
Edited by Clément Dirié. Introduction by Dorothy Iannone. Text by Frédéric Paul.

A superb facsimile of Dorothy Ianonne’s 1970 comic-book tale of censorship, sexuality and female autonomy

As much as Love and Eros have defined my work since its beginnings, so too has censorship, or its shadow, accompanied >>more

ISBN 9783037645543
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8.5 x 9 in. / 74 pgs / 2 color / 70 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/28/2020 In stock

William Kentridge: A Poem That Is Not Our Own
Edited with text by Sébastien Delot, Josef Helfenstein. Text by Eva Falge, Ute Holl, William Kentridge, Leora Maltz-Leca.

Themes of migration, flight and processions in the multimedia art of William Kentridge

In more than three decades, William Kentridge (born 1955) has produced an oeuvre spanning diverse mediums including animated film, drawings, prints and rare >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960986256
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 248 pgs / 89 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Kiki Kogelnik
Text by Dana Miller.

Motifs of the female body in multimedia works by Austrian pop artist Kiki Kogelnik

This book features paintings, sculptures and works on paper spanning two decades—from the early '60s to the late '80s—by Kiki Kogelnik (1935–97). >>more

Mitchell-Innes & Nash
ISBN 9780998631288
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 76 pgs / 43 color / 6 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/18/2020 Awaiting stock

Pablo Vargas Lugo: Acts of God
Edited with text by Magalí Arriola. Text by Larissa Harris, Adam Kleinman, Alan Page Arriaga, Pablo Soler Frost, Pablo Vargas Lugo.

Mexico's artist in the 58th Venice Biennale offers fresh takes on the life of Jesus

For his Venice Biennale contribution, Mexican artist Pablo Vargas (born 1968) projected two looped montages depicting the life of Jesus but >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9786076055960
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 6 x 10 in. / 183 pgs.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 Out of stock

Bridget Riley: Dialogues on Art
Edited by Robert Kudielka. Introduction by Richard Shone. Conversations by Neil MacGregor, E.H. Gombrich, Michael Craig-Martin, Andrew Graham Dixon, Bryan Robertson.

Op art pioneer Bridget Riley in conversation with some of the world's leading art historians and artists, from Ernst Gombrich to Michael Craig-Martin

On the occasion of a major exhibition of Bridget Riley's (born 1931) work >>more

The Bridget Riley Art Foundation
ISBN 9781999853921
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / 128 pgs / 46 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Bridget Riley: The Eye's Mind
Edited by Robert Kudielka.

Now updated, a classic text of meditations on painting and perception from op-art pioneer Bridget Riley

This volume, now fully revised and updated for the third time, reveals the mind behind a remarkable artistic achievement, drawing >>more

The Bridget Riley Art Foundation
ISBN 9781999853914
US $32.50 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Flexi, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / 464 pgs / 106 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Fiona Tan: Gaaf

Fiona Tan recasts depictions of women from the archive of a stock photography company

Dutch-based artist Fiona Tan (born 1966) excavates and restages a forgotten and uncataloged archive of several thousand commercial negatives and photographs taken >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985990
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6 x 8.5 in. / 80 pgs / 145 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Franco Viola: Towards the Indefinite
Text by Roger M. Buergel, Viktor Misiano, Francesco Poli, Elena Pontiggia.

Luminous landscapes from a modern Italian master of the genre

Franco Viola (born 1953) paints colorful, vibrant landscape paintings based on sketches produced on tours in the mountains and along the coast near his hometown. This >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746441
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 288 pgs / 120 color.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

Warhol Women
Text by Blake Gopnik, Lynne Tillman, Alison M. Gingeras. Interview with Corice Arman by Brett Gorvy. Poetry by John Giorno.

An opulent appreciation of Warhol’s complex relationship to women and femininity

Dedicated to Andy Warhol's (1928–87) portraits of women from the early 1960s through the 1980s, and featuring five trifolds and a tipped-on cover, Warhol Women >>more

Lévy Gorvy
ISBN 9781944379308
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10 x 13.25 in. / 192 pgs / 118 color / 41 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/05/2019 In stock

Zhang Wei
Text by He Guiyan, Hans Werner Holzwarth. Conversation with Colin Siyuan Chinnery.

On the art of Zhang Wei, pioneer of Chinese abstraction and member of the legendary No Name Group

This volume focuses on the abstract paintings of Zhang Wei (born 1952), following his development from the abstractions >>more

Holzwarth Publications
ISBN 9783947127191
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 224 pgs / 187 color.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

Ai Weiwei: Resetting Memories
Text by María Luisa Aguilar, Ai Weiwei, et al.

Ai Weiwei's dissection of two national traumas in Mexico and China

For his exhibition at Mexico City's MUAC, Ai Weiwei (born 1957) addressed two national traumas: the destruction of cultural heritage during China's Communist Revolution and >>more

ISBN 9788417047931
US $27.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.75 in. / 264 pgs / 108 color / 23 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Christopher Wool: Swamp

The fourth in Christopher Wool's sumptuous slipcased series of limited-edition photobooks

Following his previous limited editions with Holzwarth Publications, Road, Yard and Westtexaspsychosculpture (all published in 2017), New York–based artist Christopher Wool (born 1955) presents Swamp, >>more

Holzwarth Publications
ISBN 9783947127160
US $120.00 CAN $170.00 SDNR40
Slip, pbk, 10 x 15 in. / 140 pgs / 68 duotone.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Provence Report Spring/Summer 2019
Edited by Philip Pilekjćr, Olamiju Fajemisin, Hannes Loichinger, Tobias Kaspar, Nina Hollensteiner, Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth. Text by Gisela Capitain, Mariuccia Casadio, Eva Illouz, Esther Schipper, Hannah Villiger, Cao Yu, et al.

The latest issue of this unconventional arts and culture magazine

This biannual arts and culture magazine showcasing contemporary fashion, criticism, art, music, literature and photography features articles on the contemporary gallery, the work of Cady >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959053341
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.46 x 11.02 in. / 144 pgs / 80 color / 64 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Bau [spiel] haus
Edited by Thomas Hensel, Robert Eikmeyer.

The Bauhaus spirit of play, celebrated in historical and contemporary art and writings

Gathering art and texts by historical and contemporary international authors and artists—from Friedrich Fröbel to Olaf Nicolai—this volume looks at the intersection of >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903269873
US $70.00 CAN $92.50 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.75 x 13 in. / 500 pgs.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 Out of stock

Becoming Invisible
By Ian Whittlesea.

A delightful pocket-guide to becoming invisible through meditations on color

Both an artist's book and a would-be practical guide, this beautiful little book offers occult instructions for becoming invisible by meditating on the color spectrum. >>more

The Everyday Press
ISBN 9781912458011
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Hbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 48 pgs / 20 color / 3 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

On Colour...
By Ian Whittlesea.

From the author of Becoming Invisible, further exercises in invisibility through Bauhaus color theory

On Colour… extends the theories of color harmony that Joahnnes Itten taught at the Bauhaus and describes how "through perfect control >>more

The Everyday Press
ISBN 9781912458080
US $27.50 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 7 in. / 52 pgs / 20 color / 4 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Geert Lap: Specific Objects
Text by Titus M. Eliëns, Ernst van Alphen, Jac Geurts.

Full-page color photographs show the meticulous craftsmanship of Dutch potter Geert Lap

The ceramic work of the Durch ceramicist Geert Lap (1951–2017) belongs to a late modernist tradition that rejected decoration and historical references. In its >>more

Nai010 Publishers
ISBN 9789462085114
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 12 in. / 272 pgs / 250 color / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/12/2019 In stock

Unfolding Fashion Tech
Edited by Marina Toeters. Text by Daniëlle Bruggeman, Jan Mahy, Rens Tap, Ben Wubs, Loe Feijs, Koen van Os, Gail Kenning, Lianne Toussaint, Stephan Wensveen, Anke Jongejan, Pauline van Dongen, Oscar Tomico.

Vistas of hope for the future of fashion, textiles and technology, from international designers, scientists and theorists

Despite technological advances—new kinds of fabric, design processes, 3D-printing, miniaturized electronics and design software—changes in the fashion industry and >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148147
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.75 in. / 172 pgs / 20 color / 199 duotone.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Essays on Kitchens
Edited by Ania Rosinke & Maciej Chmara. Text by Klara Czerniewska-Andryszczyk, Olga Drenda, Sarah Dorkenwald, Claudia Banz, Jörg Wiesel, Agata Szydlowska, Anna Carnick.

Cultural meditations on kitchen design, in an elegantly produced volume

Summarizing contemporary discourses on the kitchen from the realms of sociology, design and gastrosophy, Essays on Kitchens features six kitchens designed by the German-Austrian design studio >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959053280
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Hbk, 6.41 x 9.25 in. / 112 pgs / 40 color.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Thonet & Design
Edited with text by Angelika Nollert. Text by Peter Ellenberg, Polina Gedova, Sebastian Jacobi, Steffen Kehrle, Markus Frenzl, Xenia Riemann-Tyroller, Lili Schäfer, Josef Strasser, Jirí Uhlír.

A concise history of the Thonet chair from 1838 to the present

From the most humble suburban cafes to high fashion shoots and countless films, the ingenious design of the Thonet chair No. 14, created by >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985822
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.25 x 12 in. / 168 pgs / 164 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Rob van Leijsen: The Drone Chronicles 2001–2016
Edited with text by Joerg Bader. Text by Nicolas Nova, Brice Pauset.

A two-volume atlas of commercial and military drones

Here, Swiss designer Rob van Leijsen maps the evolution and increasing integration of drones in our society, from America's invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 on. All the models >>more

Spector Books OHG
ISBN 9783959053105
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 5.75 x 8.25 in. / 784 pgs / 1190 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 Out of stock

Edited by David Bennewith, Sereina Rothenberger.

European designers answer students' questions about their craft

Here, designers Marietta Eugster and Manuel Krebs (Norm) from Switzerland, Wayne Daly and Veronica Ditting from the UK, Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa and Vinca Kruk (Metahaven) from >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959052818
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 4.75 x 7.5 in. / 496 pgs / 32 color / 240 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 Out of stock

Éloj Kréyol
Edited by Sophie Krier. Text by André Lucrčce, Thomas Golsenne, Lucy Cotter.

How French designers dach&zephir engage the overlooked ingenuity of Creole cultures

This fourth edition of Field Essays explores the decolonial approach of Parisian design duo dach&zephir. Dimitri Zephir and Florian Dach have extensively researched the French >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148055
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / 112 pgs / 68 color / 5 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Mechanical Fantasy Box
Introduction by Jorge Socarras. Foreword by Theresa McGinley. Preface by Josh Cheon. Illustrations by Gwenaël Rattke.

Chronicles of sex and disco in ’70s San Francisco, from the revolutionary musician behind “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”

Patrick Cowley (1950–82) was one of the most revolutionary and influential figures in electronic dance >>more

Dark Entries Editions
ISBN 9781942884545
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 6 in. / 128 pgs / 4 color / 32 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Before or After, at the Same Time
Edited by Ben Eastham. Text by Giorgio Agamben, Ilaria Bernardi, Barbara Casavecchia, Laura Cherubini & Andrea Villani, Fabio Mauri, Achille & Sebastiano Mauri, Maria Pace Ottieri, Pierre Testard.

A reexamination of postwar Italian visual culture through the life of artist and critic Fabio Mauri

This book takes the life of the Italian multimedia artist and writer Fabio Mauri (born 1926) and the history of >>more

Hauser & Wirth Publishers
ISBN 9783906915449
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 10.5 in. / 212 pgs / 40 color / 67 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/05/2019 In stock

Intimate Negrociations
By Bode Owa.

A plea for Black self-emancipation and political action from Nigerian actor Bode Owa

This collection of short stories, commentaries on existential fear, opinions and poems by Nigerian-born, Antwerp-based actor, playwright and musician Bode Owa express the >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148116
US $17.00 CAN $24.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 in. / 96 pgs.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

We Were Promised Flying Cars
By Kareem Rahma. Edited by Joshua Schneider.

The debut poetry collection from Arab-American poet Kareem Rahma–formerly of VICE and The New York Times–shows us the future in haiku.

What awaits us is not the future we had hoped for or what we were >>more

Pioneer Works Press
ISBN 9781945711114
US $14.95 CAN $19.95 TRADE
Hbk, 4.75 x 6 in. / 128 pgs / 12 color.
Pub Date: 02/18/2020 Awaiting stock

Reclaiming Artistic Research
Edited by Lucy Cotter. Text by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Katayon Arian, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, et al.

What does art know? And how? Twenty artists discuss the epistemology of artistic creation

What is artistic research? How does art know? How does artistic thinking develop through artistic processes and takes shape in artworks? These >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746311
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7.25 in. / 440 pgs.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Permanent Recession
Edited with text by Channon Goodwin. Text by Esther Anatolitis, Peter Anderson, Hana Pera Aoake, et al.

A hybrid inquiry into Australia’s experimental, radical, artist-run initiatives

Excavating a shared history of independent practice stretching back to the 1980s, Permanent Recession situates new research into artist-run initiatives within a rich continuum of debate >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148079
US $18.00 CAN $24.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 4.25 x 7 in. / 448 pgs / 8 duotone.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

The Crossing of Innumerable Paths
By Guy Brett.

Essays on art and participation from Guy Brett, veteran champion of kinetic and Latin American art

Since the 1960s, the celebrated London-based art critic and curator Guy Brett (born 1942) has championed influential and experimental >>more

ISBN 9781909932531
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 9 in. / 232 pgs / 42 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja
By Camila Marambio & Cecilia Vicuńa. Introduction by Luis Guerra Miranda.

A wide-ranging, passionate conversation between Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuńa and curator Camila Marambio on ecological disaster, eroticism and decolonization

In this brilliant intergenerational dialogue, curator Camila Marambio (born 1979) and Cecilia Vicuńa (born 1948), one of >>more

Errant Bodies Press
ISBN 9780997874433
US $12.00 CAN $16.50 TRADE
Pbk, 4.5 x 7 in. / 168 pgs / 6 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Cobalt Blue: Writings from the Papers of Sam Francis
By Sam Francis. Edited by Jaime Robles. Introduction by Nancy Mozur.

A new selected writings from the Californian abstract expressionist famed for his colorful lyricism and dynamic painting

This volume beautifully combines the artist's writing with his works on paper in an elegantly designed book. Focusing on >>more

Sam Francis Foundation
ISBN 9781733966306
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 10 in. / 184 pgs / 40 color / 4 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Conversations with Artists II
By Heidi Zuckerman.

The second installment in Heidi Zuckerman’s acclaimed interviews with contemporary artists

In Volume II of Conversations with Artists, Heidi Zuckerman, CEO and Director of the Aspen Art Museum, continues to explore the critical practices, daily lives >>more

Aspen Art Press
ISBN 9780934324892
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 9 in. / 280 pgs.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Lost in Media
Edited by Ismail Einasche, Thomas Roueché.

How can migrants represent themselves in public debate? Lost in Media argues for new terms of participation

This volume gathers critical responses to the representations of migrants in the media in Europe through nine essays by >>more

ISBN 9789492095688
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 6 x 8.25 in. / 168 pgs / 60 color.
Pub Date: 06/16/2020 Awaiting stock

Black Lives 1900: W.E.B. Du Bois at the Paris Exposition
Introduction by Jacqueline Francis, Stephen G. Hall. Foreword by David Adjaye. Contribution by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

How W.E.B. Du Bois combined photographs and infographics to communicate the everyday realities of Black lives and the inequities of race in America

At the 1900 Paris Exposition the pioneering sociologist and activist W.E.B. Du Bois >>more

Redstone Press
ISBN 9781942884538
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Flexi, 9.75 x 12.5 in. / 144 pgs / 50 color / 54 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

The Labour of Enjoyment: Towards a Critique of Libidinal Economy
By Samo Tomšic.

A new theory of libidinal economy—the intersection between desire and capitalism—from the author of The Capitalist Unconscious

The fourth book in Slavoj Žižek's Lacanian Explorations series, The Labour of Enjoyment sees Slovenian philosopher Samo Tomšic >>more

Walther König, Köln/August Verlag
ISBN 9783941360563
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 4.5 x 7.25 in. / 260 pgs.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

Deborah Hay: RE-Perspective
Text by Susan Leigh Foster, Deborah Hay, Kirsi Monni, Laurent Pichaud.

The first book on Deborah Hays, founding member of Judson Dance and a key innovator of postmodern dance in America

Offering fresh perspective on performances and dances made over the last 50 years, this substantial volume >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746304
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 10.25 in. / 184 pgs / 70 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Volker Heinze: Mapping Hong Kong's Bet on Greed

Images of Hong Kong's economic and social contradictions by Volker Heinze

In January 2016 Hong Kong was selected for the sixth time in a row as the world's "freest economy" by America's Heritage Foundation and the >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959051620
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.5 x 12 in. / 272 pgs / 170 color.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

David Jiménez: Universos
Text by Allejandro Castellote, David Campany, Mario Montalbetti.

A photobook gem collecting 25 years of work by Spanish photographer David Jiménez

Universos includes Jiménez's (born 1970) photograms, hand-manipulated photographs and his highly abstracted black-and-white images of birds, human figures, swirls of smoke and >>more

RM/Comunidad de Madrid, Museo Universidad de Navarra
ISBN 9788417047924
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.75 x 11.25 in. / 176 pgs / 7 color / 144 duotone.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Boris Mikhailov: Temptation of Life

A signed, limited edition of Boris Mikhailov’s portrait of contemporary Eastern and Western Europe

In this hefty photobook, published in an edition of 500 copies, the celebrated Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov (born 1938) mixes earlier pictures >>more

Holzwarth Publications
ISBN 9783947127146
US $290.00 CAN $385.00 SDNR40
Special edition, 8.75 x 12.5 in. / 424 pgs / 418 color.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

Orhan Pamuk: Orange

The streetscapes of Istanbul as photographed by Nobel prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk in an exquisitely printed clothbound edition

The dominant color in Orhan Pamuk's new book of photographs is orange. When the Nobel-Prize-winning novelist is finished >>more

ISBN 9783958296534
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Clth, 7 x 9.75 in. / 184 pgs / 350 color.
Pub Date: 06/25/2020 Awaiting stock

Martin Parr: Kleingärtner
Edited with text by Ralph Goertz.

Martin Parr’s affectionate homage to the German culture of allotment gardening

Martin Parr's (born 1952) Allotment Gardeners is a fond and humorous portrait of one of the great German clichés: the allotment gardener. Photographing in five >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960986577
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.25 x 9 in. / 96 pgs / 96 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Anders Petersen: Stockholm
Text by Göran Odbratt, Mĺrten Castenfors.

Anders Petersen's chaotic, lyrical love letter to present-day Stockholm

Swedish photographer Anders Petersen (born 1944) has spent four years (2015–2018) documenting the people and urban spaces of Stockholm. This volume gathers his energetic black-and-white images of >>more

Max Strom
ISBN 9789171264862
US $70.00 CAN $92.50 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 10.5 in. / 368 pgs / 295 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Giovanna Silva: Tehran
Edited with text by Hamed Khosravi. Text by Bidari e-Ma, Maryam Firouz, Farrokh-Laqa Alavi, Homayoun Eskandari.

A portrait of the overlap between politics and architecture at the US embassy in Iran

In 2018, Italian photographer Giovanna Silva (born 1980) photographed and collected archival documents from the infamous American embassy in the capital >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493920
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.5 x 9.25 in. / 188 pgs.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 Out of stock

Dayanita Singh: Bawa Chairs

Dayanita Singh’s accordion-fold book-exhibition on the chairs of “tropical modernist” Geoffrey Bawa

I wanted to suggest a conversation among these chairs, which have always seemed to me more like people than objects, with distinct personalities and >>more

ISBN 9783958296732
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 3.5 x 5.5 in. / 27 pgs / 27 b&w.
Pub Date: 06/25/2020 Awaiting stock

Alec Soth: A Film by Ralph Goertz

Alec Soth's artistic process as told by the legendary photographer himself in his Minnesota studio

Leading contemporary American photographer Alec Soth (born 1969) appears before the camera rather than behind it in the latest film from >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985426
US $29.95 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
DVD, 5.5 x 7.5 in.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Edited with introduction by Claudi Carreras. Text by Sheila Walker, Abraham Nahón, Germán Rey.

A visual exploration of Afro-Latino identity and the African diaspora in Latin America as seen in the work of 34 contemporary photographers

Surveying photography from all over Latin America, and based on extensive research, The Africamericanos >>more

RM/Museo Amparo/Centro de la Imagen
ISBN 9788417047962
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9.25 x 13.25 in. / 236 pgs / 300 color / 60 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Image Bank
Edited with text by Krist Gruijthuijsen, Maxine Kopsa, Scott Watson. Text by by AA Bronson, Angie Kiefer, Hadrien Laroche, Michael Morris, Felicity Tayler, Vincent Trasov, Gilbert Zanna.

The first survey of the Canadian Image Bank collective, protagonists of mail art in the tradition of Ray Johnson

Image Bank was founded in 1970 in Vancouver, Canada, by artists Michael Morris (born 1942), Vincent Trasov >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746328
US $59.95 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.5 in. / 320 pgs / 317 color.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

View India
Edited with text by Niclas Östlind, Niyatee Shinde.

A panorama of Indian photography now

View India brings together recent works by Saumya Khandelwal, Selvaprakash Lakshmanan, Ritesh Uttamchandani, Ajit Bhadoriya, Apoorva Guptay, Venkatesh Peevee Perumal, Anoop Ray, Anisha Baid, Nihaal Faizal, Gayatri Ganju, Anushree Fadnavis, >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960986324
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.25 x 10.75 in. / 276 pgs / 136 color / 61 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

The Freedom Within Us
Edited by Philippe Séclier. Text by Sonia Voss.

Before the fall of the Wall: photography as a tool for resistance

Taken between 1949 and 1989, the photographs presented here were taken by Tina Bara, Sibylle Bergemann, Kurt Buchwald, Lutz Dammbeck, Christiane Eisler, Thomas Florschuetz, >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985754
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 6.75 x 9.5 in. / 240 pgs / 180 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Adam Green: War and Paradise
Edited by Yasmin Green. Foreword by Joey Frank. Illustrations by Toby Goodshank, Tom Bayne, Adam Green.

A wild, Jodorowsky-style graphic novel from Moldy Peaches cofounder Adam Green

In War and Paradise, a graphic novel by creative polymath and Moldy Peaches founder Adam Green (born 1981), the internet meets the Middle Ages and >>more

Pioneer Works Press
ISBN 9781945711107
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Pbk, 8 x 10.75 in. / 160 pgs / 133 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Choupette by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld's playful tribute to his beloved cat, in a lovely clothbound gift book

Choupette is the world's most famous and pampered cat: she has two maids, she receives manicures, and only eats at the table >>more

ISBN 9783869308975
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Clth, 5.5 x 8.25 in. / 64 pgs / 42 color / 11 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Unretouched Women
Text by Eve Arnold, Abigail Heyman, Susan Meiselas. Photographs by Clara Bouveresse.

Revisiting three canonical 1970s photobooks that redefined feminism through photography

As feminism gained momentum in 1970s America, three photographers—Abigail Heyman, Eve Arnold and Susan Meiselas—published massively influential photobooks informed by the movement.

The first, Heyman's Growing Up >>more

Actes Sud
ISBN 9782330125196
US $39.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7.5 x 8.5 in. / 168 pgs.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Four Generations
Edited by Courtney J. Martin. Introduction by Mary Schmidt Campbell. Text by Christopher Bedford, Joost Bosland, Mary Schmidt Campbell, Andrianna Campbell, Alexis Clark, Nicholas Cullinan, Elvira Dyangani, Jacqueline Francis, Gary Garrels, Mark Godfrey, Thelma Golden, Jamillah James, Hannah Johnston, Eungie Joo, Norman L. Kleeblatt, Thomas J. Lax, Courtney J. Martin, Lucy H. Partman, Lawrence Rinder, James Rondeau, Katy Siegel, Franklin Sirmans, Philippe Vergne, Zoe Whitley. Jessica Morgan in conversation with Leonardo Drew, Jen Mergel with Shinique Smith, Courtney J. Martin with Mark Bradford & Charles Gaines, Gary Garrels with Kevin Beasley, Pamela Joyner & Alfred Giuffrid with Courtney J. Martin. Afterword by Pamela Joyner & Alfred Giuffrida.

The acclaimed overview of Black abstract art, now in an expanded edition with nearly 100 additional color plates

The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection of Abstract Art is widely recognized as one of the most significant collections of modern >>more

Gregory R. Miller & Co.
ISBN 9781941366264
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 10.25 in. / 528 pgs / 325 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Charlotte Posenenske: Work in Progress
Edited with text by Alexis Lowry, Jessica Morgan. Text by Isabelle Malz, Rita McBride, Charlotte Posenenske, Daniel Spaulding, Catherine Wood.

A handsome overview celebrating the neglected German minimalist sculptor Charlotte Posenenske

Embracing reductive geometry, industrial fabrication and repetitive forms, German artist Charlotte Posenenske (1930–85) developed a form of mass-produced minimalism that addressed the pressing socioeconomic concerns >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960986300
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 7.5 x 10 in. / 246 pgs / 208 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Ulrike Ottinger: Paris Calligrammes
Edited by Bernd M. Scherer. Text by Aleida Assmann, et al.

A collaged portrait of postwar Paris from an acclaimed bricoleur of archives

In Paris Calligrammes filmmaker and photographer Ulrike Ottinger (born 1942) links archival material with her own art and films to create a image >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746373
US $32.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.5 x 10.5 in. / 192 pgs / 167 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Connecting Afro Futures
Edited with text by Claudia Banz, Cornelia Lund, Beatrace Angut Oola. Text by Tamar Clarke-Brown, Isaac Kariuki, D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem, Nadine Hounkpatin, Jaqee, Mwangi Hutter, Simon Njami, Mazzi Odu, Noliwe Rooks, Moses Serubiri, Cheikha Sigil, Jacqueline Shaw, Ken Aicha Sy, et al.

African fashion decolonialized by a new generation of artists and designers

Gathering artists and designers from Uganda, Benin and Senegal, Connecting Afro Futures explores the relational nuances between hair, fashion and African identity.

From ornate wig sculptures >>more

ISBN 9783735606150
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Pbk, 8.25 x 9.75 in. / 128 pgs / 37 color / 3 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Local Histories
Edited with text by Matilda Felix. Text by Diedrich Diederichsen, Irina Hiebert Grun, Brigitte Kölle, et al.

A selection of renowned artwork seen in terms of community and location

The concept of a "local arts scene" is explored from a historical perspective, gathering work by artists such as Donald Judd, Jenny Holzer, Paul >>more

ISBN 9783735605900
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 152 pgs / 53 color / 56 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Text by Kristen Gresh, Anne E. Havinga.

A gorgeously printed panorama of the 20th century’s defining photographs

Over the course of the 20th century, photography evolved as an art form while serving as an eyewitness to social, cultural and political change. This book >>more

MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ISBN 9780878468676
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 TRADE
Clth, 9.75 x 11.25 in. / 192 pgs / 85 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

JR: Chronicles
Introduction by Anne Pasternak. Text by Drew Sawyer, Sharon Matt Atkins.

A comprehensive overview on the French artist who has transformed cities worldwide with his epic portraits of their inhabitants

Over the past two decades, French artist JR has massively expanded the impact of public art through >>more

Maison CF/Brooklyn Museum
ISBN 9782954226699
US $44.95 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Hbk, 7 x 9 in. / 240 pgs / 90 color / 40 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 In stock

Elmgreen & Dragset: Sculptures
Edited with text by Leigh Arnold, Anita Iannacchione. Text by David J. Getsy, Joan Kee, Alex Potts.

The first appraisal of the sculptural oeuvre of Elmgreen and Dragset, famed for their surreal Prada boutique in Texas

Scandinavian artist duo Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset (born 1961 and 1969) consistently devise new possibilities in >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746229
US $75.00 CAN $105.00 TRADE
Clth, 9.25 x 11.75 in. / 336 pgs / 310 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Hybrid Heads
By Angela Jansen, Daniela Dossi.

An Italian designer’s reconception of the cultural semiotics of headwear

During a Ghent residency, Italian designer Daniela Dossi created a collaborative textile research project compiling headwear from around the world, producing 800 textile samples to be >>more

Nai010 Publishers
ISBN 9789462085121
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.25 x 12 in. / 432 pgs / 1689 color / 1099 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/12/2019 In stock

Marsden Hartley: The Earth Is All I Know of Wonder
Edited by Lćrke Rydal Jřrgensen, Mathias Ussing Seeberg. Foreword by Poul Erik Třjner. Text by Mathias Ussing Seeberg, Randall R. Griffey, Jonathan D. Katz, Edyta Frelik, et al.

A concise survey of Marsden Hartley's daring innovations in American painting, with reflections on his work by contemporary artists

A defining protagonist in American modernism, the painter and writer Marsden Hartley (1877–1943) was known for the >>more

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
ISBN 9788793659230
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Hbk, 8.5 x 10.25 in. / 144 pgs / 140 color / 20 duotone / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 Out of stock

Paco Knöller: Drawings 1989–2018
Text by Eugen Blume, Fritz Emslander, Sebastian Kleinschmidt, Hubertus von Amelunxen.

Paco Knöller’s minimalist yet animated drawings are brought alive by the book form

The lines in German artist Paco Knöller's (born 1950) drawings twist and shiver across the often brightly colored pages, creating compositions that evoke >>more

ISBN 9783735606037
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9 x 11 in. / 224 pgs / 136 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jesper Just: Servitudes, Circuits, Interpassivities
Text by Andrew Berardini, Irene Campolmi, et al.

An engaging spiralbound portrait of Jesper Just's interactive theatrical spectacle

Celebrated for his interactive piece Interpassivities (which premiered at BAM with music by Kim Gordon), the filmmaker, choreographer and performance artist Jesper Just (born 1974) has >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493630
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Spiral bound, 8.25 x 11.5 in. / 104 pgs / 56 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Resilience: Philip Guston in 1971
Text by Musa Mayer.

On the pivotal year that launched Philip Guston into the final, daring decade of his career

In 1970, Philip Guston (1913–80) went public with his return to figuration, in an infamous show at the Marlborough Gallery >>more

Hauser & Wirth Publishers
ISBN 9783906915470
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Pbk, 9 x 11.25 in. / 188 pgs / 234 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

LaToya Ruby Frazier
Edited with text by Christophe Gallois. Text by LaToya Ruby Frazier, Claire Tenu, Elvan Zabunyan.

LaToya Ruby Frazier's intimate photographs of working-class families in the former steelworking and coalmining hubs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Borinage, Belgium

Frazier's (born 1982) portraits reflect both a political engagement with and a personal investment in >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493623
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 9 x 13 in. / 176 pgs / 96 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 Out of stock

Genealogies of Art, or the History of Art as Visual Art
Edited by Manuel Fontán del Junco, José Lebrero Stals, María Zozaya Álvarez. Text by Astritt Schmidt-Burkhardt, Uwe Fleckner, Eugenio Carmona, Manuel Lima.

How artists, historians and theorists have diagrammed art’s lineages, from the Middle Ages to Fluxus

Genealogies of Art analyzes the visual representations of art history made by artists, critics, designers, theorists and poets alike, from the >>more

ISBN 9788470756610
US $75.00 CAN $105.00 TRADE
Hbk, 11.25 x 13.25 in. / 450 pgs / 500 color / 60 b&w.
Pub Date: 02/11/2020 Awaiting stock

The Life and Times of Alvin Baltrop
Edited with text by Antonio Sergio Bessa. Text by Douglas Crimp.

Portraits of clandestine gay life on Manhattan's piers, in an authoritative overview published for Alvin Baltrop's first retrospective

For 11 years in 1970s and '80s Manhattan, the Bronx-born photographer Alvin Baltrop obsessively documented cruisers, sunbathers, fornicators >>more

ISBN 9788857241838
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 224 pgs / 200 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Mike Kelley: Timeless Painting
Edited with introduction by Jenelle Porter. Text by Edgar Arceneaux with Kurt Forman, Carroll Dunham, Daniel Guzmán, Richard Hawkins, Jay Heikes, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Christina Quarles, Mary Reid Kelley, Laurie Simmons.

The first thorough look at Mike Kelley’s riotous, irreverent and colorful paintings

Featuring paintings from series that span a 15-year period, 1994 through 2009, this volume traces Mike Kelley's (1954–2012) engagement with the medium through bodies >>more

Hauser & Wirth Publishers
ISBN 9783906915456
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 TRADE
Hbk, 10.5 x 13 in. / 200 pgs / 157 color.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Theater of Operations: The Gulf Wars 1991–2011
Edited with preface by Peter Eleey, Ruba Katrib. Foreword by Kate Fowle. Text by Zainab Bahrani, Jean Baudrillard, Serge Daney, Nuha al-Radi, Riverbend, Rijin Sahakian, Nada Shabout, McKenzie Wark.

How artists have examined the legacies of American-led military engagement in Iraq

The 1991 Gulf War marked the start of a lengthy period of American-led military involvement in Iraq that led to more than a decade >>more

ISBN 9780996893084
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 TRADE
Flexi, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 275 pgs / 100 color / 20 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/05/2019 In stock

Ann Craven: Birds We Know
Foreword by Suzette McAvoy. Text by Christopher B. Crosman.

Permutation and portraiture: serial paintings of moons, stripes and the birds of Maine by Ann Craven

Birds We Know is the catalog for an exhibition of paintings by New York–based artist Ann Craven (born 1967). This >>more

Karma Books, New York/Center for Maine Contemporary Art
ISBN 9781949172300
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Hbk, 11 x 11 in. / 112 pgs / 82 color.
Pub Date: 11/12/2019 In stock

The Araki Effect
Edited with text by Filippo Maggia.

Araki's career in full, from the portraits of the early 1960s to city scenes and tender tributes to his wife

Araki is known the world over for his controversial erotic portraits of Japanese women, often bound >>more

ISBN 9788857241951
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 200 pgs / 320 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Jessica Stockholder: Stuff Matters
Edited with text by Laurie Cluitmans. Text by Ann Lauterbach, Bart Rutten, Jessica Stockholder, Monica Szewczyk, et al.

Jessica Stockholder’s playful medley of museum objects and her own work

For her new, all-embracing installation at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Chicago-based artist (born 1959) selected pieces from the Museum's collection and mixed them with >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493784
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 10.5 in. / 196 pgs / 105 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Elisabeth von Samsonow & Juergen Teller: The Parents’ Bedroom Show (Creating Time)
Text by Christian Bauer, Domenico Fallacara, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Nina Tabassomi, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein. Conversation with Elisabeth von Samsonow, Juergen Teller.

A cross-media documentation of von Samsonow's project on Freudian primal scenes

This catalog documents the performance project The Parents' Bedroom Show by Austrian artist and philosopher Elisabeth von Samsonow (born 1956), which was captured in 62 >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903269804
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 6 in. / 200 pgs / 120 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Nepal Art Now
Edited by Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha, Christian Schicklgruber. Text by Robert Beer, Claire Burkert, Christian Schicklgruber, Sangeeta Thapa.

A revelatory survey of Nepalese art from the 1950s to today

Constituting the first comprehensive survey of contemporary Nepalese art yet published, Nepal Art Now supplies a glimpse into a thriving creative scene barely represented internationally.

The >>more

ISBN 9783735605894
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 9.75 x 11.5 in. / 222 pgs / 282 color / 3 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Caroline Achaintre: Permanent Wave
Text by Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani, Oriane Durand, Stella Rollig.

Documenting the colorful and carnivalesque wall hangings of Caroline Achaintre

London-based French artist Caroline Achaintre (born 1969) works with materials such as wool, ceramic and watercolor to explore Central European carnival and Mardi Gras customs, adding >>more

Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 9783903269958
US $26.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 11 in. / 88 pgs / 49 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Serwan Baran: Fatherland
Edited with text by Tamara Chalabi, Paolo Colombo, Natasha Gasparian. Text by Abdul Amir Jaras, Sargon Boulos.

Iraq's artist in the 58th Venice Biennale portrays the horrors perpetrated in the name of one's Fatherland

Kurdish Iraqi painter Serwan Baran (born 1968), a former soldier, presented two works that denounce the atrocities of the >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493760
US $20.00 CAN $29.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 12.75 in. / 63 pgs / 16 color / 48 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Werner Berges: For a Change
Edited by Thomas Levy, Ralph Kleinsimlinghaus. Text by Belinda Grace Gardner, Anna Heinze.

German pop art legend Werner Berges’ later paintings revisited

German artist Werner Berges (1941–2017) was a pioneer of German pop art, most famous for his colorful paintings of women incorporating bold geometry. This volume focuses on >>more

ISBN 9783735606006
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.75 x 10.75 in. / 136 pgs / 127 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jacobo Castellano: Riflepistolacańon
Text by Javier Hontoria, Luis Caballero Martínez. Interview by Joăo Mourăo, Luís Silva.

Surveying two decades of work by a leading Spanish sculptor

Using materials as various as curtains, wood, wire, piggy banks and even coffins, Spanish artist Jacobo Castellano (born 1976) assembles sculptures that seem to be on >>more

Turner/Artium/F2 Galería/Mai 36 Gallerie
ISBN 9788417866006
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.25 x 8.75 in. / 160 pgs / 76 color.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 Out of stock

Djanira: Picturing Brazil
Edited with text by Adriano Pedrosa, Isabella Rjeille, Rodrigo Moura. Text by Carlos Eduardo Riccioppo, Clarival do Prado Valladares, Flavio de Aquino, Frederico Morais, Kaira M. Cabańas, Lelia Coelho Frota, Luiza Interlenghi, Mário Pedrosa, Marc Berkowitz.

A handsome monograph on beloved self-taught Brazilian artist Djanira da Motta e Silva, whose paintings depict religious themes and everyday life in Brazil

Largely self-taught and coming from a working-class background, Djanira da Motta e Silva >>more

ISBN 9788531000652
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 10.75 in. / 312 pgs / 206 color / 106 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Ian Davenport: Horizons
Text by Ian Davenport, Peter Doroshenko, Barry Schwabsky.

The poured paintings of Ian Davenport: an illustrated overview mapping his career to date

Tracing the ongoing development of this acclaimed British artist (born 1966), Horizons presents a group of approximately 17 large-scale works from the >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493609
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 10.75 x 12.5 in. / 84 pgs / 84 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Tarsila do Amaral: Cannibalizing Modernism
Edited with text by Adriano Pedrosa, Fernando Oliva. Text by Amanda Carneiro, Artur Santoro, Carlos Eduardo Riccioppo, Guilherme Giufrida, Irene V. Small, Mari Rodriguez Binnie, Maria Castro, Matheus de Andrade, Michele Bete Petry and Maria Bernardete Ramos Flores, Michele Greet, Paulo Herkenhoff, Renata Bittencourt, Sergio Miceli.

The luminous, revelatory landscapes of the pioneering Latin American modernist, in a deluxe production

Featuring a tip-on cover images and paper changes throughout, Cannibalizing Modernism is the first comprehensive English-language catalog on the Brazilian painter Tarsila >>more

ISBN 9788531000706
US $65.00 CAN $90.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8 x 10.75 in. / 360 pgs / 358 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jeff Elrod

An artist’s book collecting Jeff Elrod’s meditations on the ubiquity of the screen

For this publication, the Marfa- and Brooklyn-based artist (born 1966) has collected 132 inkjet and laser prints from 1996 to 2015, ranging from >>more

Holzwarth Publications
ISBN 9783947127177
US $80.00 CAN $110.00 SDNR40
Pbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 268 pgs / 132 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Hadassah Emmerich: The Great Ephemeral Skin
Text by Nina Folkersma.

Themes of commodification and eroticism pervade the painting of Hadassah Emmerich

Drawing on the visual language of advertising and pop art, the Dutch painter (born 1974) creates images that at once aestheticize and problematize the female >>more

Onomatopee Projects
ISBN 9789493148093
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 10 x 13.75 in. / 96 pgs / 58 color / 1 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 Out of stock

Georgia Gardner Gray
Edited with text by Meike Behm. Text by Georgia Gardner Gray, Steven Warwick.

The paintings of Georgia Gardner Gray celebrate the gender values of bohemia

New York–born, Berlin-based artist Georgia Gardner Gray (born 1988) populates her paintings with punks, groupies or street musicians, overturning hierarchies between the sexes. This >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493821
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8.75 x 11.5 in. / 176 pgs / 97 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Elliott Green: At the Far Edge of the Known World
Introduction by Elliott Green. Text by John Yau, David Ebony, Jana Prikryl, Arne Svenson, Gary Lucidon, Michael Rubiner.

Elliott Green's radiant landscapes depict a world in unceasing motion

The autodidact painter Elliott Green (born 1960) came to New York City at age 21 to learn how to paint from scratch. Eight years later, an >>more

Pierogi Press
ISBN 9781733355506
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Hbk, 9 x 12 in. / 224 pgs / 116 color.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

Dominik Halmer: Territory
Text by Alexander Klar, Axel Pichler.

In the tradition of Elizabeth Murray, the art of Dominik Halmer frees painting from the wall

In his paintings and pictorial objects, German artist Dominik Halmer (born 1978) connects painting to real space: three-dimensional objects such >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746250
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Clth, 9.5 x 12.75 in. / 144 pgs / 62 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 Out of stock

Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen: Mentalscapes
Text by Michael Diers.

Atmospheric portraits of modernist architecture by Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen

Danish-born, Berlin-based painter Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen (born 1977) captures the clean lines of modernist architecture with tightly controlled color palettes. The first monograph on his work, Mentalscapes collects over >>more

ISBN 9783735606051
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11.5 in. / 192 pgs / 34 color / 7 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Sharon Hayes: Echo
Edited with text by Lena Essling. Text by Sharon Hayes, Ann-Sofi Noring.

A seminal voice in American political art, Sharon Hayes reinterprets the Ancient Greek Echo myth

New York–based multimedia artist Sharon Hayes (born 1970) explores how speech echoed or repeated can have the force of an action, >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985983
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / 88 pgs / 100 color.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

Barkley L. Hendricks: Works on Paper
Text by Laila Pedro.

Paintings of plants and fruit by Barkley L. Hendricks, famed for his postmodern portraiture of Black Americans

This first installment in Skira and Jack Shainman Gallery's five-volume publication project on Barkley L. Hendricks (1945–2017) presents for >>more

Skira/Jack Shainman Gallery
ISBN 9788857241470
US $25.00 CAN $34.95 TRADE
Hbk, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 96 pgs / 50 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Luchita Hurtado: I Live I Die I Will Be Reborn
Edited by Joseph Constable, Rebecca Lewin. Text by Andrea Bowers, Michael Govan, Juan A. Gaitán, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Marie Heilich, Matt Mullican, Yana Peel, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon. Interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The first monograph on Los Angeles legend Luchita Hurtado, whose colorful, surrealist paintings are now garnering recognition after decades on the fringes

At 98 years old, Luchita Hurtado (born 1929) is finally gaining mainstream recognition for >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985938
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Clth, 8 x 10 in. / 256 pgs / 122 color / 15 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/23/2019 Out of stock

Suki Seokyeong Kang: Black Mat Oriole
Text by Alex Klein, Kate Kraczon, Yongwoo Lee. Conversation with Maria Lind.

The first book on acclaimed South Korean multimedia artist Suki Seokyeong Kang, whose sculptures, paintings and videos explore the power and politics of space

Black Mat Oriole is the result of five years of research by >>more

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania/Roma Press
ISBN 9789492811547
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 10.75 x 8 in. / 240 pgs / 143 color / 17 b&w.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

Peter Knoch: Hotel Garni
Edited with text by Isabelle Meiffert. Text by Susanne Prinz. Conversation with Max Dax.

Peter Knoch’s haunting installations and paintings meditate on raw human existence

Hotel Garni is the first monograph on the work of Peter Knoch (born 1961), collecting groups of works from the past 25 years, including installations, >>more

ISBN 9783735605870
US $45.00 CAN $62.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 128 pgs / 57 color / 9 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Marcos Kurtycz: An Art of Total Action against the State of War
Text by Katarzyna Cytlak, Francisco Reyes Palma.

Through ephemera, plates and text, this book tells the story of one of Mexico's leading political artists

This publication reproduces images of the posters, mail art, letters and artists' books that Polish-born artist Marcos Kurtycz (1934–96) >>more

ISBN 9788417047900
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.25 x 10.75 in. / 376 pgs / 635 color.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Pierre Leguillon: The Museum of Mistakes
Text by Patricia Falguičres, Morad Montazami, Carrie Pilto.

An artist’s mobile museum in the tradition of Robert Filliou and Marcel Broodthaers

Founded in Brussels in 2013 by Pierre Leguillon (born 1969), the Museum of Mistakes is a traveling exhibition composed of postcards, record sleeves, >>more

Edition Patrick Frey
ISBN 9783906803944
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 7.5 x 10.25 in. / 240 pgs / 250 color.
Pub Date: 03/17/2020 Awaiting stock

Anna Leonhardt: Lights
Edited by Anna Leonhardt. Text by Barry Schwabsky, Mathias Wagner.

The first presentation of Anna Leonhardt’s astonishing, light-filled abstractions

Atmospheric and somber, the paintings of Anna Leonhardt (born 1981) consist of thickly applied, painterly lozenges floating against a fog of gorgeous luminescence. Lights presents her oeuvre >>more

ISBN 9783735605818
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.25 x 11 in. / 120 pgs / 80 color.
Pub Date: 11/19/2019 Out of stock

Dane Mitchell: Post Hoc
Edited with text by Zara Stanhope, Chris Sharp. Text by Heman Chong, Stephen Turner.

Dane Mitchell deploys disguised cellphone towers to broadcast a litany of loss

At the 58th Venice Biennale, New Zealand artist Dane Mitchell (born 1976) broadcasts from transmission towers disguised as trees a vast inventory of vanished >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493692
US $28.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.25 x 11.5 in. / 143 pgs / 58 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Loló Soldevilla: Constructing Her Universe
Text by Rafael DiazCasas, Olga Viso.

On a forgotten heroine of Cuban concrete art

The Cuban abstract painter Loló Soldevilla (1901–71) started her artistic career rather late. Initially working as a teacher, Soldevilla did not begin studying art until 1949, when she >>more

Hatje Cantz
ISBN 9783775746267
US $59.95 CAN $85.00 TRADE
Hbk, 8.25 x 10.25 in. / 208 pgs / 196 color.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Petra Sterry: Elastic Punch Extended
Text by Katrin Bucher. Conversation with Jens Burk, Thomas Fuchs.

An examination of human precarity through Petra Sterry’s text-based drawings

In her drawings and text-based works, Austrian artist Petra Sterry (born 1967) probes the psychological sensitivities that all people must learn to cope with as >>more

ISBN 9783735606129
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11.75 in. / 176 pgs / 47 color / 102 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Mario García Torres: Illusion Brought Me Here
Edited with text by Vincenzo de Bellis, Caroline Dumalin. Text by Sophie Berrebi, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Mary Ceruti, Tom McDonough, et al.

The first overview of Mario García Torres' rewritten histories of conceptual art

Through re-imagined timelines and fictional documents, Mexican conceptual artist Mario García Torres (born 1975) revisits the legacies of conceptual art in the Americas and >>more

Walther König, Köln
ISBN 9783960985907
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.5 x 10.75 in. / 256 pgs / 166 color / 148 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/08/2019 In stock

John Virtue
Text by Paul Moorhouse.

A luxurious exploration of the development of British painter John Virtue's dynamic monochromes

John Virtue (born 1947) is best known for his monochromatic drawings and paintings of London, Venice and the seascapes around Norfolk. This substantial >>more

Ridinghouse/Albion Barn Publishing
ISBN 9781909932524
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 9 x 11 in. / 300 pgs / 180 color / 50 b&w.
Pub Date: 11/26/2019 In stock

Raul Walch: It's a Great Pressure to Be Here
Edited with text by Lukas Feireiss. Text by Francesca Gavin, Fiona Shipwright.

A commentary on the globalized present in the installations of Raul Walch

This publication provides a survey of German artist Raul Walch's (born 1980) diverse body of work, detailing his conceptual artwork and site-specific installations, as >>more

ISBN 9783735606105
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 8 x 10.75 in. / 240 pgs.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Driant Zeneli: Maybe the Cosmos Is Not So Extraordinary
Edited with text by Alicia Knock. Text by Leonardo Bigazzi, Claudia Buizza, Nicolas Chanon, Maja Ciric, Daphnée Denis, et al.

From Albanian artist Driant Zeneli, a meditation on the cosmos as a space of experimentation and failure

This artist's book reflects the multipronged nature of Zeneli's (born 1983) film and sculpture installation made for the 58th >>more

Mousse Publishing
ISBN 9788867493678
US $24.95 CAN $34.95 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.5 x 10.5 in. / 146 pgs / 144 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Mathieu Asselin: Monsanto
Foreword by Jim Gerritsen. Text by Mathieu Asselin.

A damning examination of Monsanto’s ecological impact on America, through archival documents and photographs

In the second edition of this already widely acclaimed photobook, winner of the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award, the New York–based >>more

Actes Sud
ISBN 9782330124076
US $39.95 CAN $55.00 TRADE
Flexi, 7.75 x 9 in. / 182 pgs / 161 color.
Pub Date: 03/03/2020 Awaiting stock

Philippe Dudouit: The Dynamics of Dust
Introduction by Emilio E. Manfredi.

A photographic study of the sociopolitical evolution of the Sahelo-Saharan region

Since 2008, Swiss photographer Philippe Dudouit (born 1977) has documented the new relationships that historically nomadic inhabitants of the Sahelo-Saharan region have forged with a >>more

Edition Patrick Frey
ISBN 9783906803920
US $55.00 CAN $75.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 9.75 x 12 in. / 210 pgs / 100 color.
Pub Date: 01/21/2020 In stock

Herbert Golser: Changing Shape
Text by Silvie Aigner, Carl Aigner, Katharina Blaas, et al.

A thematic presentation of Herbert Golser’s organic sculptures

Austrian artist Herbert Golser (born 1960) combines wood and marble to create his extraordinary organic sculptures, uniting two very different but still naturally occurring materials into seamless pieces. >>more

ISBN 9783735606112
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 11 in. / 176 pgs / 148 color / 28 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Mat Hennek: Silent Cities

German photographer Mat Hennek's unpeopled portraits of some of the world's most populous cities

In Silent Cities, German photographer Mat Hennek (born 1969) presents portraits of some of the world's great cities—from New York, Los Angeles >>more

ISBN 9783958296558
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Clth, 9.5 x 12.5 in. / 120 pgs / 80 color.
Pub Date: 06/25/2020 Awaiting stock

Lucien Hervé: White Spain and Black Spain
Edited by Ińaki Bergera. Text by Horacio Fernández, Marco Iuliano, Javier Mosteiro.

Two previously unpublished photobooks by the great architectural photographer Lucien Hervé, slipcased with an overview of his life and work

In 1958, the Hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé (1920–2007) received a commission from a publishing house in >>more

ISBN 9788417866013
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Slip, pbk, 8.25 x 8.25 in. / 244 pgs / 34 color / 140 duotone.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

Andreas R. Kremer: Tension
Text by Wolfgang Zurborn.

The disorienting culture of modern Tokyo, captured in Andreas R. Kremer's sensual color photography

Tension portrays the dizzying coexistence of subculture (pachinko parlors, cosplayers), traditional culture (shrines, temples, traditional dress) and mass culture (bars, advertisements, nightlife) >>more

ISBN 9783735606235
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 FLAT40
Hbk, 8.25 x 11.75 in. / 160 pgs / 130 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Jürgen Nefzger: Bure
Text by Henry D. Thoreau.

A long-term photographic study of civil resistance on a French commune

German-born photographer Jürgen Nefzger (born 1968) documents a small French commune in Bure, where opponents of nuclear power have been campaigning for decades against the >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959053082
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 TRADE
Pbk, 9.5 x 12 in. / 92 pgs / 60 color.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Marcia Resnick: Re-Visions

A facsimile edition of Marcia Resnick's 1978 artist's book depicting adolescent girlhood in staged photographs

When the celebrated New York photographer Marcia Resnick (born 1950) was involved in a car crash in 1975, she saw her >>more

Edition Patrick Frey
ISBN 9783906803937
US $50.00 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Hbk, 11 x 8.5 in. / 104 pgs / 48 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/29/2019 In stock

M+M: Fan of Man
Edited with text by Frédéric Bussmann. Text by Sebastian Baden, Joanna Straczowski.

German collaborative duo M+M assess social conflict in three installations

M+M is the artistic collaboration between German artists Marc Weis (born 1965) and Martin de Mattia (born 1963). This book details their 2019 exhibit Fan of >>more

ISBN 9783735605993
US $40.00 CAN $55.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 8 x 10.25 in. / 120 pgs / 149 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Julian Irlinger: Fragments of a Crisis
Edited with text by René Zechlin. Text by Nora M. Alter, Nora Jaeger.

A slipcased artist’s book on the forgotten artwork of a defunct German currency

New York–based German artist Julian Irlinger (born 1986) explores Notgeld, the emergency money issued alongside the official currency during German hyperinflation (1918–23), using >>more

Spector Books
ISBN 9783959053075
US $35.00 CAN $39.95 FLAT40
Slip, pbk, 8.75 x 12 in. / 110 pgs / 46 color / 29 b&w.
Pub Date: 12/17/2019 In stock

Suzanne Jackson: Five Decades
Edited with text by Rachel Reese. Foreword by Betye Saar. Text by Aberjhani, Tiffany E. Barber, Melanee C. Harvey, Julia Elizabeth Neal.

Painter of vibrant assemblages and champion of African American art, Suzanne Jackson receives her first monograph

Published on the occasion of the first full-career survey of Savannah-based artist Suzanne Jackson (born 1944) at the Telfair Museums >>more

Telfair Museums
ISBN 9780933075214
US $34.95 CAN $49.95 TRADE
Flexi, 6.5 x 9.5 in. / 160 pgs / 49 color / 9 duotone / 28 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Cauleen Smith: Give It or Leave It
Text by Anthony Elms, Rhea Anastas, Cauleen Smith, Rodney McMillian.

A multimedia portrait of four famed utopian sites celebrating a Black, spiritual America

Through films, objects, and installation, Chicago-based filmmaker Cauleen Smith (born 1967) offers an emotional axis by which to navigate four distinct universes: Alice >>more

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
ISBN 9780884541462
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 TRADE
Pbk, 6.5 x 9 in. / 82 pgs / 125 color / 35 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 Out of stock

Florian Schwarz: A Handful of Dust
Edited by Christoph Bauer. Text by Boris von Brauchitsch, Martin Dominik, Arnold Stadler.

Florian Schwarz’s stunning photographs of observatories across the world

German photographer and filmmaker Florian Schwarz (born 1977) spent four years traveling the world to take photographs of various observatories. Here, his series is collected into a >>more

ISBN 9783735605917
US $60.00 CAN $85.00 FLAT40
Hbk, 9.5 x 12.25 in. / 192 pgs / 350 color / 265 b&w.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Christine Corday: Relative Points
Edited with text by Lisa Melandri. Text by Michael Govan. Interview by Lisa Le Feuvre.

A monumental installation from the American artist known for her fusion of art and science

This book accompanies New York–based artist Christine Corday's (born 1970) site-specific installation at CAM St. Louis. Corday's 12 monumental sculptures—made from >>more

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
ISBN 9780997736410
US $30.00 CAN $45.00 FLAT40
Pbk, 8 x 10 in. / 86 pgs / 54 color.
Pub Date: 10/22/2019 In stock

Michael Kagan: I Was There When It Happened
Edited by Todd Bradway. Foreword by Pharrell Williams. Text by Alison Byrne, Matthew Israel. Interview with Bill Powers.

Inspired by a lifelong fascination with space exploration, Michael Kagan paints iconic scenes of astronauts and NASA rockets

Growing up in Virginia Beach near the first NASA field center, Michael Kagan (born 1980) learned early in >>more

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
ISBN 9781942884521
US $49.95 CAN $69.95 TRADE
Clth, 9 x 10.5 in. / 144 pgs / 100 color.
Pub Date: 12/10/2019 In stock


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